Top Brazilian butt lift Surgeon

For women who don’t like the way they fill out their jeans or little black dresses in the bottom area, Dr. Ali has a wonderful solution. The Brazilian butt lift originated in South America, but has been gaining popularity in American in recent years, and is one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures today.

The Brazilian butt lift is a gluteal augmentation that improves the shape of the buttocks to offer a fuller, rounder bottom. Through liposuction and/or fat grafting, Dr. Ali gives patients the fuller and firmer bottom they’ve always wanted.

For residents in Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Rochester Hills, Troy, and Farmington Hills, a Brazilian butt lift might be the right procedure for you. Schedule a consultation to find out.

About the Procedure

Dr. Ali begins by harvesting fat from other areas, including the back, abdomen and thighs, and then uses that to sculpt, fill and lift the bottom. Because it also uses liposuction to harvest the patient’s own fat, it allows Dr. Ali to shape and contour the entire area, giving patients the shape they’ve always wanted.

After liposuction, the fat will be processed and purified to ensure fat cells that will provide a lasting result for the patient.

Patients love that the procedure doesn’t leave unsightly scars associated with traditional plastic surgery procedures, while still offering the aesthetics associated with Dr. Ali’s skill. Small cannulas will be used to make hundreds of injections in the buttocks, focusing on different areas and depths to ensure the best opportunity for permanent results. Dr. Ali takes close care to ensure the fat is inserted into precise locations to ensure a beautiful and long-term result. A greater number of smaller injections often provides a more natural looking result.

What to Expect After Surgery

You’ll be given a compression garment to wear following your procedure. Your buttocks will be bruised and swollen immediately following your procedure. You’ll need to avoid placing pressure directly on your buttocks until the area has properly healed. This ensures the fat will integrate with the existing tissue, without disrupting the process.

Be sure to follow all after care instructions provided by Dr. Ali to ensure the best results. After three weeks, you’ll be able to again sit on your buttocks and drive. Your compression garment should be worn for at least two weeks, and swelling may continue for as long as six weeks. By four weeks following your procedure, you should be able to continue most normal activities, however.


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