Does Facial Plastic Surgery Really Make People More Attractive or Likeable?

Does Facial Plastic Surgery Make People More Attractive or Likeable? A recent study and article published by Georgetown University Medical Center revealed that facial plastic surgery may be able to offer a lot more than simply making the patient appear younger. That study revealed that facial plastic surgery can also improve how other people perceive… Read More »

Why Younger People Are Getting Plastic Surgery

Why Younger People Are Getting Plastic Surgery –  According to a recent clinical study, the past two years have seen the average age of those seeking facial plastic surgery dropped from 39 to 37 among female patients, and from 45 to 43 among male plastic surgery patients. Additionally, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports… Read More »

Why NOT to Go Abroad for Cheap Plastic Surgery

Why You Shouldn’t Go Out of the Country for Cheap Plastic Surgery – In search of plastic surgery that might be less costly than the going rate in the United States some patients travel out of the country. Sometimes called “medical tourism” this is a dangerous practice that can lead to serious illness, deformity or… Read More »

Three Top Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019

Three Top Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019 Plastic surgery procedures are on the rise in 2019. Nose jobs, eye lifts and the use of PRP (plasma rich platelets) are three of the fastest growing cosmetic procedure trends – as patients seek a more youthful appearance. In this article Macomb County board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali… Read More »

Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019

Selfies & Celebrities Influence Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019 Less than two decades ago, plastic surgery was primarily only for the rich and famous, and was the well-kept secret of the youthful appearance for many actors. However, plastic surgery has now become both very mainstream and much more affordable – and no longer just for… Read More »

“Beauty Matching” Trend Makes Waves In Plastic Surgery

How “Beauty Matching” Is Making Waves In Plastic Surgery –  In our Macomb County Plastic Surgery practice, the term “beauty matching” has begun to make significant waves. The surprisingly common beauty matching trend among plastic surgery patients refers to the practice of a couple both undergoing the same cosmetic procedure(s) at or near the same… Read More »

Why More Men Than Ever Are Choosing Plastic Surgery

Why More Men Than Ever Are Choosing Plastic Surgery –  In the history of plastic surgery, the majority of patients have been women. In recent years, however, plastic surgeons -including Board Certified Macomb County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali- have noted an influx of male plastic surgery patients. In the modern era, with increased cultural importance… Read More »

What Types of Plastic Surgery Does Insurance Cover?

Will insurance cover your plastic surgery? It depends upon the type of surgery you are having, as well as the reasons you are having it. There are a dozen or so cosmetic surgeries that insurance policies may cover if certain conditions are met.

What to Know Before Plastic Surgery

6 Tips to Get the Best Plastic Surgery Results Are you considering plastic surgery in the Detroit area? It’s a big decision that can impact the rest of your life, so you need to be sure you’ve carefully thought it through. It’s important that you make your decision carefully, and don’t just settle on the plastic… Read More »