How to Get a Flatter Tummy in Far Less Time

Detroit, Mi – The secret to losing excess fat off of our stomachs is to eat less and exercise more. These are the facts that are drilled into our heads starting at tender young ages. Why, then, do half of Americans sport dangerous belly fat? If losing weight is so simple, we should all be sporting figures that would make the Kardashians envious.

Detroit Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ali has the answer. He says, “Losing weight can be easy when we are younger. But as we age, and after lifetime changes like childbirth, our metabolism slows down, skin loses its elasticity and hormones can spiral out of control.”

Dr. Ali offers three solutions to people who find that they have too much belly fat and not enough self-esteem to go around.

The procedures he recommends include Liposuction, Tummy Tucks and what he refers to as a Mommy Makeover.

Rid the Fat with Liposuction

Considered one of the most commonly performed Plastic Surgery procedures, Liposuction has up until recently been requested most by female patients. Males, however, are increasingly asking for lipo and the trend has only ramped up in recent years.

Women request liposuction to rid their bodies of fat deposits in the lower abdomen, hips, and the upper outer thighs (also referred to as “Saddle Bags”).

“These areas are tough to eliminate with exercise alone,” says Dr. Ali.

Men are more concerned with fat in their abdomen, chest and love handles, which can also be referred to as their “Spare Tire”.

The Liposuction procedure is designed to remove the fat or burn it away, depending on the techniques applied, and are the fastest way to a flatter tummy, no exercise or dieting required.

Restore Stomach Contour with a Tummy Tuck

When aging, pregnancy and extreme weight loss have caused the stomach to lose its contour, Dr. Ali will recommend a Tummy Tuck.

Dr. Ali says, “Fat deposits that occur during pregnancy are often resistant to exercise and dieting.” He adds that women who have recently given birth can experience decreased muscle tone and skin sag. For these ailments, Dr. Ali will recommend a Tummy Tuck.

Considered the most popular procedure among women post-childbirth, a Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) will restore the skin’s resiliency and the integrity of the abdominal muscles.

If excess skin, stretch marks or a saggy belly are a concern, a Tummy Tuck can give the patient the flat tummy they hope for.

A Mommy Makeover Restores Pre-Pregnancy Bodies

For women who want to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back, Dr. Ali may recommend a full Mommy Makeover, which involves several plastic surgeries performed at the same time.

In addition to giving the patient a flatter tummy with liposuction and/or a tummy tuck, many patients also request a breast lift and/or augmentation.

“There is a benefit to having all of these procedures done at once,” says Dr. Ali. “For one, a woman willonly need to recover a single time. This is ideal for busy moms who need to be active to take care of their children.”

Dr. Ali is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Detroit, proudly serving the areas of Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, Troy, Clarkston and Farmington Hills.

If you have tried to lose stubborn belly fat and you find that dieting and exercise don’t do a bit of good, call Dr. Ali for a consultation at (855) 335-7200.

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Can One Liposuction Session Treat All Areas At Once?

Bloomfield Hills, MI – For many of us, we may notice excess fat in a few areas of the body as we age. No matter how hard we exercise or how much we diet, some areas of our body just seem to retain stubborn pockets of fat. Liposuction is an excellent solution to help get rid of that fat that just seems to linger no matter what we do.

But if you have multiple areas that you’d like targeted, can you target them all in just one liposuction session? The answer is yes, and no.

“Liposuction is a very individualized procedure,” says Dr. Ali, a Bloomfield Hills plastic surgeon. “The number of procedures each patient will need to meet his or her desired goals is determined on a patient by patient basis. However, it is possible in many cases to target multiple areas at once.”

The deciding factor of whether multiple areas can safely be targeted during one liposuction procedure comes down to the patient. While there isn’t a maximum number of areas that can be target during one session, there is a maximum on the quantity of fat that can be removed in one session. The general rule of thumb is that surgeons should stay at or below five liters of fat removed.

Patients with smaller builds may be able to safely have multiple areas targeted in one session, while those who are larger in stature may require more than one session to safely and effectively remove the desired quantities of fat.

“One of the greatest benefits of liposuction is that we can use it pretty much anywhere on the body,” says Dr. Ali. “The technique has been perfected so that it causes much less trauma than ever before, however, it is important to remember that there will be swelling and slight soreness at the location of any liposuction. Recovery following liposuction of multiple areas could be longer and more uncomfortable.”

When combining liposuction procedures, it is ideal to keep them to what is termed “aesthetic units.” For instance, one session can easily target the stomach, thighs and hips, and even the bra area.

During your consultation, Dr. Ali will discuss with you your goals following the procedure. Then, he can create a customized treatment plan that will ensure the best results for you.

It is important to note that liposuction should not be used as a weight loss method. Patients should be at or near their ideal weight, but with stubborn pockets of fat that just don’t respond to traditional diet or exercise. If you are interested in reducing fat across your entire body, it would be wise to first begin a weight loss program. Once you reach your desired weight, if you find you have areas that still retain localized pockets of fat, schedule a consultation to learn about the benefits of liposuction.

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Areas You Never Knew Could Look So Good

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Most people have a problem area or two that they’d love to get rid of. If the idea of plastic surgery or a tummy tuck doesn’t sound appealing, there might be another solution. There are several areas of the body that liposuction can have a big impact on.

“Liposuction is a great option for many patients who don’t need a more invasive procedure, or who just have a small area to correct,” says Dr. Ali, a plastic surgeon in Michigan. “From your face, to your belly, to even your ankles, we can remove excess fat and have you looking and feeling better than ever in no time.”

Do you suffer from what is known as “cankles?” When you wear shorts, if you don’t have a clear, beautiful and elegant transition from your calf to your ankles, you may have cankles. And that can be a source of embarrassment for some. But liposuction is a great way to trim out the excess fat, and give you back graceful lines and shapelier legs.

Even with the best workout routine and attention to diet, we can develop stubborn areas of fat the refuse to go away. And as we age, we may notice that happening more around our midsections. If you have a small area, often known as a muffin top, that just doesn’t respond to diet or exercise, liposuction can help.

Liposuction is also a great option for your upper torso or back. Do you have areas of fat that bulge out from your bra? Liposuction can target those areas, removing the fat and making a smooth, beautifully contoured look.

Do you see a double chin when you look in the mirror. Liposuction can slim the jawline and neck area, making you look both thinner and younger.

Are you interested in a breast reduction, but aren’t excited about a serious surgery and scars? Liposuction may be able to sculpt away fatty tissue, leaving you with a more manageable profile. However, liposuction cannot be used for large reductions, only smaller reshaping procedures.

If you are a male who is embarrassed to take your shirt off at the pool because of enlarged breasts, known as gynecomastia, liposuction is a great solution for you. It can give you the appearance of a firmer and more muscular looking chest.

Another area that is gaining popularity for liposuction is the calf. Skinny jeans are all the rage, and many women don’t like the way their calves look in them. A little liposuction can contour the calf, creating a beautifully sculpted leg.

To achieve your desired look, it’s important to follow all after care instructions provided by your plastic surgeon. Compression garments will be worn to control swelling and ensure the skin compresses to the new contours the liposuction created.

Recovery time will depend on the specific area you had liposuction performed on, but it can take a few months for the swelling to completely go away. But as the swelling disappears, you’ll be thrilled with your new look and can confidently take on the world.

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Get Bikini Body Ready Now!

Bloomfield Hills, MI – The temperatures may be dropping outside, but if you are thinking you might want to have plastic surgery before summer rolls back around, now is actually the perfect time to do it.

“Getting bikini body ready can’t happen overnight,” says Dr. Ali, a Michigan plastic surgeon. “And if you aren’t seeing the results you want after diet and exercise, and are thinking about a cosmetic procedure, it’s important that you take into account recovery time. Recovery from most procedures isn’t instantaneous, and you’ll want to be sure you are pain-free before scheduling vacations or beach trips. So the earlier you plan your surgeries, the better.”

So what are the top surgeries that can help you be ready for summer?

1. Liposuction
Lipo slims and reshapes specific areas of the body through removal of fat deposits. It also can improve the proportion and contour of your body. The best areas for liposuction are the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, inner knee, back, neck and chin, calves, and ankles. It can take several months for the swelling associated with liposuction to fully subside, so be sure you plan your procedure accordingly.

2. Breast augmentation
If you would like fuller breasts to fill out your bikini this year, a breast augmentation can provide beautiful results. The initial recovery period is several days, but it can take a few weeks for the pain and swelling to subside, and for you to see the final results.

3. Breast lift
Breast lift procedures continue to increase in popularity for women who simply want to rejuvenate their appearance. The procedure will not significantly change the size or shape of the breast, but will help a woman regain the youthful appearance and firmness of her breasts. It can take a month or more for all swelling and bruising to go away and for the results to be visible.

4. Brazilian butt lift
If you want a fuller, rounder butt to fill out your bikini bottom, a Brazilian butt lift is your answer. Fat is removed from other areas of your body, and re-injected into your buttocks. The result is a fuller, rounder and lifted bottom that is beach ready. It can take at least three weeks to recover from a butt lift procedure, during which time you can’t sit on your backside.

5. Tummy tuck
A tummy tuck is a great way to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen, while also stretngthening weakened or stretched stomach muscles. The result is a smoother and firmer looking belly. Many women, especially those who have had children, love the results a tummy tuck can provide. Recovery from an abdominoplasty can take a few weeks.

“It’s ideal to have one of these procedures a couple of months prior to wanting to be bikini ready,” says Dr. Ali. “That way, you have allowed yourself ample time to fully recover, you will no longer experience any pain or swelling, and your incision will have begun to heal and fade.”

If you have tried diet and exercise and just can’t get the results you want, cosmetic surgery can provide you with the look you’ve worked hard for. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali today.

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How To Ensure Liposuction Lasts

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Are you considering liposuction but are worried about how long the effects of the procedure might last? Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures, but there are some things to keep in mind before and after to ensure its success. Dr. Ali, a Bloomfield Hills plastic surgeon, offers some tips for patients.

What you should know before liposuction:

  1. Liposuction should never be used as a weight loss tool. You simply cannot lose a significant amount of weight through a liposuction procedure. Liposuction should only be performed on patients who are at or near an ideal weight, and to remove stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise, and to contour these hard to manage areas.
  2. Obese patients are not ideal candidates for liposuction. Liposuction should never be performed on someone who is extremely overweight and all candidates should have good skin elasticity and skin tone. This will ensure minimal irregularities in contour.
  3. Liposuction does not get rid of cellulite.
  4. Liposuction is not the same as a tummy tuck and cannot provide the same results. If you are looking to get rid of extra skin, stretch marks or re-strengthen your abdominal muscles after childbirth, a tummy tuck is the only way to do that. Liposuction can be used in conjunction with a tummy tuck, however, to remove excess fat.

How can you guarantee the results of your tummy tuck last?
Studies have shown that patients who undergo liposuction may be three times more likely to gain back weight following their procedure if they do not follow a diet and exercise program. Those who do follow a healthy diet post-procedure are more likely to lose weight after their procedure.

“These studies tell us something plastic surgeons have been telling our patients for year,” says Dr. Ali. “And that is that liposuction alone cannot fix a weight problem. To maintain positive weight loss, or maintain your ideal weight, liposuction should always be paired with healthy diet and exercise plans. Liposuction is not meant to be used as a weight loss tool.”

Liposuction is intended to reshape and contour areas of the body that diet and exercise can’t help. For some people, even the most rigorous diet and exercise plans don’t give them the results they want. For women, the most common areas are the hips and thighs, while men often have problems losing that last bit of fat around their midsections. And that’s where liposuction can help – it can contour and smooth these areas to get these problem areas more in sync with the rest of the body.

“Liposuction was never meant to be a cure-all,” says Dr. Ali. “The best results are in patients who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. If you make poor choices following your liposuction procedure, your results will be impacted. Committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle is the best way to ensure your results are lasting.”

If you’re interested in learning more about what liposuction can do for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali today.

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Deal or No Deal: Is Discount Liposuction a Smart Buy?

Websites like Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local have transformed the way we consume goods and services – whether it is a facial, a concert or a race these sites offer steep discounts that seem too good to be true. It seems that one of the latest offers on many of these sites is some form of liposuction or body contouring.

This leads many people to say “well I’ve always wanted to fix <insert problem area here>” and at such a great deal – why would I say no? As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali wants to share a few reasons why you should rethink that “great deal” being offered.

  1. There are many ways for surgeons to build their client base that do not involve discounting procedures by 50-75%.
  2. Beware of the “it works just like” taglines. These procedures are often trying to replicate the results of liposuction but without the recovery time, down time, etc. There is no replacement for liposuction – if there was, we would offer it to you!
  3. The deals are often for a very small portion of your body. While you might think this okay, it’s not. It is important that your surgeon gives you what is best for your body – which, chances are, is not that 5”x5” square they are selling.

Liposuction is a medical procedure that requires anesthesia, prep and recovery. It is a procedure that should only be performed by a reputable, board certified surgeon, who is available for you throughout the prep, surgery and healing processes to ensure long-term success.

Considering liposuction? Contact Dr. Ali today for a consultation!

Can You Get Liposuction On Your Face?

Liposuction is a procedure used to help slim and shape areas of the body by directly removing excess fat. It is often performed on various areas of the torso and even limbs, but what many people don’t know is that liposuction can also be performed on parts of the face!

There are three areas of the face where liposuction can be performed: the cheeks, chin and face. Liposuction on the cheeks and chin is done to help lift the cheeks and create a slimmer face. It can also reduce fat around the neck area to improve contours and proportion around your neck.

Liposuction on the face is typically performed in conjunction with other procedures. A neck lift is one of the most popular procedures because aging can cause fatty deposits and sagginess in the neck. The main purpose of a neck lift is to enhance the definition of the neck. It serves to correct loose skin in the neck, remove excess fat and tighten the stretched neck muscle. Your surgeon will determine if liposuction will be necessary during your consultation, prior to surgery.

A face lift is a similar procedure used to improve the appearance of facial skin. The skin is surgically lifted and tightened and many times liposuction is employed to get rid of excess fat in the cheeks and skin.

It’s important to seek advice from a professional before undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery. A good plastic surgeon will be able to offer advice and information in order to help you make an informed decision.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery of any kind or would like to learn more about our surgical and non-surgical procedures, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.