Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellets (BHRT)
For Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & Low Testosterone (Low T)

Nearly every bodily function and process in a man’s body – including sexual arousal and performance – are regulated by male hormones. So when a man experiences a hormone imbalance, he may experience serious negative effects, such erectile dysfunction (“ED”).

A male hormone imbalance, such as Low Testosterone (“Low T”) can not only affect sexual function, but can also lead to loss of energy, decreased muscle mass, weight gain and many more serious health problems. At AMAE Plastic Surgery we offer male hormone replacement pellets as a 100% natural and highly effective means of rebalancing male hormones – for improved health, vitality and sexual performance. and a singe treatment lasts for up to 6 months!

Dr. Ali is a certified provider of BioTe® time-released hormone pellets – the safest, most convenient, all natural and truly superior method of hormone replacement. These tiny pellets, which are inserted under the skin, release all-natural bio-identical forms of hormones such as testosterone over time, to constantly and consistently balance hormones.