Does Facial Plastic Surgery Really Make People More Attractive or Likeable?

Does Facial Plastic Surgery Make People More Attractive or Likeable?

A recent study and article published by Georgetown University Medical Center revealed that facial plastic surgery may be able to offer a lot more than simply making the patient appear younger. That study revealed that facial plastic surgery can also improve how other people perceive someone.

This groundbreaking study was the first study of its kind to examine how facial plastic surgery affects people’s perception of an individual. The study concluded that women who underwent a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures were perceived as having better social skills, and were deemed more likeable, attractive and feminine by those with whom they interacted. To a lesser extent, facial plastic surgery procedures also appeared to make the patient seem more trustworthy, as well.

Why Study Facial Plastic Surgery Effects

The study – published in Journal of American Medicine Facial Plastic Surgery – was not intended to be lighthearted or superficial. On the contrary, it was a thorough and scientific examination of the importance of facial appearance. At the heart of the study, the researches indicated that how a person’s appearance is judged is actually rooted in evolution – referencing studies suggesting that judging a person based on their physical appearance was once a matter of individual and species survival.

In other words, humans’ “animal instincts” tells tell them avoid people who are dangerous – and certain personality traits are associated with an individual’s neutral expressions, based on that observer’s past experiences.

So, the study set out to evaluate how personality perception varied after a patient underwent various types of facial plastic surgery, including: face lift, upper and lower eye lifts, brow lift, neck lift and/or chin implant.

Facial Plastic Surgery Study Results

The study involved “before and after” photographs of thirty Caucasian women – whose pictures were examined by 170 people. The study participants were asked to rate their perception of each woman’s attractiveness, femininity, and personality traits (extroversion, likeability, social skills, risk-seeking behavior, aggressiveness and trustworthiness). However, none of the reviewers were shown both the pre-surgery and post-surgery pictures of the same woman.  And, none of the study respondents knew whether plastic surgery had or had not been performed on the women.

The study showed a marked post-surgery improvement in how the women were perceived in four traits: social skills, likeability, attractiveness and femininity.  Patients who had a facelift and lower eye lift experienced the most favorable improvements in perception after surgery.

This supports the results of earlier psychological studies that have shown that appearance of the eyes are highly predictive of how attractive and how trustworthy a person is perceived to be. So it comes as no surprise that patients who had a lower eyelift were considered significantly more attractive and feminine, as well as having an increased trustworthiness score.

The study also looked at whether there were any identifiable less favorable responses, post plastic surgery. While there was not a statistically significant negative response found across the board, a small minority of patients were assessed as appearing more aggressive or a greater “risk-taker” after surgery. Obviously, these traits can be perceived as both good or bad depending upon the context.

Facial Plastic Surgery – Oakland County

Since this study was both small, and included only white female participants, its application to other genders and races can’t be determined. But, the results are important in that they support previous research indicating that facial plastic surgery has many benefits. Facial plastic surgery appears to not only increase the patient’s satisfaction with their looks, but also improve how they are perceived by members of society at large.

While beauty does “come from within” it would be dishonest to suggest that people are not judged by their appearance. Especially the appearance of the eyes and face. Oakland County board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali firmly believes that facial plastic surgery should always be done to make YOU happier and more satisfied with your appearance – and not for the sake of others – to engender self-confidence and self-love. 

But in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon facial plastic surgery can have the added benefits of improving how you are perceived by society at larger, as well! If you would like to explore the possibility of facial plastic surgery, schedule a consultation at AMAE Plastic Surgery in Oakland County today.

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