Plastic Surgery for Children?

Frequently people jump to the conclusion that plastic surgery for children is too aggressive a solution. However, there are frequently times that dis-proportionate features or disfigurations are causing both excessive emotional trauma as well as physical pain.

A recent story out of Cleveland chronicled a young girl’s struggle with ears that were overly large and protruding. A common otoplasty operation provided long-term relief from not only pain, but also bullying.

Dr. Ali travels yearly to the Sudan to perform surgery to repair cleft palates in children, teens and adults. This condition can be life-threatening if it results in the inability to eat. But even if not directly life-threatening, infants with this condition may be abandoned or at the mercy of mistreatment so extreme that it can become life-threatening. A common cleft palate repair can address this situation and result in a life of normalcy for a child otherwise facing bullying or outright abandonment.

For amazing photos of cleft palate repair, visit Dr. Ali’s SaveSmile Cleft Palate Repair page.

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