AMA Releases Report on What Makes a Good Plastic Surgeon

American Medical Association Report on What Makes a Good Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Whether you are considering plastic surgery for your face or body, it is a decision that will affect you for the rest of your life.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has published in its Journal of Ethics the character attributes that make a plastic surgeon great. This analysis goes beyond just experience and training and looks at the personal characteristics that make a plastic surgeon the among the best in their field.

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Training and Education of a Plastic Surgeon

Training for a plastic surgeon should be focused on all areas of the body and have an emphasis on both plastic and reconstructive surgeries. A plastic surgeon must have an understanding of general surgery, along with detailed study of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Having a background or residency in general surgery, after and working with a highly experienced supervising surgeon helps prepare a plastic surgeon for performing in an operating room. It ensures the plastic surgeon is comfortable, confident, and fully prepared during a procedure prior to moving into a specialty field.

Plastic surgeons make valuable connections as they move through their residency. Receiving training in a specialized field of plastic surgery can help a plastic surgeon succeed. The plastic surgeon will have the opportunity to receive training through literature, simulation, cadavers, and tools. This allows the plastic surgeon to fully refine their skill set before performing surgery on patients..

Plastic surgery trends do constantly change, but a plastic surgeon needs to be skilled in breast procedures, facial procedures, reconstructive surgery, and upper and lower extremity surgeries.

A plastic surgeon must complete many years of training and education. But a great plastic surgeon also possesses certain personal characteristics that aid in their career. These characteristics include integrity, creativity, scientific curiosity, dedication, and compassion. Combining these characteristics with the proper training, education, and guidance can help a plastic surgeon build a successful career and boast patient satisfaction.

Integrity & Compassion are Important in a Plastic Surgeon

Integrity is something all people, a plastic surgeon included, typically begin to develop early in life. It can be influenced and altered based on family, lifestyle, friends, and colleagues. For a plastic surgeon, it can also be impacted by patient interactions.

Integrity helps a plastic surgeon make the best choices for their patients, with out regard for their own personal gain or benefits. A plastic surgeon with integrity does not pressure or influence a patient to undergo a procedure that is not right for them.

Closely linked to integrity are compassion and empathy. As a plastic surgeon interacts with their patients, they must have compassion and empathy to be able to understand their patients’ needs, concerns, and personal circumstances. Patients who are seeking plastic surgery come from all backgrounds and have a wide variety of reasons for pursuing an elective surgery. The ability to be sensitive and supporting is critical to the patient, and a plastic surgeon must be able to rise to this challenge for all patients they see. Compassion and empathy allow the plastic surgeon to help the patient choose the procedures that are best for them.

Humility is Valuable in a Plastic Surgeon

Humility is also an important characteristic in a plastic surgeon. Humility allows the plastic surgeon to recognize the need for continuing education and evolving clinical skill. Humility is what motivates a plastic surgeon to continue to strive to be better each day and to provide the best possible care to their patients. A plastic surgeon with humility will recognize that there is no such thing as perfection or a being perfect in their capabilities. Humility is important because it grounds a plastic surgeon, and motivates them to be in constant pursuit of excellence.

A Plastic Surgeon is Both Creative and Curious

A plastic surgeon is different than surgeons in most other specialties because they must constantly be creative. A plastic surgeon must approach a desired cosmetic result in many different ways  to benefit their patients. Creativity and scientific curiosity keep a plastic surgeon finding new and innovative clinical tactics. Through the study of traditional approaches and the understanding of advancements in technology, a plastic surgeon who is creative and scientifically curious can change their patients’ lives.

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