Three Top Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019

Three Top Plastic Surgery Trends for 2019

Plastic surgery procedures are on the rise in 2019. Nose jobs, eye lifts and the use of PRP (plasma rich platelets) are three of the fastest growing cosmetic procedure trends – as patients seek a more youthful appearance.

In this article Macomb County board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali discusses these top 3 trends in plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Trend #1: PRP injections

PRP Injections have gained rapid popular due to their ability to regenerate and rejuvenate the face, body and hair – with a minimally invasive, all natural procedure. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from the patient’s own blood, then spun down to concentrate platelets containing key growth factors. This PRP is then injected into target areas to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, to restore hair growth, or to eliminate scars or discolorations.

PRP treatments have been performed for some time but are increasing in popularity thanks to so-called “vampire facials” featured by celebrities across social media channels – which has created even greater demand for the procedure.

Plastic Surgery Trend #2: Surgical & Non-surgical Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty in the U.S. is the third-most requested plastic surgery procedure, and it’s rapidly gaining in popularity. With today’s modern reshaping techniques, nose job patients can enjoy more natural-looking results, with less invasive procedures and little to no downtime.

Some experts have postulated the rise in people’s desire for a better nose stems from “selfies” and social media. Close up photos like selfies can accentuate or exaggerate the size or asymmetry of a person’s nose – leading patients to seek cosmetic procedures to achieve the perfect nose.

While a nose job can dramatically improve a person’s overall facial appearance, experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Ali understand that one type of nose doesn’t fit everyone. Seeking out an experienced board certified plastic surgeon like Macomb County Dr, Ali ensures that each patient retains their individuality, ethnic features and unique appearance after rhinoplasty – to look as natural as possible.

In addition to surgical nose jobs, non-surgical rhinoplasty – using a hyaluronic acid filler – can also change the shape of the nose. When skillfully injected, fillers can improve the contour of the nose, obscure imperfections, create symmetry, and/or smooth out bumps, without plastic surgery. Results last for up to two years, depending on the type of filler used, and are easily touched up by skilled Macomb County plastic surgeon Dr. Ali.

Plastic Surgery Trend #3: Eyelid Procedures

Maintaining a youthful and confident professional appearance is a major motivator when it comes to having plastic surgery. And among the top procedures currently being sought out by professionals is eyelid surgery. Technically called “blepharoplasty”, eyelid lifts help people look more youthful as well as less tired or “worn out”.

Blepharoplasty plastic surgery reduces the top eyelid tissue from bulging, wrinkling, drooping or sagging. It can also remove excess fat under the eyes that causes bags to appear. Most patients only require one or the other procedure, however some patients elect both to maximize results.

While plastic surgery procedures like lower blepharoplasty has long-term results, non-surgical fillers can also be used to conceal under eye bags. The areas below the eye’s fat pockets are injected with a hyaluronic acid filler, which hides the protruding fat and reduces under eye circles for about 12 months – all without plastic surgery.

Additionally, recent innovations in plastic surgery don’t simply remove fat from around the eyes but also preserve the fat to be redistributed to areas where it it is needed to fill areas having an aged, hollow appearance. Theses newest advancements in cosmetic surgery uses fat in place of fillers that are added around the eyes to create volume, which can be done to enhance a surgical procedure, or be done separately.

Plastic Surgery Improves Patient Self-Esteem

The workplace, the dating arena, and even social media can be a highly competitive and often highly critical environment where people feel the need to look their best. A tired or wrinkled appearance can be perceived as old, less “on-game” and even outdated or out-of-touch. If a person’s self-esteem is affected because they aren’t confident about their facial features, these “top 3” plastic surgery procedures – and many others – can restore confidence and satisfaction with one’s appearance.

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