Otoplasty | Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is a surgery that is performed to correct problems with the appearance of the ears. There are several types of ear issues, the most common being prominent ears that “stick out” – sometimes insensitively known as “bat ears”. There are different methods of plastic surgery to correct cosmetic issues of the ears, depending upon the type and severity.

Typically, otoplasty is performed to correct the protrusion of the ears and place them in a more “normal”, less prominent position. It should be noted that both ears are never exactly alike, even in the “normal” state, so perfect symmetry is not necessarily the goal. But ears can be “pinned” or “flattened” closer to the head so they do not protrude. Misshapen ears can also be correct with plastic surgery.

Otoplasty or Cosmetic Ear Surgery is very safe and has no harmful effects upon the hearing mechanism!