Vaginal Rejuvenation in Younger Women after Childbirth

Clinical Studies Prove Effectiveness of Vaginal Rejuvenation in Younger Women after Childbirth

Due to a number of causes – from childbirth and aging, to reduced hormone production, to genetics or even trauma – the vagina can become loose and lax over time. The result is often stress urinary incontinence (bladder leaks), itching, burning and dryness, decreased sensation during sex, and painful intercourse.

Previously, these conditions could only be treated with ongoing hormone therapy, or painful surgery with a long recovery period. Recently, however, surgical procedures, medications and topical creams have been replaced with new, noninvasive, energy-based systems of vaginal rejuvenation called Viveve® .

Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation is a relatively new, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that is now available for women seeking to revitalize and strengthen the elasticity of the vaginal walls and improve the natural lubrication of their vaginal tissue. The Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation treatment uses a proprietary form of radiofrequency based energy to remodel collagen and restore the tissue in the vaginal.

After just a single Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation treatment in our Detroit area office, patients typically report decreased bladder leaks, improved vaginal tightness and lubrication, increased sexual sensation, and elimination of pain during intercourse. But don’t just take our word for it! There is also plenty of clinical research supporting the effectiveness of Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal Rejuvenation & Childbirth

One of the most common causes of a loose, lax, thinned, or dry vagina is vaginal childbirth. The stretching and related trauma of delivering a child through the vaginal canal often leads to strected or thinned vaginal tissue.

Two clinical reports have been published demonstrating the effectiveness of Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation device for treating vaginal laxity following vaginal child birth in women before menopause.

Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation Study #1

A pilot clinical study was conducted on 24 women who had delivered children vaginally. The women were between the ages of 25 and 44 years. Reverse gradient radiofrequency energy was delivered through the “vaginal mucosa” (tissue).

Results from the study showed that after only 1 month after vaginal radiofrequency treatment, 67% of the women reported that vaginal tightness had already significantly improved. By 6 months almost 90% of the patients reported a substantial improvement in vaginal tightness.

Additionally, the women also reported that their sexual function had improved. And absolutely no adverse effects or complications were reported during the vaginal rejuvenation study.

Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation Study #2

In another clinical study, 30 pre-menopausal women between the ages of 21 and 52 were treated with a single 30-min office treatment using Viveve® radiofrequency Vaginal Rejuvenation. 100% of the patients reported a significant improvement in sexual function at 6 months after treatment, and all of the women also reported a decrease in discomfort and/or pain during sex.

Every participant in the clinical study also reported a decrease vaginal laxity (looseness) within the first month after the treatment, as well as sustained vaginal tightening through 12 months.

Board certified plastic surgeon Doctor Ali stays on the cutting edge of the latest prevention, treatment, and management strategies for women’s vaginal health and wellbeing. Viveve® radiofrequency Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment enables women and their physicians to have another treatment option to consider, while weighing the associated risks and benefits.

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Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women in the Detroit area stop bladder leaks & improve sexual intimacy with just a single 30 minute Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

Viveve® is a fast, affordable, and painless procedure performed in our Birmingham, MI (Detroit area) medical office. There is no downtime, and you will begin to notice vaginal improvement within just a few weeks.

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