Tummy Tuck Surgery
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A tummy tuck is a common procedure that enhances the abdominal contour. It is frequently considered by women after having children, but can also be performed on men. Factors that lead to loss of abdominal contour are aging, weight loss and pregnancy. Abdominoplasty addresses three key anatomical structures which are abdominal muscles, abdominal fat and skin excess.

During pregnancy the abdominal muscles are subjected to a great deal of stretch. If the weight gain is rapid, two things happen; one, the abdominal muscles separate in the midline and two, stretch marks appear over the abdominal skin. After pregnancy, the excess skin in many cases fails to shrink back to its original state, and the muscles fail to regain their tone. Fat deposition also takes place during pregnancy and many times these specific areas are resistant to any type of exercise or dieting.

In patients who have had bariatric (weight loss) surgery, or other rapid loss of a significant amount of weight, it may result in an abundance of skin on the abdomen. In addition, many of these patients develop hernias with time. Aging has a similar effect on the abdominal tissues. The muscles lose their tone, the skin becomes saggy and fat deposition takes place over the abdomen.