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3D Imaging for Face & Neck

AMAE Plastic Surgery is among the first and only aesthetic practices in Michigan to offer state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging for face and neck. This revolutionary imaging system provides a three-dimensional computerized image of the patient’s face and neck from any and every angle – so that Dr. Ali can show you your options and the expected outcomes before your surgery or aesthetic procedure.

The Vectra M3 3D system enables Dr. Ali to superimpose the expected results over your pre-op condition, as well as compare the “before and after” views side-by-side. And, in addition to showing the likely outcome of a single procedure, he can also display the results of combining multiple procedures.

By visualizing your potential outcomes in live 3D you and Dr. Ali know in advance what to expect – so that together you can decide on the best possible treatment plan for your aesthetic goals.

If you are considering plastic surgery, or another aesthetic procedure, you no longer have to leave your results to chance or speculation.  With Vectra you know what your results will be in advance – with no surprises or misunderstandings. Choose skilled board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali, and see your expected results before your procedure(s) with Vectra’s innovative and advanced 3D computerized imaging.

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Vectra M3 #D Facial Imaging

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Vectra 3D On The Doctors

Vectra 3D On The Doctors