Vaginoplasty vs. Viveve for Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty vs. Viveve for Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that “tightens up” a vagina that feels lax or loose as a result of childbirth or aging. Viveve® non-surgical radiofrequency treatment also “tightens up” the vagina. So how do you know which treatment is best for you?

Southfield, MI area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women address vaginal looseness and restore vaginal tightness with both surgical vaginoplasty and Viveve® non-surgical radiofrequency treatment. In this article he discusses the differences between the two procedures, to help you decide what’s right for you.

Vaginoplasty Surgery for Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty is a surgery that requires anesthetic. Incisions are made on the inside of the vagina, and the vaginal wall is stretched and pulled taught at the entry point to the vagina – and stitched into place.

Recovery time is typically around two weeks for vaginoplasty surgery. Although vaginoplasty is a relatively safe and “routine” surgery, as with any surgery it comes with risks.

While vaginoplasty is a very routine, safe and low-risk surgery, as with any surgical procedure rare risks include:

  • Possible scarring
  • Some risk of infection
  • Reaction to anesthesia

Additionally, because vaginoplasty is a surgery requiring an anesthesiologist and an operating room, vaginoplasty is more expensive than non-invasive treatments like Viveve. Typically vaginoplasty is NOT covered by health insurance as it is generally considered an elective cosmetic procedure.

Viveve® Radiofrequency for Vaginal Tightening

Viveve® radiofrequency treatments also achieve tightening of the vagina – but without surgery. Because it is non-surgical, there are no incisions, no anesthetic and no operating room is needed for Viveve®.

This means there are no known risks or side effects to Viveve® vaginal tightening:

  • NO pain
  • NO possible scarring
  • NO risk of infection
  • NO anesthesia so NO possible reaction

Only a single treatment is needed with Viveve®, which only takes less than an hour. Not only is there NO downtime with Viveve®, and it is about 1/4 of the cost of vaginoplasty surgery.

Vaginal Tightening & Sexual Sensation

There is  improved “friction” after vaginoplasty surgery, due to the tightened vaginal tissues, which may improve sexual response and enjoyment for the female patients and for her partner. Some surgeons claim vaginoplasty also improves sexual sensitivity – but this claim is strongly disputed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Viveve® also typically improves sexual sensation. This is because the radiofrequency heat used for the treatment stimulates the body’s own collagen and elastin production, for thicker and more responsive vaginal walls.  In addition to plumping and strengthening the vaginal tissue with new collagen, Viveve also improves blood flow to the vagina. And, Viveve also stimulates the production of natural vaginal lubrication in the vagina – making the tissue less dry, so intercourse is less painful and more pleasurable.

Vaginal Tightening Doctor | Southfield Area

Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women in the Southfield area tighten a lax vagina, stop bladder leaks and improve sexual intimacy with just a single Viveve® treatment!

Viveve vaginal tightening is an affordable, painless, procedure performed in our Birmingham, MI (Southfield area) medical office and spa. There is no downtime, and you will begin to notice vaginal improvement within just a few weeks.

Call us for a discreet, confidential vaginal rejuvenation consultation and see if Viveve® or vaginoplasty surgery is right for you!

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