What Should You Tell Your Boss When Getting Plastic Surgery?

Bloomfield Hills, MI – You’ve decided to engage in the ultimate form of self-improvement by opting for one or more plastic surgery procedures. But now you’re stressing out because you know there may be downtime as your body heals from the procedure, and you have to work.

What are you going to tell your boss? That you’re getting a breast augmentation and need a couple of weeks to heal fully?

The decision to get plastic surgery is an incredibly personal one and you may not want to tell everyone that you’re having your procedures completed, including your boss.

How do you keep your surgery a secret while also getting the required time off work? After all, some procedures may require you to be restricted to your bed or at least homebound for two weeks or more.

Here are some tips that may be able to help you out during this life-changing time.

Be Bold, but Reveal As Much as You’re Comfortable With

You may feel that you are entitled to tell your boss that you are requesting time off for plastic surgery. But the fact is, you don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t want to.

You can tell your boss that you’re having minor surgery. This will also help to explain why you can’t make any sudden movements or put your body under too much strain once you return.

If probed, simply say that it’s personal, and you’d rather not divulge the reason. If you’re having rhinoplasty or a breast augmentation, the results are going to be noticeable when you get back to work, but again, it’s no one’s business but your own.

Get Creative

If you are undergoing rhinoplasty, you could very well tell your boss that you plan to have surgery to repair a deviated septum. Or, if you’re having a tummy tuck you could tell your co-workers that you fixed a hernia.

Obviously, this will be suspicious if you change your appearance too much, but it’s up to you if you plan to tell anyone what really happened.

Find Co-Workers to Take Up Your Slack

It might help you get the necessary time off if you tell your boss that you found one or more colleagues to take up any slack you may leave behind.

This shows your boss that you care about the company and that you’re invested in the business succeeding in your absence. It also puts less stress on your boss, as he or she will know that work will continue, even in your absence.

Can You Work Remotely?

More people are working from home now than ever before. If you have the type of job that you’re able to do your duties from the comfort of your bed or couch, bring this up with your boss.

You may find that your boss is perfectly okay with you working via your computer or laptop from home as you recover from surgery. You may even open the door to work from home more often, even after your recovery is complete.

Check Your Employee Handbook

Some companies allow a person to take time off for medical reasons. Check with your HR department to see how your employer deals with employees undergoing surgery.

Your company cannot ask about why you need the time of or what surgery you’re having. In some cases, you may be able to collect disability and get extended time off, especially if the procedure is medical in nature, such as a tummy tuck to ease chronic back pain and repair a hernia.

Tell the Truth

If all else fails, it might be best just to come clean about why you need the time off. You may find that your boss has considered plastic surgery or has had one or more procedures completed in the past, and thus may have sympathy for your plight.

Use Vacation Time

The ideal scenario is to use the vacation time you’ve accrued to recover from surgery. You won’t have to ask for permission, and no one will be the wiser about your decision to undergo plastic surgery.

For all anyone at work knows, including your boss, you went to Hawaii and came back looking younger and more attractive.

How Much Time Do You Need?

If you work a desk job with minimal movement, you might get by with taking just a few days off work to begin with. You should then refrain from engaging in heavy activity for at least two weeks. Check with your plastic surgeon about your requirements for successfully healing from your recent surgery.

If you work a job like construction where you’re required to exert yourself, you will want to take as much as two weeks off. You may need six weeks to fully recover from surgery before you can get back to work at full capacity. Even then, you might ask for limited duties until your body has fully healed.

Want to learn more about the recovery time required for the plastic surgery procedure you’re considering? Contact Dr. Ali at your earliest convenience.

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