Arm Lift Surgery | Brachioplasty

Bat wings, bingo wings … whatever you call it, unsightly flab that hangs down from the arms are one of the most common aesthetic concerns among both women and men. Fortunately, arm lift surgery performed by renowned Birmingham, MI plastic surgeon Dr. Ali can make loose, flabby arm skin a thing of the past.

Due to age, weight loss and gravity, arm tissue relaxes and may become saggy. The drooping skin, if severe enough, can be unsightly as well as compromise personal hygiene. The good news is that state-of-the-art arm lift surgery can remedy this issue for patients who are unhappy with their sagging arm skin!

Schedule an arm lift surgery consultation with Dr. Ali – and take the first step to looking and feeling fabulous and confident in sleeveless shirts, strapless dresses, swim suits, or even nothing at all!