New Product Spotlight: Rejuvapen Skin Therapy System

Dr. Ali’s office is thrilled to have recently augmented our skin therapy offerings with the Rejuvapen Skin Therapy system.  This state of the art procedure leverages the body’s natural healing mechanism to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Unlike many other procedures, this comprehensive treatment is able to manage everything from pore size to fine lines and wrinkles. Acne scars? Covers that too! Looking for a lift? Rejuvapen works!

The nine micro-needles create invisible perforations in the top layer of the skin – this process triggers the skin to produce collagen and elastin to repair the invisible breaks. Not only does this natural process renew your skin from the inside out, but it’s affordable.

Unlike many other skincare solutions which just mask the problem, Rejuvapen fixes your skin at the cellular level. The regeneration process is natural and will result in increased elasticity, reduced fine lines and wrinkles and stimulated circulation, which leaves your skin looking and feeling better than before!

Sound too good to be true?  Check out some reviews from clients and also before and after case studies!

This would make a great holiday gift for yourself or a loved one.  Contact us today as we have special introductory pricing that ends on December 30th!

Plastic Surgery for Children?

Frequently people jump to the conclusion that plastic surgery for children is too aggressive a solution. However, there are frequently times that dis-proportionate features or disfigurations are causing both excessive emotional trauma as well as physical pain.

A recent story out of Cleveland chronicled a young girl’s struggle with ears that were overly large and protruding. A common otoplasty operation provided long-term relief from not only pain, but also bullying.

Dr. Ali travels yearly to the Sudan to perform surgery to repair cleft palates in children, teens and adults. This condition can be life-threatening if it results in the inability to eat. But even if not directly life-threatening, infants with this condition may be abandoned or at the mercy of mistreatment so extreme that it can become life-threatening. A common cleft palate repair can address this situation and result in a life of normalcy for a child otherwise facing bullying or outright abandonment.

For amazing photos of cleft palate repair, visit Dr. Ali’s SaveSmile Cleft Palate Repair page.

What’s The Big Difference? Microdermabrasion vs Chemical Peels

With all of the options available to us today in the world of beauty and skin, understanding the procedures and the differences between them can become extremely overwhelming.  Seeking advice or knowledge from a seasoned professional is one of the best ways to determine which procedure is right for you!

Dr. Ali and team want to help you take that first step and have done a comparison of microdermabrasion and chemical peels to help you better understand your options. Please note that no amount of online research should substitute for a professional consultation!

The primary difference between the two procedures is the way they are completed.  Microdermabrasion is performed by an aesthetician under the supervision of a plastic surgeon.  In Dr. Ali’s office, we use a diamond tome device that is attached to suction tubing which removes dead skin cells and makeup, leaving the skin refreshed.

Chemical Peels are performed by the plastic surgeon, all of which are completed using a chemical solution that is applied to the face after cleansing and then removed, taking a layer or multiple layers of the skin off, depending on the deepness of the peel.

With microdermabrasion there is little to no “downtime” after the procedure.  You can generally resume normal activity immediately.  Chemical peels require a bit more after-care as you need to be conscious of the new layer of skin that has just been revealed.  A light peel requires less, but one of the deeper peels may require up to a few weeks of recovery time where strenuous activity, outdoor exposure and product usage are kept to a minimum.

One commonality between the two is that the best results are seen with multiple procedures. It may be difficult to reverse years of damage in a single treatment, so we may recommend a series of treatments. When combined, the two procedures yield excellent results!  By combining microdermabrasion with a light peel and a hydration treatment you can truly hit the reset button on your skin!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation – every patient and their needs are different!