Plastic Surgery Numbers Increase Post-Pandemic

Plastic Surgery On the Rise – Especially Among Younger Women

Well, we survived the pandemic, but the economy is still somewhat uncertain, and let’s just say these are challenging times. But a new national survey called the Inaugural ASPS Insights and Trends Report: Cosmetic Surgery 2022 reports that plastic surgery in on the rise.

That survey found that many Americans are now desiring to “invest in themselves” through cosmetic procedures. And the report goes on to say that the biggest increase in plastic surgery procedures in 2022 was seen in women under 45.

Why Patients Are Investing in Plastic Surgery

That study posits that many individuals are undergoing plastic surgery post-pandemic because they may be working from home – so they have more time at home to recover. The study also suggests that many people saved larger sums of money during the Quarantine on expenses such as travel, shopping, and dining out.

Others speculate that, with more people working from home and regularly seeing themselves “on screen” in Zoom meetings, men and women are more aware of how they appear to others. And many people may not like what they see – or feel self-conscious about certain features and attributes that weren’t front and center before.

“We’re seeing ourselves on a computer screen a lot more regularly and are much more aware of our appearance. And for a lot of people, that makes them recognize that they may want to look a little younger or to appear less tired, which has led to an increase in facial and neck procedures” reported one plastic surgeon.  “I think people are recognizing that it’s okay to do something for themselves.”

Increase in Plastic Surgery in 2022

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons surveyed member surgeons across the U.S. and found that 70% s of cosmetic-focused plastic surgery practices are seeing more business than they had before the pandemic. And almost 30% of plastic surgeons in the survey reported that their plastic surgery business has at least doubled.

The survey also found that younger women between the 31 and 45 years old were by far the likeliest to undergo popular plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentations, liposuction and tummy tucks.

The authors of that article speculated that millennials are much savvier about plastic surgery options, due to both the Internet in general and social media specifically. Millennials are also more open about plastic surgery than Baby Boomers and older generations – with the stigma and secrecy of plastic surgery a thing of the past.

And, although the surge in plastic surgery may be driven by women under 45, the article also reports that plastic surgeons are seeing more patients of every age group and gender.

The survey also revealed that not only are more people undergoing cosmetic surgery, but patients are willing to spend more on plastic surgery procedures than before the pandemic. According to the survey plastic surgeons, 59 said patients are willing to spend “somewhat more” on plastic surgery and 17 percent of plastic surgeons indicated that people were now willing to pay substantially more for plastic surgery than pre-pandemic.

Plastic Surgery | Birmingham, MI

Whatever your reasons for considering plastic surgery – to look younger, to present better on video conferencing, or to fix a feature that has always bothered you – the first step is finding a qualified and experienced Board Certified Plastic surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This ensures that the plastic surgeon is not only highly trained and experienced, but also employs the highest safety and ethical guidelines.

Remember not all “cosmetic surgeons” are board certified plastic surgeons (learn more here). Dr. Ali is board certified in plastic surgery, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons. He has performed more than 7,000 cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. He has been awarded “Top Doc” by Hour Detroit Magazine multiple years in a row. He is also a “RealSelf” Top Doc, and has a perfect 5 star rating from his patients on Yelp!, Google and Facebook.

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