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Due to age, weight loss and gravity, arm tissue relaxes and may become saggy. The drooping skin, if severe enough, can be unsightly as well as compromise personal hygiene. The good news is that state-of-the-art arm lift surgery can remedy this issue for patients who are unhappy with their sagging arm skin!

How Arm Lift Surgery Is Performed

There are different approaches to brachioplasty surgery, including liposuction. During the surgery, an incision is made under the armpit and may extend the length of the arm. The circumference of the upper arm is reduced and definition is achieved.

The level of surgical correction depends on the amount of extra skin and the quality of the skin. The technique best for you will be determined by a consultation with your surgeon. Surgery takes about two to three hours and is outpatient. A support garment must be worn for a few weeks following surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery

During the first week after surgery you will experience minimal discomfort, bruising and swelling. Activity will be limited the first two weeks after surgery and you will need to protect the incision sites. Elevating the arms with pillows will help with swelling and discomfort. You may return to normal activities in about two weeks, with a lifting restriction for six weeks.

If you reside in Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Farmington Hills, Troy, Rochester Hills or Detroit, ask if an arm lift might be the right procedure for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali today.

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