Online Research Is No Substitute

No amount of research is a substitute for a professional consultation with a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, not some other cosmetic association. Your physician must be board certified in order to become a member of this Society, the most elite organization of plastic surgeons in the world.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation. If you have a question for Doctor Ali, contact us or read common questions about plastic surgery.

What to expect from the consultation

During your initial consultation you will sit at length with Dr. Ali and discuss your physical health, your emotional health and your goals for the procedure.

Dr. Ali will examine you to determine the best options for achieving your goals. If Dr. Ali believes your expectations are not aligned with expected results he will discuss this in depth.

It is critically important to be informative about:

  • Past surgeries
  • Past and current medical conditions
  • Any medications and vitamins you are currently taking
  • Any and all supplements you are using
  • Allergies to drugs, foods, dyes and rubber
  • Past experience with weight loss and the effect it had on your body
  • Where applicable, your experience with pregnancy and post-pregnancy weight loss
  • You expectations for the surgery
  • Discussion of specifics, like history of nasal trauma or breathing problems (nose reshaping)

If you would like to have a friend or spouse accompany you to this meeting, we welcome their input and thoughts.


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