Is Plastic Surgery a Good Graduation Gift?

Rochester Hills, MI – Graduation marks a time of great accomplishment, and students who flip their tassels are about to embark on a life-changing journey filled with not only self-discovery but also reinvention. In previous years, parents proud of their progeny graduating high school gifted their sons or daughters a car, if they could afford it. Now, more parents are giving their children plastic surgery as a gift, and Detroit’s own Dr. M. Azhar Ali has definitely noticed the trend in his Detroit area plastic surgery practice.

Plastic Surgery for Grads on the Rise

Dr. Ali said, “Plastic surgery as a gift after graduation makes sense. This is a time when the student is going off to college and wants to make the very best first impression. The months following high school graduation and before college begins is also an optimum time to heal following surgery.”

The increase in procedures for younger patients isn’t exclusive to Detroit. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, millennials (those aged 19-34) accounted for nearly 18% of all cosmetic procedures performed last year.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men & Women

One might suspect that primarily women would represent the upsurge in plastic surgery procedures for recent high school grads, but that would be incorrect. While most younger patients are female, and breast implants are one of the most common procedures requested by young women as graduation presents, a growing number of men are also asking for plastic surgery gift certificates.

In fact, cosmetic procedures for men have seen an increase of 100% over the last five years, with liposuction, nose jobs, ear shaping, and gynecomastia surgery being the most preferred.

Dr. Ali said, “Many of my younger female patients spent their entire high school years feeling ashamed of their smaller busts. Breast augmentation gives them a surge of confidence that can serve them in all areas of life. But both men and women are opting for facial procedures like facelifts, eyelid reshaping, and rhinoplasty to give them an edge in college, and in the business world beyond college.”

Dr. Ali has noticed that other procedures are also experiencing a boost in popularity with recent grads, such as laser treatments to treat acne scars, and the new fat-freezing technique known as CoolSculpting.

With college looming, many grads fear they won’t fit in. Still, others want an edge when they head into corporate world with fresh degrees under their arms. Will this trend of plastic surgery as graduation gifts continue to rise?

“I expect to see more procedures performed on grads in the coming years. As technology makes plastic surgery safer and more effective, there is no better time to give your college grad a significant boost of self-esteem, and to start them on the next phase of their life on the right foot.

To learn more about plastic surgery procedures for young college grads, call (248) 335-7200 or email Michigan Plastic Surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali, serving the areas of Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Troy, and Farmington Hills.

About Dr. Ali: With over 11 years of training following medical school and thousands of plastic surgery procedures to his credit, Dr. M. Azhar Ali has become one of the most prominent Plastic Surgeons in the Detroit, Michigan area.

No Smoking

Why Your Plastic Surgeon Urges You Not to Smoke

Bloomfield Hills, MI – We know by now that smoking is bad. It wreaks havoc on our body’s systems. Yet despite all this knowledge, about 15% of Americans still light up on a regular basis. If you’re considering getting plastic surgery, there are so many reasons you should quit smoking once and for all.

“From a plastic surgeon’s perspective, I can say that nonsmokers will have a more successful outcome after their procedures,” says Michigan doctor Dr. M. Azhar Ali, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “Many patients don’t consider the effects their tobacco use will have on their face lift of breast augmentation, but this is a topic worth discussing.”

What Does Smoking Do to the Body?

For many decades, the science has been clear: Smoking very much harms our bodies in many ways. Here are some:

  • Altered blood vessel size and efficiency: Smoking damages blood vessels by thickening their walls, causing them to narrow inside. This makes it much harder for the body to pump blood and thus life-giving oxygen. This usually results in elevated pulse and blood pressure, as well as a build-up of dangerous plaque and blood clots.
  • Higher risk of heart and brain problems: Coronary heart disease and stroke are directly caused by smoking. For the reasons listed above, many body systems cannot cope with the combination of ingested nicotine and tar.
  • Lung problems: While it sounds obvious, smoking very quickly and efficiently kills lung tissue. When problems like emphysema arise, some lung function may never fully recover, causing many to feel like they can’t ever get enough air.
  • Cosmetic effects: If these aren’t enough problems to consider, then think about the cosmetic effects. Smoking causes yellowed fingertips from holding cigarettes and can blacken fingernails as well. Teeth are tinged with the tar from cigarettes, tongues can develop a hair-like overgrowth of taste buds (try Googling black hairy tongue for fun), and breath will have a distinctive smoker’s smell. A smoker’s skin will wrinkle more and age faster than a nonsmoker’s. And don’t forget the smell that lingers on hair, clothing, and furniture.

How Does Smoking Affect Plastic Surgery Results?

Your entire body relies on oxygen for survival. While this may sound basic, consider that your skin, muscles, and fat cells also need oxygen. When plastic surgery procedures like tummy tucks or face lifts are done, the remaining tissue needs an oxygen supply to repair properly.

“Smoking greatly reduces the size of blood vessels, depriving cells of oxygen,” says Dr. Ali. “Oxygen is so important to good recovery after plastic surgery; without it, skin will not rejuvenate as well as it normally could.”

Other risks of smokers undergoing plastic surgery include:

  • Delayed healing of surgical wounds
  • Thicker or wider scarring
  • Increased pain after the procedure
  • Fat necrosis (death of fat cells), which can cause hard lumps in surrounding areas
  • Increased risk of infections
  • Blood clots, which can become deadly
  • Permanent small blood vessel damage
  • Loss of or damage to remaining skin and fat cells, making breast surgery much less successful

Are e-Cigarettes, Vaping, Nicotine Patches/Gum, and Smokeless Tobacco Good Alternatives?

In a word: No. These alternatives, while better for your lungs, will still have detrimental effects on your body after any surgery or medical procedure. As these alternatives still contain nicotine, they will affect your vascular system the same way as cigarettes, making recovery after surgery much more difficult and less successful.

“While it’s hard to quit, there are options available,” notes Dr. Ali. “You can consider calling a quitline, getting a phone app, or seeking counseling. Trust me: quitting smoking now will make so many aspects of life your life much better.”

If you’re interested in getting any type of plastic surgery done or to learn more about the use of nicotine and its effects on your health, schedule a consultation with award-winning Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali.

Cosmetic Surgery recovery

What to Do While You’re Recovering from Plastic Surgery

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Plastic surgery can yield amazing results, especially when performed by an award-winning plastic surgeon like Michigan’s Dr. Ali. Whether you’re undergoing breast augmentation, liposuction, face contouring, or any other surgery, your body will still need to heal after the procedure. So what can you do while recovering? How can you get the best possible results?

“First and foremost, you’ll need to follow your surgeon’s recovery plan,” advises Dr. Ali. “Before the surgery, you will have consulted with your doctor to discuss the entire process from start to finish. You should receive a plan for the aftercare of your procedure. It’s in your best interest to follow it for optimal results.”

Additionally, be sure to disclose any and all medications you’re taking, as some (even natural remedies and supplements) can have adverse side effects before, during or after the surgery.

Your aftercare plan will likely include information on what to expect, helpful options to control pain and swelling, how long the recovery period will be and when to consult your physician.

To care for swelling, you can ice and elevate the affected area, in addition to using over-the-counter or prescribed medication. After some procedures, like breast surgery or liposuction, tubes may be inserted initially to help drain excess fluid. Be sure to follow your doctor’s directions.

Allowing your body to heal is also crucial. “Many times, patients try to be too active too soon after a surgery,” notes Dr. Ali. “Be sure to give your body time to rest and recover, so the healing process can go as smoothly and quickly as possible.” If you try to go back to routine work or exercise too quickly, you are putting yourself at risk for more swelling, bleeding, and breakdown of incisions.

How to Make the Best of Your Downtime

If you’re normally an active person, resting for weeks or months might sound more like torture than productivity. While you know your body needs time to repair itself, you might find yourself going stir-crazy while you wait. What can you do in the meantime to keep busy and productive? Consider these tips:

  • Cook healthy meals for yourself. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can ensure you get the vitamins and minerals necessary for healing. Try creating new and different meals. You can find many easy recipes online or through cooking apps.
  • Catch up on some reading. Whether you prefer newspapers, magazines, non-fiction or novels, there are plenty of ways to get reading. With e-readers and associated apps, you can enjoy your favorite writing on everything from your phone to your tablet or computer. You could visit your local library to get books (or movies) for free. Most libraries now offer free e-books as well.
  • Enjoy your favorite visual or audio media. Services like Netflix, Sling, Amazon Prime, and Hulu allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies any time, virtually anywhere. You can also employ these services to listen to your favorite music. As with e-reading apps, you can watch or listen on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or TV. It’s the perfect way to make the healing process go faster.
  • Get in touch with friends and family. A busy lifestyle may mean less time for communication with loved ones. You finally have a few moments to talk to those you care about the most. Why not call a family member and see how she’s been? Why not email a friend and get back in touch? Taking it easy physically can give you time to maintain your social circles in a new way.
  • Try to relish the downtime. You’ve probably heard that deep breathing and quiet time can be beneficial, but maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to really try it out. Now is the perfect time to make the most of your recovery.

Dr. Ali advises, “Taking care of yourself immediately after plastic surgery will really pay out dividends in the future. Use this time to heal properly, and your outcome will be truly wonderful.”

To learn more about various plastic surgery procedures, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ali today!

About Us: Based near Detroit, Michigan, board-certified surgeon Dr. Ali provides superb services with a kind, skilled and compassionate touch.

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10 Factors That Ensure You’ll Be Happy With Your Plastic Surgery Results

Bloomfield Hills, MI – So you’ve decided it’s time: you’re going to have plastic surgery. Be it for reconstruction, augmentation, or a confidence boost, you want to make sure the procedure is done perfectly. But how do you know you’ll be happy with the results?

Dr. Ali of Amae Plastic Surgery Center in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, explains, “When you’re searching for the right surgeon for you, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, you as the patient ultimately have the final say in who helps you attain your desired results. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make sure you have each one answered to your full satisfaction.”

Part of Dr. Ali’s professional philosophy is dedicated to patients’ education. “I want to be sure that each patient understands exactly what his or her procedure entails. I approach each case as a unique set of circumstances, and always strive for the best possible outcome.” In addition to Dr. Ali’s advice, read on to find a few more points to help you enjoy the best experience possible.

How to Ensure You’ll Be Happy with Your Plastic Surgery Results

  1. Board Certification. First and foremost, make sure your doctor is board-certified; not all plastic surgeons are. Board-certified surgeons complete rigorous training and participate in ongoing education. If you really want to do your homework, you can even verify your doctor’s certification.
  2. Experience. Be sure your doctor has his or her own before and after photos. Ask for testimonials from former patients. Is the surgeon an expert in the procedure(s) you’re having done?
  3. Records and reviews. With the marvels of the internet, you can now read reviews of your doctor, find the office’s hours and location, and look for any records filed by state medical boards.
  4. Anesthesia, if applicable. If your procedure requires anesthesia, where will it be performed? Who will administer the anesthesia? Make sure the anesthesiologists are board-certified, and that you will be in a facility with proper monitoring devices and emergency equipment.
  5. Hospital admitting privileges. Should you need to go to a hospital for your plastic surgery, make sure your surgeon is able to admit you into an accredited hospital. You can always call the hospital to check if you’re unsure. Otherwise, be sure that your doctor’s in-office operating suite is accredited properly. You can check the American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) for more details.
  6. Information. Be certain your surgeon completely answers all questions. You might ask questions proposed by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Examples include: “What did your training for this procedure entail?” or “How many times have you performed this surgery?”
  7. Customer service. Bedside manner matters, and so does your experience with every member of the surgeon’s office. Make sure you’re treated respectfully and professionally. You should feel comfortable with the surgeon, and trust is essential.
  8. Know the difference. Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery, so knowing what kind of procedure you want can help you decide what kind of surgeon you want. Plastic surgery focuses on fixing defects to restore or enhance function and appearance. Examples are breast reconstruction, cleft palate repair, and scar revision surgery. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, aims solely to enhance overall appearance (and not function). Examples include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and Botox injections.
  9. Cost. Is your procedure all-inclusive, taxes and all? Does it include post-op care? What is the cost for additional surgeries, if needed? The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery’s pricing calculator can help you understand what prices to expect.
  10. Expectations. What are you expecting from your plastic surgery procedure? Dr. Ali ensures that all patients have realistic expectations by discussing all possibilities during the initial consultation. While the acclaimed surgeon does do his best to manage expectations, he still strives to provide all his patients with true life changing results.

To learn more about all the plastic surgery options available and to ensure you have the best experience possible, contact Dr. Ali today to schedule an appointment.

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plastic surgery Detroit

How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

Bloomfield Hills, MI– Choosing a plastic surgeon is a decision that will affect you for years to come, perhaps even for your entire life. A successful procedure will not only make you look better, but it will also give you greater confidence and boost your quality of life. If you instead make the mistake of choosing an inexperienced or unethical surgeon, you are at risk of having poor results, additional costs, or – worse of all – serious injury.

Most patients believe that as long as their plastic surgeon is certified by the state medical boards, they are a safe choice. It is important to realize the government does not require a plastic surgeon to be specifically trained and certified in every procedure he or she offers. This problem is even more common in cosmetic surgery since many general surgeons begin offering additional cosmetic procedures in hopes of generated more profit.
Things to ask and look for:

  • Are you certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery?
  • How much experience do you have performing my specific procedure?
  • What training did you undergo as it relates to the procedure I am interested in?
  • Or you could ask the doctor to perform the operation in a hospital, as hospitals don’t allow unqualified surgeons to perform surgery.

Experience In the Your Desired Procedure

It’s best to choose a surgeon who is specialized and board certified in plastic surgery, but it’s also important to realize that plastic surgeons can have also have subspecialties within any given field. Not all procedures are created equal. Each type of procedure requires a different skill set. For example, operating on a breast (which is mostly made up of soft and glandular tissue) is quite different than operating on an area with bone or cartilage.

To find the right doctor, you need to choose a board certified plastic surgeon. Second, be sure the surgeon has plenty of experience in the specific procedure you plan to have.

Other things to look for:

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, be sure to compare each doctor’s results. Look through the surgeons’ before and after photos for patients with features resembling your own. For example, if you want a facial procedure, look for patients with similar facial characteristics as your own. Do their results reflect what you want to look like following your procedure? Think hard about whether the pictured results appeal to you personally. If they don’t, look somewhere else for the ideal plastic surgeon.

Comfort and Care

Undergoing plastic surgery is an extremely personal matter. You should feel completely comfortable with your surgeon and his or her team.

You should also judge the level of care you receive. Are you being served and treated well? Is the staff helpful and friendly? Do you feel that you are completely prepared and informed of the risks and realities of surgery and recovery? Are your questions and concerns always promptly and respectfully addressed?

It’s a big decision to have plastic surgery. Do your homework, and you’re sure to find the perfect plastic surgeon for you.

If you are looking for the ideal plastic surgeon, look no further than Hour-Detroit magazine’s Top Doc 2016 winner Dr. M. Azhar Ali. Call or visit Amae Plastic Surgery Center today to book your consultation.

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Plastic Surgery

Michigan Plastic Surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali Wants to Help You Avoid Bad Plastic Surgery

Bloomfield Hills, MI – As we witness the dawning of 2017, many men and women are looking to turn back the clock with one or more cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

Patients have many choices these days when it comes to looking younger. Procedures like the tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, and mommy makeovers have grown in popularity in recent years, and the trend only seems to be increasing.

As more people opt for cosmetic and plastic surgery, competition has become fierce. That is when it becomes a buyer beware market. According to top Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. M. Azhar Ali, many patients try to save money by going to a professional who charges less, and that’s when dangers abound.

“Cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments are not something you want to base on price,” Dr. Ali says. “A doctor may fall within your budget, but do you really want to trust your face and/or body to a professional who charges rock bottom pricing?”

Dr. Ali notes that some doctors will drop fees for services they don’t specialize in, and that’s when patients can really get into trouble.

Scarring, disfigurement, and even death can result when doctors perform treatments they are not qualified to offer.

Instead, Dr. Ali says that you should base your decision of plastic surgeon on the level of training and experience, as well as the doctor’s reputation.

Dr. Ali, for example, enjoys a 99% patient approval rating at Amae Plastic Surgery Center in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, also serving Rochester Hills and Clarkston. He hopes that anyone considering cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery will take the time to conduct the proper research.

Here are the factors Dr. Ali says can help patients everywhere avoid bad plastic surgery at all costs.

How to Choose a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon vs. Cosmetic Surgeon: Any doctor can take a weekend course and call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ali says. With many doctors receiving lower insurance reimbursements than they used to, some are turning to cosmetic surgery to make up costs.

Instead, Dr. Ali advises patients to seek out a plastic surgeon, who can offer both cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments.

A plastic surgeon has not only been through medical school but also several years of plastic surgery training after gaining their MD.

Plastic surgeons must also operate in accredited facilities that follow all local and federal laws related to safety and patient satisfaction.

Certification: When you visit a doctor for a consultation, look at the diplomas decorating the wall, advises Dr. Ali. All those certifications may look impressive, but only qualified plastic surgeons will be board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Another organization of note includes the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Before considering one or more cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures, visit the Board of Medical Specialties that allows you to insert the name of your doctor and location to determine if he or she is, in fact, board-certified.

Recommendations: The best way to find a doctor who offers excellent work is to find a previous and satisfied patient. Your sister-in-law, cousin, or your friend who you recently reconnected with on Facebook, if they mention having work done and you like what you see, find out who their doctor is. Dr. Ali says that you will still want to do your homework on that doctor, but at least a friend, family member or acquaintance can point you in the right direction as far as finding a doctor is concerned.

Ask Plenty of Questions: When you do find a doctor, most will have you set up an appointment for an initial consultation. Dr. Ali suggests that you use this time to ask the doctor about his or her training, qualifications, and patient history.

Ask for Before and Afters: While you’re at it, Dr. Ali says that you should ask to see before and after photos relating to the proposed treatment. The more photos you can look at, the better. Photos can be doctored, however, so don’t solely rely on photo evidence when choosing a cosmetic and/or plastic surgeon.

Dr. Ali has performed thousands of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures at his Bloomfield Hills plastic surgery center. He says that he likes to see patients come in prepared. It shows they’ve done their homework, and that only a qualified plastic surgeon will do for the procedure(s) they have in mind.

To learn more about plastic surgery from Michigan’s premier plastic surgeon or to schedule a consultation, call Amae Plastic Surgery Center today.

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