CDC Warns Against “Medical Tourism” Plastic Surgery Abroad

Unregulated Plastic Surgery Abroad Claims Yet More American Lives

Numerous Americans are traveling abroad to save money on medical treatments, a trend dubbed “medical tourism.” Many of these Americans go to other countries for less expensive plastic surgery. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued warnings about seeking medical care in other countries due to potential risks such as substandard care, exposure to infectious disease and highly drug-resistant bacteria, and an increased risk of blood clots due to flying following surgery.

In spite of these very clear warnings by the CDC, many Americans have recently suffered disfigurement -and tragically even death – due to substandard cosmetic surgical treatments performed in foreign countries.

Recent Plastic Surgery Deaths in Other Countries

Recently, a Mississippi lady died after undergoing gastric bypass weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Markita McIntyre, 34, died after surgery for a sleeve gastrectomy. She and a friend intended to save money by having this weight reduction procedure done in Mexico. One withdrew from the plan, while Ms. McIntyre, a mother of three, died on the operating table.

According to a recent CNN article, the CDC reported in that in 2019 alone 11other individuals who had surgery in Tijuana returned to the United States with uncommon antibiotic-resistant illnesses.

In June, a man from New York and a female high school teacher from Alabama died after cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic.

Manuel Jose Nunez, 28, of New York, died after liposuction at Santo Domingo’s Caribbean Plastic Surgery Clinic. Manuel Jose Nunez was operated on by gynecologist Oscar Polanco at the Caribbean Plastic Surgery Clinic in Santo Domingo, who has been accused of being responsible for at least three more patient fatalities.

Alicia Williams, 45, a teacher from Birmingham, Alabama, also died as a result of complications after a series of cosmetic surgery procedures in the Dominican Republic. After undergoing liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a Brazilian butt lift in the DR, she had several medical problems – including blood clots, and loss of a significant amount of blood – and she tragically passed away.

Leigh Aiple, 31, spent more than $35,000 for a plastic surgery package in Malaysia but died less than 24 hours after returning home. His death has prompted warnings to others contemplating traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery.

CDC Warning Against “Medical Tourism” Plastic Surgery Abroad

The CDC cautions that the majority of health care institutions in the Dominican Republic, and many other countries, that cater to medical tourists do not meet the criteria required by international accrediting organizations.

They emphasize that American travelers going abroad seeking medical tourism surgeries have suffered illnesses, life-threatening infections, medical negligence, and even death.

Why Medical Tourism is so Dangerous

While one may see why people might choose medical tourism, due to the cost savings. But the dangers of unaccredited plastic surgery abroad clearly outweigh any financial advantages.

Some concerns of medical tourism plastic surgery are:

#1. Sanitization: In the United States, sterilization protocols and testing are conducted. There is no way to know how sanitary and well-maintained the instruments are in another country.

If a tool is not adequately sterilized, it may wind up costing the patients a lot more money in the long term due to infection, prolonged hospitalization, and botched aesthetic effects… as well as death.

#2. Training: Similarly, a patient does not know how a physician has been educated in another country, as opposed to how surgeons are trained in the United States.

In the United States, people may check to see whether a physician is registered, licensed, and trained to practice in a certain specialty. When searching the internet for foreign providers, you do not have the same degree of security.

In the United States, patients can ascertain their surgeon’s surgical skill level if they seek out an American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Ali in Birmingham, MI.  Additionally, in the US one can seek out surgeons (again like Dr. Ali) who are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which is comprised entirely of specialized plastic surgeons who continue their medical training and who focus exclusively on cosmetic surgery.

#3. Blood Supply: Medical tourism patients should also take into account the safety of the blood supply in hospitals located abroad. Numerous surgical procedures require blood transfusions – and if a patient has complications a transfusion is even more likely.

The blood supply in the US is highly regulated and exhaustively tested. But the blood supplies they are utilizing in another country may be safe or may not, and the fact is that there is no way to know for certain. Contaminated blood can lead to infection, diseases (such as HIV), and even death.

Don’t Risk Your Life on Plastic Surgery Abroad

Currently, medical tourism is unregulated, with bundle packages intended to allow patients to have the greatest number of operations possible in the quickest amount of time, regardless of any risk. And, despite what foreign physicians and clinics may promote, International standards simply do not exist.

Having plastic surgery performed abroad carries a considerable risk, since there is no assurance of the caliber or safety of the treatment you will get.

Board-certified Birmingham, MI plastic surgeon Dr. Ali and our caring staff urge you not to consider going abroad for plastic surgery – even if it is cheaper. In the end, one “gets what one pays for” – and what you may be paying for with medical tourism is disfigurement or death.

Plastic Surgery | Birmingham, MI

Birmingham area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali has helped thousands of women and men love their appearance and improve their confidence and quality of life with cosmetic surgery – safely and without complications.

Schedule a consultation and take the first step toward getting the plastic surgery you have always wanted – and look and feel like the best version of “you” that you can be! And if cost is an issue we can help you with easy financing options so that cost concerns do not steer you in a dangerous direction abroad!

Plastic Surgery Consultation | Birmingham, MI: 248-335-7200

cosmetic procedure gift certificates

5 Cosmetic Procedure Christmas Gifts for Men in 2021

Let Him Choose His Gift with a Cosmetic Procedure Gift Card –

The stress of the pandemic has taken its toll on all of us. And, just as things were getting somewhat back-to-normal the new Omicron coronavirus has reared its head. What if there were a perfect gift, guaranteed to “fit”, that could help the man in your life relax, and unwind after yet another challenging year? Well, there is: a one-size-fits-all gift card can be redeemed for the plastic surgery, cosmetic treatment or fat loss procedure of his choice! Even better you can you can buy our gift cards online, print at home, and let’s the recipient choose exactly what they want!

If the man in your life is a “typical guy” he’s probably also extremely hard to shop for. Chances are he usually buys himself what he wants and needs throughout the year. So coming up with gift ideas that are a surprise – and is something your husband or boyfriend really wants – can be a difficult task! But this year, we’ve got you covered with some suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving all year round! Even better, every gift on this list will also make YOU happy, too. And there’s no size or color to pick out, and you don’t even have to go to a crowded shopping mall!

You can give any one of the Christmas gifts on this list below with a Cosmetic Surgery Gift Certificate from our prestigious Detroit area plastic surgery office. Your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, father, brother or other special guy can even choose what service he would like – and he can use the gift certificate now, or wait until later in 2021.

1. Give Him CoolSculpting for Christmas

Does he complain about his midsection, gripe about his love handles, or walk around trying to suck in his gut when he’s out in public? What if you could give the guy in your life the body he’s always wanted (or the body he used to have) for Christmas? And we are NOT talking about buying him a new piece of exercise equipment or another gym membership!

We offer several body enhancement and fat loss treatments at our Detroit area cosmetic surgery office that take away his fat in problem areas – to reveal those abs! Our most popular is non-invasive CoolSculpting – which offers non-surgical fat loss – with no downtime!

CoolSculpting is a completely non-invasive fat-removal procedure that removes up to 24% of fat in a treated area. A handheld applicator applies cold temperatures to the unwanted fat. This applicator “freezes” or “crystalizes” the fat cells, and the body then naturally eliminates them. CoolSculpting can remove fat and inches from the waist, abs, and “love handles” – and almost anywhere else on the body, even a “double chin”.

A Gift Certificate for CoolSculpting can help him get rid of the stubborn fat pockets she hates, and reveal the abs he can be proud of – all with no exercise and no downtime!

2. Give Him Liposuction for Christmas

Want to give him the “abs” he’s always wanted for Christmas? Now you can!

Another fat loss procedure most guys would love to find “under the Christmas tree” is a Gift Certificate for tumescent liposuction. Lipo can remove fat from almost any area of the body, including the belly and flanks, as well as the buttocks, thighs, back and arms.

Liposuction is especially ideal for stubborn pockets of fat around a man’s middle that don’t respond to exercise or dieting. Usually this type of fat is hereditary to some degree, and the only way to permanently remove it is with liposuction or CoolSculpting.

Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that requires only local anesthetic, and the results are almost immediate. So he can get the liposuction in January and be swimsuit-ready for a February beach vacation or a Detroit area “stay-cation”.

Can’t decide between liposuction and CoolSculpting? No problem! A Gift Certificate from our Detroit area cosmetic surgery office enables your guy to choose the procedure HE wants.

3. Give Him a Stronger Jaw & Chiseled Chin for Christmas

Kybella is an innovative, new, nonsurgical treatment used to reduce or eliminate a “double chin” caused by excess “submental” fat beneath the chin. Kybella injections into the chin area dissolves the double chin fat, and offers patients a significantly stronger, contoured jawline.

Speaking of a strong, square jawline new dermal fillers are a great choice for men seeking a stronger, more pronounced jawline. Jaw fillers are thick consistency dermal gel injections that not only “fill” but also shape and contour a man’s jaw. I

4. Give Yourself a Breast Augmentation for Christmas … that He’ll Love, too!

If you really want to GO BIG for Christmas, then consider scheduling your OWN breast augmentation at our Detroit area Medical Office and Med Spa! This gift to YOURSELF is also one that the man in your life will enjoy for years to come.

We know that he loves you just the way you are! But if you are a bit dissatisfied with (or self conscious about) the size, shape or placement of your breasts, breast enhancement surgery can give you the gorgeous bustline you’ve always wanted.

You’ll look better in clothes – AND in the bedroom – with breast implants that help you love the way you look. And we promise, HE will love the way you look too!

5. Give Him (and You) Better Sex with Vaginal Rejuvenation

Give your partner AND YOURSELF the gift of better sex and improved intimacy this holiday season with a vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

Sadly, childbirth, aging and post-menopausal hormone decrease all take their toll on a woman’s vagina. The vaginal lining can become looser, lax (lacking in tone), dry, and less sensitive. This results in painful sex for the woman and less sensation and less satisfaction for both partners.

But the fantastic news is that a one-time, non-surgical vaginal treatment can “turn back the clock” on female intimacy problems. Radiofrequency “vaginal rejuvenation” restore tightness, elasticity, lubrication and sensation to the vagina – in just one treatment, without surgery and without hormones!

Wouldn’t YOU like to get (and give) better sex for Christmas? The best news is that there is no downtime – and results begin to take effect almost immediately! So there’s still time to schedule a treatment before Christmas! Now that’s a gift he’s sure to love!

Detroit Area Cosmetic Procedure Gift Certificates

Many men are incredibly hard to shop for. But a cosmetic surgery Gift Certificate lets him choose a life changing procedure. After opening his cosmetic procedure gift certificate, he can schedule a consultation at our Detroit area Med Spa in Birmingham, MI to discuss the procedures he wants. We will help him decide what treatments are right to achieve his appearance goals, and he’ll be thanking you now and for years to come.

Or, choose a gift for yourself, such as breast implants or vaginal rejuvenation … that he will love as much as you do!

This year give him the gift that keeps on giving with a cosmetic procedure Gift Certificate for services from renowned Detroit area cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ali.

SHOP ONLINE for Spa Gift Certificates or call 248.335.7200

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4 Cosmetic Surgery Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

4 Cosmetic Surgery Valentines Gifts for Her

If you’ve been in a relationship for several years, coming up with a gift that surprises, delights – and is what your wife or girlfriend really wants – can be a daunting task! But we’ve got some suggestions for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving all year round! Better yet, every gift on this list will make YOU happy, too. And there’s no size or color to pick, and no need to go to a crowded mall!

You can give any one of the Valentine’s Day on this list with a Cosmetic Surgery Gift Certificate from our prestigious Detroit area plastic surgery office – and know that your girlfriend or wife will be completely thrilled!

Give Her the Body She’s Always Wanted with Cosmetic Surgery

What if you could give the woman you love the body she’s always wanted this Valentine’s Day? And we are definitely NOT talking about a new piece of exercise equipment (like the infamous Peloton commercial)! We offer several body enhancement and fat loss treatments at our Detroit area cosmetic surgery office.

1. Give Her Coolsculpting for Valentine’s Day

Does she complain about her mid-section, her love handles, or maybe her thighs or hips? No matter what her “problem areas” Coolsculpting offers non-surgical fat loss – with no downtime!

CoolSculpting is a completely non-invasive, non-surgical fat-removal procedure. A handheld applicator applies cold temperatures to the unwanted fat. This applicator “freezes” or “crystalizes” the fat cells, and the body then naturally eliminates them. CoolSculpting can remove fat and inches from the waist, abs, thighs, hips, “love handles” – and almost anywhere else on the body, even a “double chin”.

A gift certificate for CoolSculpting is something almost any woman would love, to get rid of the stubborn fat pockets she hates.

2. Give Her Liposuction for Valentine’s Day

Another fat loss procedure she would love to get (instead of another box of chocolates) is tumescent liposuction. We can remove fat from almost any area of the body, including the face, neck, chin, belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, back, arms, calves, ankles and even knees.

Liposuction is ideal for stubborn pockets of fat almost anywhere on the body that simply do not respond to exercise or dieting. Usually this type of fat is hereditary to some degree, and the only way to permanently remove it is with liposuction.

While this minimally invasive surgical procedure requires local anesthetic, the results are almost immediate. So she can get the liposuction in January and be bikini-ready for a February beach getaway.

Can’t decide between liposuction and coolsculpting? No problem! A gift certificate from our Detroit area cosmetic surgery office enables her to choose the procedure SHE wants.

3. Give Her a Breast Augmentation for Valentine’s Day

If you really want to GO BIG for Valentine’s Day (and SHE does too), then consider a Gift Certificate for breast augmentation at our Detroit area Medical Office and Med Spa.

We know you love her just the way she is! But perhaps your wife or girlfriend has always been a bit self conscious about the size, shape or placement of her breasts. Breast enhancement surgery can give her the bustline she’s always wanted.

Whether she wants to look better in clothes – or in the bedroom – a gift certificate for breast implants can get started on a journey to loving the way she looks.

4. Give Her (and You) Better Sex with Vaginal Rejuvenation

Give your partner AND yourself the gift of better sex and improved intimacy this Valentine’s Day with a gift certificate for vaginal rejuvenation.

Sadly, childbirth, aging and post-menopausal hormone decrease all take their toll on a woman’s vagina. The vaginal lining can become looser, lax (lacking in tone), dry, and less sensitive. This results in painful sex for the woman and less sensation and less satisfaction for both partners.

But the fantastic news is that a one-time, non-surgical vaginal treatment can “turn back the clock” on female intimacy problems. Radiofrequency “vaginal rejuvenation” restore tightness, elasticity, lubrication and sensation to the vagina – in just one treatment, without surgery and without hormones!

Wouldn’t she (and you) like to get better sex for Valentine’s Day?

Detroit Area Cosmetic Surgery Gift Certificates

Many women hesitate to spend money on themselves. So a gift certificate lets her focus on HERSELF for a change. After opening her Cosmetic Surgery gift certificate, she can schedule a consultation at our Detroit area Med Spa in Birmingham to discuss the procedures she wants. We will help her decide what treatments are right to achieve her beauty goals, and she’ll be thanking you now and for years to come.

This year give her the gift that keeps on giving with a cosmetic surgery gift certificate for services from renowned Detroit area cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ali.

Call for a Detroit Area Cosmetic Surgery Gift Certificate: 248-335-7200

Do I Need Dermal Fillers or a Facelift?

Do I Need Dermal Fillers or a Facelift?

Thanks to their ability to provide significant, non-surgical facial rejuvenation, dermal fillers have experienced a huge increase in popularity in recent years. But while dermal fillers do help avoid the downtime faced by patients of facelift surgery, the results of dermal fillers are less dramatic. So the efficacy of dermal fillers can be limited for some patients, particularly as an option for older individuals. For such these patients, the best path to facial rejuvenation may be facelift surgery – which is capable of reversing the effects of aging such as deep wrinkles or skin that has significantly lost elasticity.

So how exactly does one decide between a facelift and dermal fillers? In this article, Troy, MI area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali explains who can benefit from dermal fillers and who is a better candidate for a facelift.

Dermal Fillers as a Facelift Alternative

For treating signs of the aging process on the minor-to-moderate end of the spectrum, dermal fillers can often be a better option than a facelift. At AMAE in the Troy, MI area, we provide a wide selection of dermal fillers, as well as other injectable treatments such as Botox.

While facelift surgery was once the only way of medically addressing facial issues relating to age, men and women may now choose from a several types of dermal fillers to correct the signs of aging. Fillers like Volbella and Juvéderm are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), and can be used to instantly add volume to the lips or to smooth out wrinkles. Rather than undergoing facelift surgery, Troy, MI area patients may instead add volume to their face, cheeks or temples with fillers like Voluma.

But while a facelift provides lasting facial rejuvenation results that can last a decade, dermal fillers are significantly less long-lasting. On average, dermal fillers will last from 3 months to a year – with a few of the more durable fillers lasting up to 18 months or 2 years. However, unlike facelift surgery, getting dermal fillers is a relatively painless procedure with no downtime – and only some minor swelling or bruising.  Dermal filler patients are able to return to their normal routine as soon as their appointment is complete!

Many of our patients visit our Troy, MI area office for dermal fillers on their lunch break and return to work as soon as they are finished. The same, obviously, cannot be said of facelift surgery patients.

What A Facelift Can Do That Fillers Cannot

Despite their many advantages, dermal fillers also come with one major, unavoidable downside: results can only be maintained by repeatedly undergoing additional injections. And dermal fillers are incapable of eliminating deeper folds and wrinkles, vertical neck bands caused by loose skin, severely etched lines (often located above the upper lip), or the formation of jowls. Instead, patients who wish to correct these more advanced signs of aging may instead want to consider facelift surgery.

The Facelift Procedure

After making several very fine incisions (hidden around the patient’s hairline, past the ears, and under their chin), board certified Troy, MI area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali then manually works to separate the skin from the underlying muscles of the face. Once excess fat has been removed and the muscles have undergone any necessary tightening, the skin will then be pulled back to the line of the initial incision, and stitched back in place.

While numerous different types of facelift procedures are available, almost every technique used to perform facelift surgery is capable of dramatically reducing symptoms of aging. Through facelift surgery, men and women in the Troy, MI area are capable of looking many years younger than their actual age.

And while facelift surgery does require our Troy, MI area patients to spend several days resting and recovering, the long-lasting results are well worth the downtime. By maintaining strong bone structure and a consistent body weight, the effects of a facelift can last as long as a full decade. A far cry from the 4 – 18 months of dermal fillers.

Furthermore, Troy, MI area patients many even find that, in the long run, facelift surgery is much more cost effective than ongoing dermal fillers. While a single dermal filler treatment obviously costs less than a facelift, patients must remember that dermal fillers must be maintained through a continuous series of injections. So, while the dollar amount spent on their treatment plan will vary from person to person, the cost of a facelift can actually be cheaper than the total cumulative cost of touching up one’s dermal fillers every few months.

Dermal Fillers & Facelifts – Troy, MI Area

Both facelift surgery and dermal fillers each offer their own unique advantages. While some Troy, MI area patients will best meet their aesthetic goals through dermal fillers, others will benefit more greatly from a facelift.

In order to determine whether you are more ideally suited for dermal fillers or facelift surgery, schedule a consultation at AMAE Plastic Surgery & Med Spa today, where board certified Troy, MI area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali will help decide which procedure is right for you.

Facelift & Dermal Filler Consultation – Troy, MI Area:  248-335-7200

How Many People Get Cosmetic Surgery?

How Many People Get Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s no secret anymore that most of the world’s top celebrities have achieved or enhanced their good looks through cosmetic surgery as well as minimally invasice cosmetic procedures.

Kaley Cuoco, Kloe Kardashian and Anna Faris all openly admit to having had breast enhancement surgery – with all three stating that it was one of the best things they ever did for themselves. And, so many stars – including Jennifer Anniston, Tyra Banks, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Nicki Minaj Jennifer Lawrence – owe their symetrical beauty to skillful rhinoplasty (“nose job”).

You may be thinking that cosmetic surgery is fine for these A-listers – but did you know that millions of non-celebrity, everyday people actually get cosmetic surgery every year, as well? As you will see, it’s probably a lot more common than you think!

In this article we share statistics on the number of cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States every year.

Cosmetic Surgery Statistics

Data recently released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveals that the number of cosmetic procedures performed in the United States continues to grow every year. According to their statistics, there were 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in the year 2015.

And since 2000, overall cosmetic procedures have risen 115 percent!

Breast augmentations, liposuction and nose jobs still top the list of most popular cosmetic surgeries. But facelifts have slipped out of the top five. We’re guessing that the reason facelifts are no longer as popular, is that many of our more minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures (laser resurfacing, botox, facial fillers, etc.) have taken the place of full facelifts.

Can you guess what the other two “top five” plastic surgeries in the U.S. are? Keep reading to find out!

Top 5 Cosmetic Surgeries in the US

Of the 1.7 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2015, the top 5 were:

  • Breast augmentation surgery

279,143 breast augmentations were performed in 2015 alone. This represents a 31 percent increase over 2000.

  • Liposuction

Nearly as many people in the U.S. underwent Liposuction in 2015, with 222,051 procedures being performed. This is a 5% increase from 2014.

  • Nose reshaping surgery

217,979 rhinoplasties were performed in 2015 in the United States.

  • Eyelid surgery

The fact that 203,934 eyelid surgeries were poerformed may come as a surprise to many.  But drooping eyelids is one oif the most obvious tell-tale signs of aging – in addition to potentially interfereing with vision.

  • Tummy tuck surgery

127,967 tummy tuck procedures were operformed in the US in 2015. This is an increase of 9 percent from 2014, and accounts for a 104% rise since 2000.

Best Cosmetic Surgery – Birmingham, MI

Yep, everybody’s doing it! So what are you waiting for? Looking youthful and attractive is not just for the rich and famous anymore. Better surgical technology means lower costs, better results and less downtime than every before.

Birmingham double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali offers the absolute best technologies in all types of cosmetic surgery procedures. Schedule a consultation to see what cosmentic procedure is right for your beauty goals … so you can look and feel younger and even more beautiful!

Schedule a Birmingham, MI Cosmetic Surgery Consultation: 248.335.7200

insurance plastic surgery

What Types of Plastic Surgery Does Insurance Cover?

Will Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery?

More people than ever are getting plastic surgery to look and feel their very best. One the first question we are asked by patients at our Birmingham cosmetic surgery practice is “Will Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery?” The answer depends upon the type of surgery you are having, as well as the reasons you are having it. 

If a plastic surgery procedure is considered “purely cosmetic” (with no medical benefit), health insurance will typically not cover the procedure. However, there are a dozen or so cosmetic surgeries that insurance policies may cover if certain conditions are met.  If a patient can prove medical necessity, all of the surgeries listed below may be at least partially covered by insurance.

“Nose Job” Surgery

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, may be covered by your insurance in cases where the nose’s structure makes it difficult to breathe. An example of this is a deviated septum, which can cause many health problems like pain, nosebleeds, and obstruction of nostrils.

Eyelid Lift Surgery

Blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift, can be done on the upper and lower eyelids, and for both cosmetic and medical reasons. If it can be shown that the surgery falls into the latter category, your insurance may cover it.

One common medical reason for blepharoplasty is when extra skin puts too much weight on the eyelid, causing obstruction of vision. Insurance may also cover an eyelid lift when vision is impaired by muscles of the upper eyelid stretching too much over time. If insurance coverage is sought, you will likely have to provide medical documentation from an eye doctor.

Ear Reshaping Surgery

Though less common than eyelid surgeryOtoplasty, or ear reshaping surgery, can similarly be covered if the anatomy of the ear impairs hearing. Various anatomical conditions pertaining to position and proportion of the ear can interfere with hearing.

Mole Removal Surgery

Some people love their Moles, also referred to as “beauty marks.” Others prefer they be removed. If a mole is deemed “suspicious,” pre-cancerous, or cancerous by a doctor, insurance typically covers the removal procedure.

Having a mole removal done by a board certified plastic surgeon ensures that there is minimal or no scarring, and that you are not left with any disfigurement.

Breast Surgery

Typically most breast procedures, including augmentation (implants), lifts, and reductions, are considered cosmetic, and therefore not covered by insurance. In cases where the breast surgery is deemed reconstructive (as opposed to solely cosmetic), insurance typically covers all or part of it. An example of this would be following a mastectomy due to breast cancer. In fact, 1998 legislation mandated that insurance cover not only reconstruction of the removed breast, but also for work on the remaining breast for symmetry purposes.

Another reason some insurance companies may cover breast surgery is for relief of severe discomfort. Breast reduction procedures, and possibly a breast lift, would be two such examples.  The weight of some women’s breasts may cause back, neck, and shoulder pain and could warrant medically necessary surgery. As with any insurance claim, sufficient documentation of the condition must be supplied by the woman’s doctors and health care providers. At AMAE Plastic Surgery we do not accept insurance for breast reduction surgery.

Other Plastic Surgery Procedures Covered by Insurance

Other cosmetic procedures that insurance will sometimes cover include, but aren’t limited to, tummy tucks, butt lifts, bunion removal, and varicose veins removal. Again, the most important criteria is that these surgeries are deemed medically necessary and/or are used for pain relief. For the best information about insurance coverage, it’s always best for policyholders to contact their insurance companies directly – and then check with our office to see if we accept insurance for the desired procedure.

Best Plastic Surgery – Birmingham, MI

If you’re interested in seeing what plastic surgery procedures might be covered by your insurance, you may call us at  248-335-7200 to speak with our caring and informative office staff.

With over 7,000 plastic surgery procedures to his name, board-certified Dr. M. Azhar Ali is an outstanding Birmingham area plastic surgeon, who offers experienced, compassionate care to all patients. If your procedure is one for which we accept insurance, we will work with your insurance company and make every effort to help you obtain coverage for your medically necessary plastic surgery.


Cosmetic botox injection in the female face.

The Latest Advancements in Face Lift & Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Clarkston, MI – Anti-aging is all the rage, with most people trying their hardest to look, act, and feel younger than their chronological years. Botox has reigned supreme for years as the preferred injectable cosmetic procedure to erase fine lines and wrinkles.

Fillers, too, have become a mainstream way to add volume to the cheeks and other facial areas.

But, while injectables and fillers can give the patient more facial volume and return a more youthful appearance, nothing will replace the effects of the traditional facelift.

It should be no surprise, then, that facelift surgeries have remained one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, mostly due to the recent upsurge in cutting-edge plastic surgery technology.

In fact, recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that, since the year 2000, facelifts have remained steady as one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, with over 130,000 lifts being performed on patients every year.

Facelifts aren’t the only surgery benefitting from this new technology. Now, other facial cosmetic surgeries are also proving popular with patients of all ages.

What is this new technology?

Endoscopes for More Precision

A recent advancement in plastic surgery is the endoscope used in facial rejuvenation. An endoscope consists of a small camera that can be inserted through a tiny incision in the skin. The device then transmits an image of the underlying tissues onto a nearby monitor. Endoscopes have been used for years by orthopedic surgeons to treat cartilage damage and by gynecologists to examine pelvic organs.

Endoscopes Used in Facelifts

Now, endoscopes are being used in cosmetic surgery. Not only are facelifts more precise with these devices, but brow lifts can be performed through several minuscule incisions in the scalp. Prior to endoscopes, brow lifts required an “ear to ear” incision.

Patients who complain about an abundance of wrinkles and sagging jowls will be happy to know that the endoscope now makes facial plastic surgery much easier. By placing several tiny incisions in the scalp region and lower eyelids, a plastic surgeon can erase those wrinkles and diminish the appearance of jowls.

The best candidates for these types of procedures are patients in their thirties or forties with good skin tone. Recovery time is significantly longer than one would experience with a traditional facelift, and this is due to the swelling that typically persists for several weeks.

While an extended recovery period sounds daunting, these advanced procedures have finally brought the possibility of facelifts to much younger patients with better and longer-lasting results.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Lasers have revolutionized the way the medical community administers treatments. Lasers are used by dentists, doctors, and plastic surgeons. One of the newest and most interesting uses of lasers is in the procedure known as skin resurfacing.

Using a carbon dioxide laser that pulses at extremely high frequencies, the plastic surgeon can perform a procedure similar to dermabrasion. In a single treatment, the surgeon can erase fine wrinkles around the mouth, and folds along the eyelids can be significantly reduced. This is all with less tissue destruction than is typically seen with traditional dermabrasion methods.


Your appearance can have a major impact on your self-esteem and your performance at work and in life. The good news is that plastic surgeons now have more ways than ever of making you look as young as you feel.

Non-invasive fillers, injectables, and topical cosmetic procedures can help you dip your toes in the water, so to speak, before you commit to a procedure like a facelift. However, with technology making procedures like the facelift and eyebrow lift easier and more effective, it will be exciting to see what comes next for this life-changing industry.

Want to know if a facelift is right for you? Call 248-335-7200 or email prominent Plastic Surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali, serving Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, Farmington Hills, Troy, and Clarkston.

© 2017 Millionairium and Dr. Ali. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Millionairium and Dr. Ali are credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this document is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.

The Stigma of Plastic Surgery

The Stigma of Plastic Surgery Is Going Away

Bloomfield Hills, MI– Plastic surgery. The phrase alone used to make people immediately link the term with others like fake, plastic, silicone, or not genuine. However, with nearly 16 million plastic surgery procedures done each year in the U.S. alone, it’s clear that many people are opting for something shunned a few decades ago. The stigma of cosmetic and plastic surgery is decreasing as time goes on, and this is good news for many people.

Detroit plastic surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali says, “The days of stigma for plastic surgery are over. With so many procedures available to patients today, it’s easier than ever to attain the body you’ve always wanted.”

Whether it’s a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, a facelift, or any other procedure, plastic surgery has come a long way. The options are virtually limitless, and people around the globe are taking notice. Since the year 2000, overall plastic procedures have increased 115% in the United States, and are still on the rise.

Many celebrities are now openly discussing the work they’ve had done, as they know they’re far from the exception anymore. Nowadays, one in five women report actively considering plastic surgery, with a growing number of procedures available.

What Are the Barriers to Plastic Surgery and How Can They Be Overcome?

“Plastic surgery can be a wonderful solution to a problem area or to help with self-confidence,” says Dr. Ali. “While it was more expensive and problematic in the past, it’s come a long way. Modern-day procedures are done by very experienced, highly-qualified surgeons, leading to fewer complications and better outcomes.”

Barriers to plastic surgery, for most people, include one or more of the following:

  • Cost
  • Recovery time
  • Fear of:
    o    Pain
    o    Complications
    o    Death
    o    Looking worse than before
  • Worry about not finding a good doctor

“Overcoming fear can be difficult for many patients,” Dr. Ali sympathizes. “However, if you find a board-certified, qualified plastic surgeon with great reviews, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.”

Many practices now have plastic surgery financing plans for people who are worried about costs. If the procedure is deemed medically necessary, that can help with insurance coverage. For example, a rhinoplasty (nose restructuring) can sometimes be done to help improve one’s breathing.

“Know that for most people, plastic surgery is a wonderful opportunity to have the body you’ve always wanted,” Dr. Ali encourages. “While it might set you back slightly in the short-term, in the long run, you’ll be very glad you did it. And don’t forget: You’re in good company!”

To get started on your new body, make an appointment with Dr. Ali today! If you prefer, you may also call 855-335-7200 to speak with the office directly.

About Us: Detroit-based Dr. M. Azhar Ali is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has done over 6,000 procedures.  He and his team are competent professionals who are well-versed in many types of surgery. The outstanding staff at Dr. Ali’s Plastic Surgery Center and Amae MedSpa offer experienced, compassionate care to all patients.

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How to Get a Movie Star Pout

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Many celebrities are famous for their full lips and pouts, recently highlighted by Kylie Jenner in her #kyliejennerlipchallenge, encouraging people to highlight their favorite features. It also helped many feel more comfortable talking about augmentation out in the open, proudly owning up to any enhancements they may have had.

“Lip augmentation is more popular now than ever,” says American Society of Plastic Surgeons member Dr. Ali. “With injectable treatments like Botox or hyaluronic acids, full and luscious lips are very easy to attain.”

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that less than every 20 minutes, someone in the U.S. opts for lip implant procedures. There were over 27,000 such treatments completed in 2015, and that number is only expected to rise.

Part of the popularity, opines Dr. Ali, is the ease of lip enhancements. “It’s a very straightforward process,” the Michigan plastic surgeon says, “involving just a local anesthetic and then injections with a tiny needle to fill out areas where you desire volume and rejuvenation. Injectables are a safe and easy procedure that can produce wonderful results.”

What’s more is that you’ll notice results almost instantly and can get back to work right after the injections. Depending on the filler type used, there may be some initial bruising and/or swelling, but that will subside within a few days, leaving fuller, more supple skin behind.

You can expect results to last six months or even years, depending on which type of filler you choose. And the treatments themselves are fast and simple. “Depending on what kind of results you want,” says Dr. Ali, “your actual procedure time can be just 15-20 minutes!”

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Treatments

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in our bodies. It’s a water-soluble substance that allows skin cells to retain more water, keeping the treated areas plump and firm.

  • Restylane is one option and lasts about six months. Regular treatments with Restylane can increase your body’s ability to produce collagen, helping to counter the effects of aging naturally.
  • Juvederm boasts the longest lasting results on the market today; patients can expect to see results for up to a year and will notice a change immediately, unlike botulin-based products.

Other Options

While hyaluronic compounds are increasingly popular, there are other choices available not just for lip augmentation, but for the surrounding areas as well.

  • Botox is comprised of the botulinum toxin, which sounds alarming, but when used in small doses, the results can be fantastic. It functions by reducing muscle contractions in your face, causing wrinkles to disappear.
  • Radiesse is a dermal filler also made from naturally-occurring substances. This treatment works by filling in the skin gaps that we know as wrinkles. Over time, Radiesse adds volume to your skin, diminishing the lines. The best part of this option is that Radiesse helps your body produce new cells after a few months, meaning the results can last for up to two years!

With these fast, simple, and safe procedures widely available, now is a wonderful time to plump up your smile for the perfect pout! All of the treatments listed above are FDA approved non-surgical treatments that can help you easily achieve the look you want.

If you’re interested in getting a facial filler or any other type of enhancement procedure, schedule a consultation with award-winning Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali.

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No Smoking

Why Your Plastic Surgeon Urges You Not to Smoke

Bloomfield Hills, MI – We know by now that smoking is bad. It wreaks havoc on our body’s systems. Yet despite all this knowledge, about 15% of Americans still light up on a regular basis. If you’re considering getting plastic surgery, there are so many reasons you should quit smoking once and for all.

“From a plastic surgeon’s perspective, I can say that nonsmokers will have a more successful outcome after their procedures,” says Michigan doctor Dr. M. Azhar Ali, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “Many patients don’t consider the effects their tobacco use will have on their face lift of breast augmentation, but this is a topic worth discussing.”

What Does Smoking Do to the Body?

For many decades, the science has been clear: Smoking very much harms our bodies in many ways. Here are some:

  • Altered blood vessel size and efficiency: Smoking damages blood vessels by thickening their walls, causing them to narrow inside. This makes it much harder for the body to pump blood and thus life-giving oxygen. This usually results in elevated pulse and blood pressure, as well as a build-up of dangerous plaque and blood clots.
  • Higher risk of heart and brain problems: Coronary heart disease and stroke are directly caused by smoking. For the reasons listed above, many body systems cannot cope with the combination of ingested nicotine and tar.
  • Lung problems: While it sounds obvious, smoking very quickly and efficiently kills lung tissue. When problems like emphysema arise, some lung function may never fully recover, causing many to feel like they can’t ever get enough air.
  • Cosmetic effects: If these aren’t enough problems to consider, then think about the cosmetic effects. Smoking causes yellowed fingertips from holding cigarettes and can blacken fingernails as well. Teeth are tinged with the tar from cigarettes, tongues can develop a hair-like overgrowth of taste buds (try Googling black hairy tongue for fun), and breath will have a distinctive smoker’s smell. A smoker’s skin will wrinkle more and age faster than a nonsmoker’s. And don’t forget the smell that lingers on hair, clothing, and furniture.

How Does Smoking Affect Plastic Surgery Results?

Your entire body relies on oxygen for survival. While this may sound basic, consider that your skin, muscles, and fat cells also need oxygen. When plastic surgery procedures like tummy tucks or face lifts are done, the remaining tissue needs an oxygen supply to repair properly.

“Smoking greatly reduces the size of blood vessels, depriving cells of oxygen,” says Dr. Ali. “Oxygen is so important to good recovery after plastic surgery; without it, skin will not rejuvenate as well as it normally could.”

Other risks of smokers undergoing plastic surgery include:

  • Delayed healing of surgical wounds
  • Thicker or wider scarring
  • Increased pain after the procedure
  • Fat necrosis (death of fat cells), which can cause hard lumps in surrounding areas
  • Increased risk of infections
  • Blood clots, which can become deadly
  • Permanent small blood vessel damage
  • Loss of or damage to remaining skin and fat cells, making breast surgery much less successful

Are e-Cigarettes, Vaping, Nicotine Patches/Gum, and Smokeless Tobacco Good Alternatives?

In a word: No. These alternatives, while better for your lungs, will still have detrimental effects on your body after any surgery or medical procedure. As these alternatives still contain nicotine, they will affect your vascular system the same way as cigarettes, making recovery after surgery much more difficult and less successful.

“While it’s hard to quit, there are options available,” notes Dr. Ali. “You can consider calling a quitline, getting a phone app, or seeking counseling. Trust me: quitting smoking now will make so many aspects of life your life much better.”

If you’re interested in getting any type of plastic surgery done or to learn more about the use of nicotine and its effects on your health, schedule a consultation with award-winning Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali.