4 Ways to Get Thinner Thighs: Fat Loss Without Diet or Exercise (Part 2)

4 Ways to Get Thinner Thighs: Fat Loss Without Diet or Exercise (Part 2)– 

Just as your DNA determines what color eyes and hair you will have, your genes also determine where the fat cells in your body will be distributed. Some people’s DNA results in fat cells being placed around their middle – while others have fat cells deposited in their thighs. And, as anyone with bigger thighs will tell you, fat loss in the thigh area is almost impossible with diet and exercise alone.

In this two part article, board-certified Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali discusses some of the latest and most advanced means of getting thinner thighs with non-invasive, minimally-invasive and surgical fat loss treatments.

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3. Thigh Lift Surgery for Fat Loss & Thinner, Toned Thighs

During thigh lift surgery, board-certified Detroit area plastic surgeon provides patients with thinner thighs by removing fat at excess skin. The end result are well-proportioned, smoother, and of course, thinner thighs.

While thigh lift surgery can create the appearance of thinner thighs, it is not a weight loss technique. While it is not possible to remove large amounts of fat through the procedure., thigh lift surgery can effectively be combined with liposuction for more substantial fat loss in the thigh area. That being said, thigh lift surgery is nonetheless an excellent way to improve the appearance of the legs of anyone who wishes they had thinner thighs.

Thigh lift surgery for thinner thighs begins with an incision that typically extends from the groin down to the thigh, or out towards the hip. Following this, board certified Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali tightens and reshapes the tissue, removes excess skin, and re-drapes it into a smooth, proportionate contour.

To ensure the newly contoured and thinner thighs retain their shape, deep support sutures will be inserted within the underlying tissues of the treatment area. And to ensure the minimal appearance of scarring, Dr. Ali will take great care to make all incisions in areas that can be easily concealed by clothing, underwear, or bathing suits.

Thinner thigh patients will then be fit with dressings to cover their incisions. To reduce swelling, patients may also be required to wear a compression garment, but this will also help support the newly-created contours of the thighs. To remove excess blood or fluid from the treatment area, surgical drains may also be put in place.

For ideal thinner thigh results, it is imperative for patients to closely follow all aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Ali. Temporary swelling and discomfort may follow the procedure, but will be easily treated through prescribed pain medication. The comprehensive treatment plan put together by board-certified Detroit area plastic surgeon Dr. Ali will include information as to when the patient may resume normal activities.

4. ThermiSmooth + CelluliTx for Thigh Cellulite And Thinner Thighs

For Detroit area patients who desire fat loss, as well as smoother skin, in the thighs – but who do not wish to undergo surgery – we also offer non-invasive ThermiSmooth treatments at AMAE plastic surgery and med spa.

ThermiSmooth provides Detroit area patients with thinner thighs thanks to incredible radiofrequency (RF) fat loss and skin skin tightening technology. ThermiSmooth melts fat away from the treatment area through controlled, non-invasive heating methods, while simultaneously tightening the skin. In this way, ThermiSmooth patients not only get thinner thighs, but are also able to remove or reduce the appearance cellulite.

In addition to providing patients with thinner thighs through RF fat loss, ThermiSmooth also promotes the body’s natural production of collagen, which itself promotes the development of connective tissue. As a result, the skin of the treatment area will become thicker and stronger over time, and have improved elasticity, which will collectively work together to prevent the appearance of cellulite. ThermiSmooth patients not only get thinner thighs, they also receive smoother skin that is more toned and cellulite-free.

Our Detroit area patients typically obtain best results from this particular thinner thigh procedure after a series of four to six treatment sessions. With that in mind, many of our patients are able to achieve their own personal aesthetic goals after just two or three treatments.  For even more stunning results, patients can combine this procedure with the Marini CelluiTX Cellulite Cream, which can be used to help smooth out the appearance of remaining cellulite from the treatment area.

Fat Loss for Thighs – Detroit Area

Through a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali, Detroit area patients can effectively meet their fat loss goals and get thinner thighs they love! Through careful assessment of the patient’s body, lifestyle, and overall aesthetic goals, Dr. Ali will be able to recommend a procedure that meets the patient’s unique fat loss needs.

Contact us today for a consultation, and we’ll help you choose the best fat loss and skin tightening treatment for your thighs – and any other “problem” areas you would like to improve.

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