Breast Lift Surgery | Detroit
Top Oakland Count Breast Lift Surgeon

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that raises and restores the youthful shape and position of the breasts. This is done by removing excess loose skin, and if necessary repositioning the nipple to a higher level. If the breasts lack volume, it may also be necessary to also insert breast implants to enhance fullness.

Time, pregnancy, nursing, aging, weight gain or loss, and gravity can have dramatic effects on the breasts – causing them to sag and lose their youthful look. Genetics also plays an important role in aging of the breasts. The good news is that top Oakland County breast surgeon Dr. Ali can restore your breasts’ appearance – making them firm, symmetrical, and the size and shape you desire.

Dr. Ali is a board certified plastic surgeon who has performed more than 3,000 breast enhancement surgeries. Regularly voted one of Detroit’s Top Doctors, he is one of the most renowned and talented breast augmentation surgeons in Michigan. Call today for a consultation, and learn how breast lift surgery can turn back time, and help you look and feel beautiful and confident again!