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Top Oakland Count Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Dr. Ali is one of Oakland County’s top breast reconstruction surgeons. He understands that as a breast cancer survivor you have been through a lot – and that reconstructing your breasts can dramatically improve your self esteem, confidence and quality of life.

Advances in the treatment of breast cancer have enabled surgeons to remove the cancer while preserving some or all of the breast, and it’s sensitivity. These procedures are far less invasive than a radical mastectomy, which was formerly the most common procedure. But, despite these advances, there are still a significant number of women who undergo a partial or complete mastectomy.  In these cases, reconstructive breast surgery is necessary.

The good news is that top Oakland County breast reconstruction surgeon Dr. Ali can restore your breasts’ appearance – making them natural, symmetrical, and the perfect size and shape you desire. Call today for a consultation, and learn how breast reconstruction surgery can help make you feel beautiful again, inside and out!