Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019

Selfies & Celebrities Influence Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019

Less than two decades ago, plastic surgery was primarily only for the rich and famous, and was the well-kept secret of the youthful appearance for many actors. However, plastic surgery has now become both very mainstream and much more affordable – and no longer just for the wealthy. In fact, the past two years have been record-breaking for plastic surgery, and 2019 is looking to be even busier. Not just actors and socialites are getting plastic surgery any more!

From 2012 to 2018, the average number of invasive and non-invasive plastic surgery procedures increased by 25%. And the patients demanding it are much more diverse in age and income compared to previous generations.

Younger celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Anna Faris have helped lift the veil of secrecy surrounding plastic surgery – and have openly discussed their plastic surgery procedures. Such transparency has changed the way society now judges cosmetic procedures, which was previously a major barrier for some people considering treatment.

Younger Patients are Getting Plastic Surgery

Clearly, the “selfie culture” is creating an impact on plastic surgery. Society now routinely views people through their online social media appearance, particularly among younger generations up through middle aged adults. This has caused people to become more conscious of their appearance, as photos are posted everywhere online! In fact, 2017 saw cosmetic procedures for twenty-somethings, including injectables and other non-invasive treatments, rise over 80 percent.

Many plastic surgeons, including Macomb County plastic surgeon Dr. Ali, however, caution younger patients who are seeking to improve their selfie image to realistically assess their real-life appearance, not just what may be altered or distorted on social media. Many factors, including lighting and the angle of a photo can enhance or detract from a person’s attractiveness in digital images – so social media photos should never be used as the ultimate gauge of the patient’s true physical appeal.

That said, harsher self-criticism has clearly been driven by online appearances. A staggering 55 percent of plastic surgeons in 2017 reported patients underwent plastic surgery of some type in order to look more attractive in selfies, a doubt-digit increase over 2016!

No More Stigma to Plastic Surgery

Transparency is part of social media’s appeal. The taboos associated with plastic surgery have been minimized with patients who have disclosed and even documented their journey obtaining cosmetic enhancement. Such sharing has empowered others to feel good about enhancing their appearance without social judgement.

Moving into the next decade, plastic surgery has simply become another tool for people to feel good about themselves. Like any other beauty product, aesthetic treatments will be in even greater demand as people desire to look more appealing in “selfies” and “IRL”.  This will also drive the continued development of minimally invasive procedures that focus on enhancing a person’s organic appearance.

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The vast majority of women and men who choose to undergo plastic surgery say that their procedure helped them feel more self-confident, feel better about their appearance, and gave them a greater feeling of well-being.

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