Liposuction FAQs: (Part 4) The Results

Liposuction FAQs: (Part 4) The Results


When will I see liposuction results?

The majority of our patients begin to see results as early as one month after their liposuction surgery. After about 3 weeks, most of the swelling will have gone down, leaving you looking better than ever and ready to shimmy into your new swimsuit for that warm vacation. After about 6 months, you should see about 80% of your results, which will be verified during a 6th month checkup. After another 6-12 months, you’ll see the remaining 20% of your results.

Will I have scars from liposuction?

Every incision made by Dr. Ali will be no more than 3mm long. This is so small, there will be no need whatsoever for stitches following your procedure. In order to properly treat your target areas, he may make multiple incisions, but these are typically well-concealed and will heal without any degree of difficulty. In rare situations where an incision becomes more visible, Dr. Ali offers techniques to help reduce their appearance.

Will I need to wear a compression garment after liposuction?

Patients typically need to wear a compression garment full time for 10 days after getting liposuction. After that, they usually are instructed to wear the compression garment part time for an additional 10 days.

This is important to help reduce swelling, and return the body to a normal state. You will heal more rapidly and see your results more quickly if you wear a compression garment as instructed.

You will be provided with specific in instructions on when and how long you will need to wear your compression garment in your unique situation.

When can I resume activities after getting liposuction?

While it is recommended that you don’t drive for the first 24 hours following your liposuction surgery, you will be up and moving the day of the procedure. Within 48 hours, you should be able to return to work.

After a period of about three-days-to-a-week after liposuction, you should be able to resume light physical exercise. After about a week or two, most liposuction patients can return to their normal exercise routine.

In most cases, as long as you are able to get up and walk every hour while on the plane, liposuction patients my fly as early as two days after liposuction surgery.

Will I have loose skin, bumps or dimples after liposuction?

When your liposuction is performed by Dr. Ali or another skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon you will not have loose skin following liposuction. When liposuction is done properly, the skin re-drapes and retracts to conform to the underlying tissue.

Skin elasticity is a crucial component of a successful liposuction surgery, so prior to undergoing liposuction, Dr. Ali will subject you to a detailed examination to make sure your skin is elastic enough for you to be a liposuction candidate.

Additionally, it is also extremely unlikely for you to develop bumps or dimples after undergoing liposuction surgery. With an impeccable track record, Dr. Ali will ensure that you achieve a smooth, natural-looking result. If, after your examination, Dr. Ali notices any warning signs for irregularities (such as poor elasticity or skin tone), he will recommend alternative treatment options to you.

What is a liposuction touch-up, and will I need one?

As Dr. Ali is one of the preeminent surgeons in the field of liposuction, his revision rate is less than 1%. Dr. Ali takes great pride in getting the best liposuction results in the first attempt. With the skill to perform a successful surgery in the first time around and the experience to back it up, almost none of Dr. Ali’s liposuction patients require any kind of touch-up.

With liposuction in general, however, among less skilled providers, the revision rate is around 25%. Selecting a board certified plastic surgeon who is a skilled and experienced liposuction provider is the best way to reduce the risk of needing a subsequent liposuction revision.

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