How to Get a Flatter Tummy in Far Less Time

Detroit, Mi – The secret to losing excess fat off of our stomachs is to eat less and exercise more. These are the facts that are drilled into our heads starting at tender young ages. Why, then, do half of Americans sport dangerous belly fat? If losing weight is so simple, we should all be sporting figures that would make the Kardashians envious.

Detroit Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali has the answer. He says, “Losing weight can be easy when we are younger. But as we age, and after lifetime changes like childbirth, our metabolism slows down, skin loses its elasticity and hormones can spiral out of control.”

Dr. Ali offers three solutions to people who find that they have too much belly fat and not enough self-esteem to go around.

The procedures he recommends include Liposuction, Tummy Tucks and what he refers to as a Mommy Makeover.

Rid the Fat with Liposuction

Considered one of the most commonly performed Plastic Surgery procedures, Liposuction has up until recently been requested most by female patients. Males, however, are increasingly asking for lipo and the trend has only ramped up in recent years.

Women request liposuction to rid their bodies of fat deposits in the lower abdomen, hips, and the upper outer thighs (also referred to as “Saddle Bags”).

“These areas are tough to eliminate with exercise alone,” says Dr. Ali.

Men are more concerned with fat in their abdomen, chest and love handles, which can also be referred to as their “Spare Tire”.

The Liposuction procedure is designed to remove the fat or burn it away, depending on the techniques applied, and are the fastest way to a flatter tummy, no exercise or dieting required.

Restore Stomach Contour with a Tummy Tuck

When aging, pregnancy and extreme weight loss have caused the stomach to lose its contour, Dr. Ali will recommend a Tummy Tuck.

Dr. Ali says, “Fat deposits that occur during pregnancy are often resistant to exercise and dieting.” He adds that women who have recently given birth can experience decreased muscle tone and skin sag. For these ailments, Dr. Ali will recommend a Tummy Tuck.

Considered the most popular procedure among women post-childbirth, a Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) will restore the skin’s resiliency and the integrity of the abdominal muscles.

If excess skin, stretch marks or a saggy belly are a concern, a Tummy Tuck can give the patient the flat tummy they hope for.

A Mommy Makeover Restores Pre-Pregnancy Bodies

For women who want to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back, Dr. Ali may recommend a full Mommy Makeover, which involves several plastic surgeries performed at the same time.

In addition to giving the patient a flatter tummy with liposuction and/or a tummy tuck, many patients also request a breast lift and/or augmentation.

“There is a benefit to having all of these procedures done at once,” says Dr. Ali. “For one, a woman willonly need to recover a single time. This is ideal for busy moms who need to be active to take care of their children.”

Dr. Ali is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Detroit, proudly serving the areas of Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, Troy, Clarkston and Farmington Hills.

If you have tried to lose stubborn belly fat and you find that dieting and exercise don’t do a bit of good, call Dr. Ali for a consultation at (855) 335-7200.

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