I knew the minute I walked through the front door that I had made the right decision. I was warmly greeted and thanked for coming in. Upon meeting with Dr. Ali, I immediately felt comfortable. He inquired how he could be of assistance, and I explained my desired goal and asked a number of questions. Dr. Ali listened and was very patient. He provided recommendations to address my requests, and together we agreed upon the best solution.

He assured me that he would do an excellent job, and he has. I am so pleased. The wonderful team members continue to be supportive, encouraging and professional. I enjoy my visits and always feel so positive when I enter and leave. I am extremely impressed with the quality of care, wonderful team, and ongoing support. I would highly recommend Dr. Ali and his team for exceptional care and beautiful results.

Dawn S.
Tummy Tuck
top detroit plastic surgeon9/10/18

My heartfelt thanks to you, Dr. Ali as well as Jeannie, Natalya and Debbie for seeing me through such a lengthy and difficult ordeal. You provided me the strength and determination to stay the course, persevere and today, be blessed with the ability to continue my treatments and recovery. Your professionalism is unsurpassed, but it is your humanity and personal touch that gave me what I truly needed, comfort and peace. I am eternally grateful to you all.  God’s blessing to you all, my friends, now an always.

Julie H.
top detroit plastic surgeonSurgery Patient

I did the tummy tuck in 2 phases, liposuction in Jan then the tuck on June 11th. I took 2 weeks off work and have been back to work for the last 2 weeks as a home care nurse. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for any procedure. Dr Ali exceeded my expectations. His bedside manner is excellent, he is honest, his office is really nice, the staff are great and the procedure is done at a local hospital. The pain isn’t bad day 1 and 2 bc he uses a local in the surgical area. Day 3 was tough but nothing I couldn’t control with pain mess. I did have a drain for 2 weeks even though he usually doesn’t use them. I’m glad I did though to help with the swelling. I picked this doctor after seeing what he had done for my friend. Not to mention she is an anesthesiologist and won’t go to anyone but him. She is in her 50s with a body of a 25 year old thanks to him. Plus when you talk to him you can tell he is a perfectionist about his work. The first thing he told me is that he doesn’t like when you can look at someone and you can tell they had a tuck from their scar and big bellybutton. My scar is very thin and low and my bellybutton is better than my old one. I’m so happy with my decision. Even when I was running 25 miles a week my stomach wasn’t this flat and toned.

top detroit plastic surgeonTummy Tuck

Prior to meeting Dr. Ali, I had a traumatic experience as a result of a botched liposuction procedure that landed me in the emergency room, and nearly killed me. As a result I was left with a giant wound in the middle of my stomach, and bulging hernia. I was so mortified with my body, and my experience, I thought I would ever feel human again. Fortunately I was blessed to be referred to Dr. Ali by the surgeon who saved my life in the hospital. If it hadn’t been for my trust in her, I would have never sought any cosmetic or plastic surgeon ever again. I was very nervous about going to see him, and almost cancelled my appointment. I was so pleasantly surprised when I walked into the office; the entire staff was so welcoming & friendly, and they put me at ease. It was even better when I met Dr. Ali He had such a gentle & kind mannerism, and immediately made me feel comfortable. My experience with Dr. Ali was a real life changer, because not only is he a great man, he is also a fantastic plastic surgeon. I am so happy with the results of my surgery, and feel beautiful again. I would like to close by saying that it took me a long time to write this review because I was embarrassed to talk about my experience, and to say that I realize that it can be uncomfortable to seek cosmetic services for some people, and I was one of those people. My initial consultation with the doctor who did my previous procedure was very intimidating, and I felt humiliated by the staff, so much so, that I had decided that I couldn’t go through another consultation ever again. Unfortunately that left me in the hands of a very dangerous man, who nearly killed me. I felt uneasy about having the procedure in his office, but they would say, “oh, you don’t want to go to the hospital, it’s full of sick people.” This is just a liposuction procedure, not surgery. I fell for it, and just wanted to get the whole thing over with. If this helps even one person, I have to say; when it comes to your body, take your time, and do your homework before doing any procedures. I later found out that my original doctor was not allowed to do my procedure in the hospital, because despite all of his cosmetic certifications, he is not a true certified plastic surgeon as Dr. Ali is.

I truly feel blessed to have crossed paths with Dr. Ali, despite the circumstances that brought me here. Dr. Ali taught me how to respect myself, look out for myself, and love my body again, and that is worth the world to me. All you have to do is meet him, and his wonderful staff, to know what I am talking about. I would not only recommend him, I plan on going back to see him for other procedures, and keeping him and his staff in my life for a very long time. Thanks to every one of them.

Tania L.
top detroit plastic surgeonTummy Tuck

Dr. Azhar Ali changed my life for the better, my stomach was hanging without any muscle tone. After 2 pregnancies with excessive amniotic fluid, my stomach muscles ripped and the sagging was severe and caused crippling back pain. Dr. Ali fixed my stomach flawlessly and perfectly, we also opted for breast enhancement and it was beautiful as well! Thank you Dr. Azhar for restoring my confidence

Marla F.
top detroit plastic surgeonTummy Tuck

One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made! Dr. Ali’s reputation as one of the best surgeons in Michigan is well deserved. For several years I had back pain and breast reduction surgery was the best option. Everything was done to near perfection. The staff and facilities were top notch and the professionalism and empathetic care from the medical team could not be matched. I was most impressed with the respect and admiration everyone has for Dr. Ali. Following the surgery I felt better than I had for years – it was literally as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. My posture improved and I was able to do more because I no longer had pain and discomfort at the end of a long day. I felt I chose the best doctor to help me and will be forever grateful. I will never regret my decision to have the surgery because Dr. Ali performed it.

Marylou L., RN, BSN, CPAN
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Reduction

35 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, and a Much Needed Augmentation ! Dr. Ali handled all my concerns. He walked me through the entire process and helped me make decisions that were right for me. He was very professional and attentive. His office staff was also very helpful. All my questions were answered in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend him to any one!

top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Augmentation

I’ve always had a small chest and have always wanted bigger breasts. After 3 kids, I couldn’t even fit into an A cup. After many years of contemplating, I did it, I had a b.a. and have no regrets! My experience with surgery and healing has been amazing. I didn’t really experience any pain, it was more discomfort more than anything. More importantly – my breasts are perfect! I feel & look great! Thanks Dr. Ali!

Elise G. 
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Augmentation

I had numerous consultations before I chose Dr. Ali. I set a consultation with him based on all the wonderful reviews he had online. For the consultation, he took his time going over all my areas of concerns and understanding exactly what I wanted done. He took careful measurements and explained to me how the procedure would go, what to expect, etc. He answered all of my questions and concerns fully and I felt very comfortable the entire time.

I decided to get lipo on my thighs after having my first child. After the baby, I had been running a couple miles every day and continuing my healthy diet. Although I gained less than 5 lbs from the pregnancy, I was frustrated with fat I could not get rid of on my legs and with the changes from the pregnancy, it was enough to have me check into liposuction. Currently, it has been almost 2 months since my lipo procedure. My thighs have slimed down and keep a very even shape. The small incisions healed very quickly. I am already happy with how my jeans fit. I am now able to resume my running again and I am excited to see the full results in 4 months 🙂

I plan on going back to Dr. Ali in the future for breast lift/augmentation.

top detroit plastic surgeonThigh Liposuction

I wanted to improve my physical appearance after two pregnancies with a breast augmentation and tummy tuck.  I chose Dr. Ali because he has an excellent bedside manner.  He was able to answer all of my questions in great detail and helped me make a great decision for my body type.  From the first consultation, to the surgery, to all the aftercare appointments, I have always felt like I was receiving the best care possible.  The staff has always been very courteous and helpful  from booking appointments, to discussing surgical aftercare.  I am ecstatic with my results.  I had worked very hard to lose weight post-pregnancy and Dr. Ali helped me to look my best after all of my hard work.  I would recommend him to anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery. *

— M.S.

Dr. Ali was the first and only doctor I consulted for the procedures I wanted to have done.  Dr. Ali and his staff were always very helpful and he answered every question I had even when I asked the same ones over and over again.  He was also very personable and made an effort to get to know me as a patient – he even remembered that I am a musician and chose a special CD to play in the operating room while they were putting me under.  I truly felt like I was I the best hands and the best care with Dr. Ali – and the results were phenomenal.  I have since recommended him to two family members who both chose to have procedures with him as well and were very happy with their results too. *

— J.P.

My experience with Dr. Ali was the perfect example of how a doctor should treat a patient.  From the first visit, through the surgery, and now the follow-up, Dr. Ali has been great.  He answered all my questions before and after surgery and continues to be there for me.  The office people were wonderful in dealing with my insurance company to make sure my procedure was covered as well.  I recommend Dr. Ali for anyone needing reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. *

— L.H.

As a breast cancer survivor – double mastectomy – Dr. Ali was exceptionally caring, professional, and did an AWESOME reconstruction – I would and do recommend him for ANY type of reconstruction work no matter what it might be.  YOU ROCK DOC. *

— BM

I had a breast augmentation done at the beginning of June, from the initial consult to the recheck appointments I have been blown away. Dr. Ali and the staff were beyond comforting and helpful. When I wanted to come in for one more appointment the week before my surgery to try on sizes again they were more than accommodating, Dr. Ali took the time to make sure I was comfortable in all aspects of the surgery and the tentative size of implant. He was very through in explaining every thing. My recovery couldn’t have gone smoother. No complications, minimal pain. My scars are tiny and barely recognizable. Now 3 months post op I can say from the placement to the size every thing is perfect. The augmentation gave me a natural breast shape and size I had longed for. Thank you, thank you!!!

Lori P.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Augmentation

I highly recommend Dr. Ali for any type of cosmetic procedure. Dr. Ali is an extremely kind, compassionate man and his meticulous work is perfection. Dr. Ali performed liposuction and abdominoplasty on me 6 weeks ago. I am beyond thrilled with my results and truly feel like a new person thanks to Dr. Ali’s expertise. Dr. Ali even gave me a new belly button that looks perfectly normal. I had to wear the stomach binder for 6 weeks, which I got use to very quickly and it was easily hidden under my clothes. My pain and discomfort after 4 days was minimal.

I suggest if you are considering any type of cosmetic procedure to contact Dr. Ali. Dr. Ali will spend all the time with you that you need and answer all of your questions. Dr Ali’s entire office staff will make you feel so comfortable and welcome the minute you step into their attractive office. Debbie will greet you with a kind smile and Natalya will put you at ease the second you step into the exam room. Dr. Ali stands for exactly what a doctor should be, not only is he a knowledgable genius in his field, he also has an extremely kind heart. We all deserve to not only look and feel our best, but also to be treated with love and kindness as Dr. Ali and his entire office do. Best Wishes!

Erin G.
top detroit plastic surgeonLiposuction & Abdominoplasty

Dr. Ali and staff are the best. I had a breast reduction in November 2017 and I am very happy and pleased with the results. Even my ob/gyn said it was an excellent surgery, she couldn’t find any scars during my breast exam. From the 1st time, I walked in the door at Dr. Ali office it felt warm and welcoming and the receptionist was so sweet and polite. Dr. Ali was gentle, welcoming and was honest about the process and the procedure. He answered all questions and concerns that I had. The other doctors I had a consultation with – before Dr. Ali – weren’t really welcoming and their offices were just cold and felt like they just wanted the money. Dr. Ali wasnt like that, I had concerns the day after Thanksgiving and few days in from surgery and we called the service center and Dr Ali called back and answered my question. He didnt have to do that and take time away from his family. I wish I could give him 10 stars because he is great.

Monica E.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Reduction

Amazing, amazing surgeon. Can’t say enough good things about him. My nose wasn’t horrible to begin with but I had big tip, no refinement to tip, and asymmetry. He addressed each problem area with the utmost clarity. He will do his very best work for you! Very patient and understanding surgeon. You won’t go wrong picking Dr. Ali!! I also had liposuction of inner and outer thighs plus flanks. I am already skinny girl but problems areas for me. I am only 5 days out so I am still swollen but minimal bruising and very small puncture holes. I can already tell I will love results in couple weeks.  Already love it, my nose is now symmetric and doesn’t veer of to the side anymore.

top detroit plastic surgeonRhinoplasty

Great experience. Dr. Ali is a very warm and gentle person and it has been evident during my recovery. I had no pain following my surgery because of his gentle handling of tissue. And the results: I am extremely satisfied! His staff from the receptionist to the nurses are friendly and personable. They really make you feel comfortable and put you at ease. Thank you Dr. Ali.

top detroit plastic surgeonDenise H.

I’m so overjoyed!! I had a breast reduction done by Dr Azhar Ali MD and the results are beyond my expectations. Dr Ali is a professional and the staff was wonderful. I hardly had any post OP pain and was able to do normal things(of course being careful) within a few days. If I could give him 100 stars I would.

Letrece M.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Reduction

I came today to see Dr. Ali. Oh what a surprise I was in for.  I got checked in right away and got a lovely robe to use for my appointment. After talking to the nurse, Dr. Ali came in. I have to say that I have never ever met a doctor of this character. You could sense peace and security from him. He was very caring, listening to all my concerns and offered suggestions. Honestly I wish there would be more people like Dr. Ali. Anyone who needs an amazing doctor go check him out.

Maria K.
top detroit plastic surgeonWalled Lake

Having been in the modeling/beauty pageant business/field I’ve always been concerned with my appearance; and maintaining that appearance. Starting a new career in Real Estate, I knew a “tune up” was needed. Dr. M. Azhar Ali, M.D., F.A.C.S. came highly recommended as having an “artist” touch. From my first appointment, to my first post op – everyone was comforting, professional and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I can tell you from personal experience, you’re in good hands with Dr. Ali. Many Thanks!

Mary de G.
top detroit plastic surgeonFacelift

Where to even begin? Dr. Ali and his staff were compassionate and understanding from the moment I stepped foot in their office. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and petrified of having surgery. This staff held my hand the entire time. Not only were they concerned about making sure I was healthy physically, but they went above and beyond To make sure I was OK emotionally too. They became family to me. My scarring is minimal, my breasts are healthy and beautifully ‘saved’, and I never felt alone.

Joani M.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Reconstruction

Dr. Ali performed a tummy tuck and lipo after I lost 126 pounds. I can’t be happier with my results but more importantly the treatment from his office staff and from Dr. Ali. He is very knowledgeable, honest, and caring. I would recommend him to anyone wants goods results and the comfort of knowing your surgeon and his staff is there for you.

T. Miller
top detroit plastic surgeonTummy Tuck

After having two lumpectomies for breast cancer it was suggested that I have a bilateral breast reduction from my breast surgeon. I was thinking mastectomy so I sought the advise of Dr. Ali. He immediately told me to stay the course for my type of cancer and do the mastectomy. Wow. I never expected a surgeon to actually give me his opinion. He was so right. I love the new girls. Life is so much better.

Dr. Ali is so personable. He made everything so easy and he was correct on every aspect of my after surgical recovery. He worked cohesively with my breast surgeon. They both put me at ease just prior to my surgery. I will admit I have not had much surgery in my lifetime but this was the best experience I ever had. My breasts are perfect and the you can barely see the incision sites after a year. Pick Dr. Ali. You will not be sorry. He is a great surgeon!!!!

P. Grant
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Reduction

Dr Ali work is Phenomenal. He Truly is compassionate & i would recommend him to all. I found out in October of 2016 that I had breast cancer & in January of 2017 I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. The decision did not come easy for me. There were many tears and I remember being very scared. Then I met with Dr. Ali & his team of nurses. They treated me like I was part of their family, not just another patient. They all held my hand through every step of the way. They were so personable. Always reassured me that I was going to be okay & always told me it was okay to cry.

One of the many things that I’ll always remember is Dr. Ali saying to me “I was going to smile again” & thats just what I have done. His work is flawless, my scars are as fine as a pencil line. I’m confident again. I have my self esteem back, I’m back. I will forever be thankful to you Dr. Ali for making me beautiful again. And to all of my nurses, thank you for always being so supportive cause I couldn’t of done it without you.

top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Reconstruction

I had ear surgery in July. I didn’t have any complications. Dr. Ali had good manners and his staff was friendly. I didn’t have any problems with billing, timeliness with the surgery, and my surgery turned out well. Dr. Ali is a skilled cosmetic surgeon and I would recommend him. Also, while waiting for my appointment everyone i spoke to in the waiting room had positive things to say about Dr. Ali and the surgeries they had gone through with him.

top detroit plastic surgeonEar Surgery

I couldn’t be happier! I’ve always had a small chest and was self conscious about it. I avoided buying low cut tops, and I envied woman that could fill out a bra and have cleavage. Spoiler alert: I bought bras that were too big for me just to give me shape. My cousin recommended I go see Dr. Ali after having a breast reduction done by him, several years back. She was very happy. I set up a consultation and after meeting Dr. Ali and his staff I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Ali answered all of my questions. I could tell his goal was to make me happy and create a look that was natural for my body. I had the surgery three weeks ago, and each day I am happier and happier with my results! I look natural, I get compliments from all of my friends, and I feel more confident than ever! Dr. Ali is down to earth, caring, kind, smart, and knowledgeable. He is the BEST in Metro Detroit, hands down!

Anonymous in Troy, MI
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Augmentation

Dr. Ali is a very good surgeon and so is his assistant Dorine.  They made the whole experience comfortable and they were both competent.  I had my ears pinned back and I am very pleased with the results.  I would recommend Dr. Ali! I thank Dr. Ali for his professional demeanor and kindness.  Best wishes to him! *

— S.H.

I had been thinking about having a breast reduction for several years before I finally decided to look into it.  Dr. Ali was recommended from my primary care physician, and also from several other friends.  I was extremely nervous about the surgery, but from the moment I met Dr. Ali and his staff I was made to feel at ease.  Everyone was so kind and compassionate.  Dr. Ali took the time to answer all of my questions, and was very honest about result expectations.  I am SO happy with my reduction, and in fact, the results were even better than I had hoped for. *

— M.K.

Amazing, words can not describe the gratitude I have for Dr. Ali and his staff! I had a breast augmentation back in 2014, by one of those big shots that put their names all over the radio. Worst mistake of my life! I was botched, implants bigger than I wanted were put in, the doctor pretty much shoved them into my chest. It was a horrible surgery and experience! A month goes by, and my implants raised even higher, where the top of my implants were at my collar bone, and they were completely different looking. This doctor blamed me for what happened, and told me I had capsular contraction. Knowing I couldn’t afford the surgery, about one year later I visited another big named doctor that was advertised everywhere. Who belittled me for the chest that I had and how I would almost have to go down 200cc (I’m a 425cc) and I would have to have a surgery for capsular contraction as well. These Doctors are not plastic surgeons come to find out! One is an ear, throat, and nose doctor, and the other being a doctor of general medicine. From someone who has had an awful surgery/experience, I am telling you Doctor Ali is the best!
I saw him in April of 2018 (4 years with awful implants), from the moment I walked into his office I was very comfortable and knew I found an amazing doctor. … The fact that he sympathized with what I have had been through, and didn’t just try to make it just about the money was comforting. He told me it was going to be a challenge but he would make them look as good as he possibly could. I had my surgery this previous June, and he did everything and beyond that he told me! I was able to keep my original implants instead of buying new ones, and he made them look so natural and perfect in my eyes! The hospital he works out of was amazing, the staff who works alongside him, and his knowledge and bedside manner is what we all want when undergoing a surgery! I am beyond grateful with the outcome and experience!

Shannon Lynn M.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Augmentation

Dr Ali is an amazing surgeon!!!! I was not even aware of how much I needed his assistance until after my surgery. Everything he recommended was exactly what I needed. I could not be happier!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

J. Schuette
top detroit plastic surgeonFacelift

Dr Ali and his staff are amazing! They were very skilled and had the best bedside manners. Very knowledgeable and great at explaining things! I was blown away that the receptionist always knew who I was when I came in despite having only met me once before! The results of my breast reduction surgery are beyond words! I am so happy with my new breast size and I love finally being able to buy bras in stores! Just can’t say enough about how great they are!!

Karrie D.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Reduction

Dr. Ali is an absolutely amazing surgeon!!! He is truly in artist in his work. I went to him to fix a mistake by another surgeon and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Not only is his work amazing but his bedside manner is exceptional. He loves what he does and he thinks with his heart and not his wallet. Thank you to Dr. Ali and his wonderful staff!

Taylor S.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Augmentation Revision

5 stars is nothing compared to what Dr. Ali deserves! 100 stars if I could! It’s very hard to find a doctor these days that actually wants to listen to what you want and address all of your concerns. He makes you feel very safe and comfortable. I had a rhinoplasty and I am extremely happy I had chosen him. The staff is wonderful. Debbie, Kim and Jeannie are the sweetest women I’ve met! Honestly I would highly recommend this doctor!

top detroit plastic surgeonRhinoplasty

I would highly recommend Dr. Ali!! Dr. Ali and his staff are extremely caring and professional. Dr. Ali performed a breast augmentation on me. My recovery has been at minimal pain, he was so gentle and cares, my results show his talent. I would high recommend him, and I honestly will be a life long client. Thank you Dr. Ali!! Congratulation on your new office, it’s is absolutely beautiful!!

Jillian Dawn
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Augmentation

Nothing but the best! Dr. Ali and his staff far exceeded my expectations from the moment of my first visit. They are prompt, professional, and care about each and everyone of their patients. Truly I feel like they are my family.

M. Jones
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Reconstruction

I would like to take this opportunity to express my most sincere gratitude and thanks to you and your entire staff for the caring, professional and dedicated way that you handled my unique situation and needs. My husband and I were extremely impressed with how you showed genuine concern for everything that I had been through. You were determined to correct what had been done to me and make me happy and comfortable with myself again. You went above and beyond to accomplish that goal. I came to you after having had not one, not two but three different breast augmentation procedures done by a ‘medical spa’ in the area of 26 mile and Van Dyke. These procedures left me with multiple scars, pain and disfigurement of my breasts.

You and your staff showed immediate sympathy, care and concern. You were determined to work with me to remedy everything that had been done and repair me both physically and subsequently emotionally. You spent ample time with us discussing options, probable outcomes and expectations. Your sincerity and time was a welcome change from what we had experienced.

After discussing and agreeing upon the best procedure, you performed the surgery and it went just as you had described. We are extremely happy with the result. My husband was very impressed with how you took so much time with him after the surgery explaining exactly what you did, how things went and what to expect in the coming days and weeks. I received follow up calls from your office checking on me and when I came back for my follow ups the staff was happy to see me and how well I was doing. The experience with you and your staff was night and day different from what we had experienced previously. Thank you so much for restoring me physically and giving me back the confidence and fulfillment in the way I look. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone looking for a fantastic surgeon who takes a genuine interest in the wellbeing and happiness of his patients.

top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Implant Revision

Dr. Ali is great! He’s friendly yet professional. He’s very thorough and does an EXCELLENT job of explaining his treatment plan with me patently if applicable. Most of all, I think he’s very honest. and extremely nice, And, that’s what I need from a skilled, experienced and highly competent doctor who recently performed two surgeries on me, I am very satisfied with the result. He corrected a problem that I had that was caused by another doctor. The staff is very welcoming, as well. They are always so friendly!! Thank you so much for caring about what you do and the people you serve. I like what he said: “I am happy when my patients are happy!” Thank you very much!

top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Implant Revision

So happy with my results! Dr. Ali performed a breast lift with small implants for me. I researched for about 6 months for a Dr. I felt confidant in. I really wanted to have this surgery, but was very worried about the results. Everything I read and saw about Dr. Ali’s work was the best I had found. I am 2 months post-op and I couldn’t be happier with my results! Dr. Ali and the surgery facility were very professional and made sure all my questions were answered. My scars are so minimal at this point I believe they will be nearly invisible soon!

Teria W.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Implants; Breast Lift

Dr. Ali is AMAZING! I couldnt have chose a better doctor. He did a juveaderm injection on my upper lip and smile lines, as well as liposuction on my back and hips and an abdominalplasty. He is one of those rare doctors that actually take the time and listen to you. He goes out of his way to make sure your comfortable and informed. His office staff is amazing, especially Rehanna! I am now 2 weeks post op and the procedure was way better then I thought it would be pain wise. My swelling is starting to subside and I love my new body. I would highly recommend Dr. Ali

top detroit plastic surgeonAbdominalplasty & Liposuction

After losing almost 130 pounds, my arms were very saggy and batwing like. I could not have exercised enough to take care of this, and buying smaller clothes was still difficult having to account for the extra bulk of my arm skin. So, I went to see Dr. Ali! Best decision I ever made! The pain is short lived compared to the results. There were times during the healing process that I thought maybe I made a mistake because of the pain. But once the swelling goes down and the incision sites start to fade, and I could see the results, I have been extremely happy that I made the decision to have it done! Love wearing sleeveless tops now!

Dee G.
top detroit plastic surgeonArm Lift

I wanted to improve my physical appearance after two pregnancies with a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I chose Dr. Ali because he has an excellent bedside manner. He was able to answer all of my questions in great detail and helped me make a great decision for my body type.

From the first consultation, to the surgery, to all the aftercare appointments, I have always felt like I was receiving the best care possible. The staff has always been very courteous and helpful from booking appointments, to discussing surgical aftercare. I am ecstatic with my results. I had worked very hard to lose weight post-pregnancy and Dr. Ali helped me to look my best after all of my hard work. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery.

Mary S.
top detroit plastic surgeonBreast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck

Dr. Ali is an excellent surgeon with impeccable skills – both at the bedside and in the operating room.  My experience from my first consultation through postoperative visits were wonderful!  Dr. Ali and his office staff are timely, kind, gentle, informative, and discreet.  All questions/concerns were thoroughly answered and explained.  Very pleased with my results and will definitely recommend Dr. Ali to anyone looking for his services! *

— A.S.

Highly recommend going to Dr. Ali.  Amazing experience and amazing results!  He has an amazing bedside manner and cares about what you want. *

— BR

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