Viveve for a Beautiful Vagina

Viveve for a Beautiful Vagina –  Women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond often notice at some point that their appearance has changed “down there”.  In fact, hundreds of women have come to renowned Troy, MI area plastic surgeon Dr. with these cosmetic concerns about their genitalia – wanting a more youthful appearance… Read More »

Painful Sex Makes Increased Intimacy Difficult During Social Distancing

Viveve: Best Painful Sex Treatment – With everyone stuck at home during Covid-19 social distancing, the media is frequently noting that “intimate moments” between partners have increased exponentially in many quarantined households. And, while this is wonderful for many couples, for the thousands of woman suffering from painful sex an increase in intimacy is not… Read More »

Natural Treatment for Low Sex Drive in Women

Natural Treatment for Low Sex Drive in Women –   At some point in almost everyone’s life they will experience a decreased libido, also known as a “low sex drive”. Lack of sexual interest or motivation can stem from numerous causes – some of which are medical, while others are the product of temporary lifestyle factors.… Read More »

Labiaplasty Surgery vs Viveve Non-Surgical Labia Remodeling

Non-Surgical Labia Remodeling Instead of Labiaplasty –   An important component of enjoying a sex life that is both happy and healthy is self-confidence in the bedroom. But for many women, insecurities about their body make that kind of confidence seem almost impossible. The root of such insecurities for many such women is an above-average sized labia,… Read More »

Treating Painful Sex After Menopause (Part I)

Treating Painful Sex After Menopause (Part I) –  Whenever the body experiences significant change to its production of hormones -such as those caused by menopause- a number of uncomfortable side effects may occur. Among the most frustrating examples is one faced by countless women in the Troy, MI area: experiencing painful sex after menopause. More… Read More »

Get a “Designer Vagina” at AMAE in Birmingham, MI

Get a “Designer Vagina” at AMAE in Birmingham, MI (Part 1) Recently, a cosmetic trend known as the “designer vagina” procedure has begun to be discussed by A-listers and social media influencers. Despite the sensitive nature of the subject, many celebrities have spoken candidly about having undergone designer vagina procedures. But the designer vagina isn’t… Read More »

Get a “Designer Vagina” at AMAE (Part 2)

Get a “Designer Vagina” at AMAE (Part 2) A designer vagina isn’t only for Hollywood A-listers. At AMAE Plastic Surgery, in Birmingham, MI we offer patients the same treatment their favorite celebrities have turned to in order to look and feel their best. In this two part article, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali explains… Read More »