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Hormone Replacement Pellets
Bioidentical, All Natural BHRT

Hormones regulate almost every aspect of health and wellbeing. And when hormone production declines or is out of balance, men and women can suffer serious side-effects and health complications. Weight gain, aging skin, loss of energy, low sex drive, vaginal pain, thyroid problems, osteoporosis and much more are linked to hormone deficiencies.

While menopause is the most common cause of hormone imbalances in women, both men and women can be affected by insufficient hormone production at almost any age. At AMAE in Birmingham, MI we now offer BioTe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to naturally replace missing hormones and return the body to healthy functioning.

Dr. Ali is a certified provider of BioTe® time-released hormone pellets – the safest, most convenient, all natural and truly superior method of hormone replacement. These tiny pellets, which are inserted under the skin,  release all-natural bio-identical forms of hormones such as estrogen, and/or testosterone over time, to constantly and consistently balance hormones.

If you would like to get your hormones back in balance – and restore your health, energy and quality of life –  schedule a consultation to discuss BioTe hormone replacement pellets with Dr. Ali at AMAE in Birmingham, MI today.

The BioTe Hormone Replacement Pellet Process

Before starting hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Ali will conduct a comprehensive blood panel, to determine the patient’s unique and specific hormone deficiencies. Every patient is different, so a treatment plan will be custom designed to address your specific cause and degree of hormone imbalance.

After a local anesthetic is applied, the tiny hormone replacement pellet is inserted around the upper buttocks area through a tiny incision. Because the pellet is about the size of a rice grain, no stitches are required. There is also no downtime after the treatment. However some small precautions – such as not swimming, soaking, or exercising for a few days – must be followed.

the tiny pellet continuously and consistently time-releases the hormones into the body – keeping hormones at constant optimal levels. Most patients will notice improvement as soon as two or three weeks after insertion of the pellet. Over time the BioTe hormone replacement pellet will dissolve and be absorbed by the body, so the pellets do not need to be removed.

Over the course of your hormone treatments, Dr. Ali will continue to monitor your hormone levels, so he can adjust and customize your treatment plan accordingly.

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