The Keller Funnel® Technique for Silicone Breast Implants

The Keller Funnel® Technique for Silicone Breast Implants

The new and innovative Keller Funnel® breast implant technique allows a surgeon to place silicone implants with a no-touch or minimal-touch technique. This groundbreaking method offers faster, safer, more beautiful breast implant results. The procedure can be used with both round or anatomical shaped breast implants – of all sizes – for precise placement with smaller incisions.

Top Birmingham, MI board certified plastic surgeon Doctor Ali has performed thousands of breast implant surgeries on his universally satisfied patients who are thrilled with their results. This is because he stays on top of the latest, most state-of-the-art improvements in breast implant techniques.

In this article Dr. Ali explains how the Keller breast implant technique has revolutionized breast enhancement surgery.

How The Keller Funnel Works to Insert Breast Implants

The Keller Funnel was designed for breast surgeons by a breast surgeon. The latest generation of this device – the Keller Funnel 2 – enables the breast surgeon to place the breast implant into the surgical pocket with more precision, less friction, and less “handling” than previous traditional methods.

While the design is actually quite simple, it’s ramifications are amazing.  The Keller Funnel is composed of a simple, flexible, “cone” made of clear polymeric film that is covered with a special hydrophilic coating. The coating becomes extremely slippery once it is submerged into a sterilizing solution.

The surgeon places the funnel in the breast implant pocket and “slips” the breast implant precisely in place through the slippery cone. The funnel enables the breast surgeon to completely visualize and control the delivery and placement of the breast implant.

Benefits Of Using The Keller Funnel to Insert Breast Implants

To begin with, there is less physical handling and manipulation of the breast implant when it is slipped in via the funnel. And less handling dramatically reduces the risk or possiblity of post-surgical infection from stray bacteria entering the breast pocket.

Additionally, the breast surgeon can use a shorter incision length – since the breast implant slips in through the small funnel opening. And not only does a smaller incision mean less scarring, it also means faster healing and a more comfortable recovery for the patient.

There is also less trauma to the tissue surrounding the breast implant with Keller Funnel insertion than there is when manually forcing the implant into the pocket – which further  shortens the healing period.

Sliding the breast implant in via the funnel also reduces force on the breast implant and allows for much more exact placement – which leads to more beautiful and refined final results.

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Skilled and experienced Birminbgham, MI plastic surgeon Dr. Ali, has performed thousands of breast implant surgeries. He stays informed of the latest, most innovative breast implant technologies – including Keller Funnel – helping ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with your results.

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