Blepharoplasty | Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is performed to reduce the wrinkling, sagging, drooping and/or bulging of the eyelid. Some patients need to have excess skin removed or tightened, while others need excess fat (bags under the eyes) removed. In many cases only one or the other procedure is needed.

Most recently, there have been innovations in eye surgery to preserve and redistribute fat around the eyes rather than just to remove it. This results in less of a hollow, “dome” appearance – and creates a very natural look, with bright, “awake” looking eyes.

Eyelid surgery can take years off a person’s appearance, as well as remove obstruction of their vision. Dr. Ali has performed hundreds of blepharoplasty surgeries (eyelid lifts) – to turn back the clock so patients look and feel years younger!