How to Get a Movie Star Pout

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Many celebrities are famous for their full lips and pouts, recently highlighted by Kylie Jenner in her #kyliejennerlipchallenge, encouraging people to highlight their favorite features. It also helped many feel more comfortable talking about augmentation out in the open, proudly owning up to any enhancements they may have had.

“Lip augmentation is more popular now than ever,” says American Society of Plastic Surgeons member Dr. Ali. “With injectable treatments like Botox or hyaluronic acids, full and luscious lips are very easy to attain.”

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that less than every 20 minutes, someone in the U.S. opts for lip implant procedures. There were over 27,000 such treatments completed in 2015, and that number is only expected to rise.

Part of the popularity, opines Dr. Ali, is the ease of lip enhancements. “It’s a very straightforward process,” the Michigan plastic surgeon says, “involving just a local anesthetic and then injections with a tiny needle to fill out areas where you desire volume and rejuvenation. Injectables are a safe and easy procedure that can produce wonderful results.”

What’s more is that you’ll notice results almost instantly and can get back to work right after the injections. Depending on the filler type used, there may be some initial bruising and/or swelling, but that will subside within a few days, leaving fuller, more supple skin behind.

You can expect results to last six months or even years, depending on which type of filler you choose. And the treatments themselves are fast and simple. “Depending on what kind of results you want,” says Dr. Ali, “your actual procedure time can be just 15-20 minutes!”

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Treatments

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in our bodies. It’s a water-soluble substance that allows skin cells to retain more water, keeping the treated areas plump and firm.

  • Restylane is one option and lasts about six months. Regular treatments with Restylane can increase your body’s ability to produce collagen, helping to counter the effects of aging naturally.
  • Juvederm boasts the longest lasting results on the market today; patients can expect to see results for up to a year and will notice a change immediately, unlike botulin-based products.

Other Options

While hyaluronic compounds are increasingly popular, there are other choices available not just for lip augmentation, but for the surrounding areas as well.

  • Botox is comprised of the botulinum toxin, which sounds alarming, but when used in small doses, the results can be fantastic. It functions by reducing muscle contractions in your face, causing wrinkles to disappear.
  • Radiesse is a dermal filler also made from naturally-occurring substances. This treatment works by filling in the skin gaps that we know as wrinkles. Over time, Radiesse adds volume to your skin, diminishing the lines. The best part of this option is that Radiesse helps your body produce new cells after a few months, meaning the results can last for up to two years!

With these fast, simple, and safe procedures widely available, now is a wonderful time to plump up your smile for the perfect pout! All of the treatments listed above are FDA approved non-surgical treatments that can help you easily achieve the look you want.

If you’re interested in getting a facial filler or any other type of enhancement procedure, schedule a consultation with award-winning Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali.

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