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Build a Better Butt with BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)!

BBL – The “Fat Transfer” Butt Lift A fat transfer butt lift, also known as a Brazilian butt lift or “BBL”, is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which fat is taken from one part of the body (usually the abdomen, hips, or thighs) using liposuction, and then injected into the buttocks to increase their size […]

Nonsurgical Nose Jobs: Can Fillers Replace Surgery?

Nonsurgical Nose Job: Fillers Instead of Rhinoplasty A non-surgical nose job is a cosmetic procedure that uses dermal fillers to alter the shape of the nose without surgery. It’s minimally invasive and involves injecting fillers into specific areas of the nose to alter its shape, size, or contour. While many med spas and medical facilities […]

Neck Lift Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Neck Lift Surgery FAQs Perhaps nothing makes a woman or man look older than a sagging neck. Botox and fillers can do wonders for the eyes and lips – and stave off the appearance of aging. But an old-looking neck is much harder to treat. This is because the neck covers a large area and […]

The Best Neck Tightening Treatments for Sagging Skin

 The Best Neck Tightening Treatments Many women (and men) take excellent care of their skin, and live a healthy lifestyle, but are still plagued with sagging neck skin.  The frustration of a saggy neck is understandable since nothing adds years to one’s appearance like a loose “turkey” neck. And yet all the exercise in the […]

Understanding the Basics of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast Reconstruction Surgery 101 Breast reconstruction surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to rebuild the shape and size of the breast(s) after a surgical removal of the breast or “mastectomy”. At AMAE Plastic Surgery in the West Bloomfield area our entire team understands that undergoing the surgical removal of one or both breasts […]

Which Brand of Breast Implants is Best?

Is One Brand of Breast Implants Better Than Others? There are several brands of FDA approved breast implants available on the market in the United States. These include the two biggest breast implant manufacturers – Allergan and Mentor – who produce both saline and silicone implants. There are also several smaller breast implant companies – […]

Your Guide to Anesthesia During Plastic Surgery

What to Expect  if You’re “Put Under” During Plastic Surgery Anesthesia is the general term for the use of drugs to block pain sensations. There are two types of anesthesia used in plastic surgery “general” and “local”. During the use of local anesthesia, the patient remains conscious – although they may also be given a […]

Breast Lift Techniques: Donuts, Lollipops, Crescents & Anchors!

Which Breast Lift Surgery Technique is Best for Me? Breast lift surgery, medically called a “mastopexy”, is a surgical procedure that is used to lift and reshape sagging breasts. There are several different methods of breast lift surgery, and the appropriate technique will depend on the individual patient’s current breast and skin condition, as well […]

Help! I Have “Dog Ears” After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Dog Ear Revision Surgery A tummy tuck can be a life changing operation – removing handfuls of unsightly belly fat while tightening the abdominal muscles and skin for the smooth, sexy “abs” you have always wanted! But when performed by an inexperienced surgeon – or when rare healing complications occur – the patient […]

Flat Butt? Non-surgical Sculptra Butt Lift to the Rescue!

Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt Lift Injections for Flat Butts Are you looking to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks without undergoing invasive procedures or surgery? AMAE Plastic Surgery is one of the first medical spas in Birmingham, MI to offer Sculptra as a buttocks enhancement filler. The “Sculptra Butt Lift” is a relatively new […]