Below are stories from Dr. Ali’s practice and personal life. He hopes that these will provide patients and prospective patients insight into Dr. Ali as a person.

Why Me, God? All of a sudden it was like the flood gates opened and tears started rolling from her eyes.

Why I’m a Plastic Surgeon. I was fifteen years of age when I made up my mind as to what I wanted to do with my life.

The Power of Advice. A breast reconstruction patient goes back to school.

The Kleenex Flower. One gift that really stands out was from a 5 year old girl who happened to sustain a cut on her forehead while playing at home.

Taking Things for Granted. “You know, people don’t appreciate how lucky they are to be able eat an apple.”

A Patient Observation. There is one thing I’ve never been able to understand: Some women are very willing to expose the results of their breast surgery.

A Brave and Gracious Cancer Patient. The story of a very gracious and brave woman diagnosed with breast cancer in her late fifties.