SaveSmile Cleft Palate Repair

Every year the first week of March, Dr. Ali joins other doctors for the SaveSmile Surgical Mission in Khartoum, Sudan. This program of IMANA Medical Relief is dedicated to repairing cleft palates in children, youth and adults. Dr. Ali not only performs cleft palate repair surgery, but also works closely with local surgeons to educate and train them so that the area can become more self-sustaining in providing quality surgical and healthcare.

[wps_image_slider_container title=”Photos of SaveSmile Sudan 2014″][wps_image_slider_item image=”1623″ image_caption=”SaveSmile 2014 Team “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1624” image_caption=”Operation in Progress “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1625” image_caption=”SaveSmile Surgical Team “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1626” image_caption=”Dr. Ali and his team “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1640” image_caption=”Post Op “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1633” image_caption=”One of Dr. Ali’s Patients “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1636” image_caption=”Planning a Cleft Palate Repair “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1641” image_caption=”The Surgery Suite “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1634” image_caption=”Relaxing After a Long Day “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1642” image_caption=”A Traditional Meal “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1637” image_caption=”Patient One – Before “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1643” image_caption=”Patient One – After “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1635” image_caption=”Patient Two – Before “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1627” image_caption=”Patient Two – After “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1628” image_caption=”Patient Three – Before “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1638” image_caption=”Patient Three – After “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1629” image_caption=”Patient Four – Before “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1630” image_caption=”Patient Four – After “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1631” image_caption=”Patient Five – Before “][wps_image_slider_item image=”1632” image_caption=”Patient Five – After “][/wps_image_slider_container]
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