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I am eternally grateful to you all.


Dear Dr Ali & Staff:

My heartfelt thanks to you, Dr Ali as well as Jeannie, Natalya and Debbie for seeing me through such a lengthy and difficult ordeal.

You provided me the strength and determination to stay the course, persevere and today, be blessed with the ability to continue my treatments and recovery.

Your professionalism is unsurpassed, but it is your humanity and personal touch that gave me what I truly needed, comfort and peace.

I am eternally grateful to you all.  God’s blessing to you all, my friends, now an always.

With my warmest regards,

Julie H.


Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI

Dr. Ali exceeded my expectations!


I did the tummy tuck in 2 phases, liposuction in Jan then the tuck on June 11th. I took 2 weeks off work and have been back to work for the last 2 weeks as a home care nurse. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for any procedure. Dr Ali exceeded my expectations.

His bedside manner is excellent, he is honest, his office is really nice, the staff are great and the procedure is done at a local hospital. The pain isn’t bad day 1 and 2 bc he uses a local in the surgical area. Day 3 was tough but nothing I couldn’t control with pain meds. I did have a drain for 2 weeks even though he usually doesn’t use them. I’m glad I did though to help with the swelling.

I picked this doctor after seeing what he had done for my friend. Not to mention she is an anesthesiologist and won’t go to anyone but him. She is in her 50s with a body of a 25 year old thanks to him. Plus when you talk to him you can tell he is a perfectionist about his work. The first thing he told me is that he doesn’t like when you can look at someone and you can tell they had a tuck from their scar and big bellybutton. My scar is very thin and low and my bellybutton is better than my old one. I’m so happy with my decision. Even when I was running 25 miles a week my stomach wasn’t this flat and toned!

Tummy Tuck

Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI

Amazing, amazing surgeon!


Amazing, amazing surgeon. Can’t say enough good things about him. My nose wasn’t horrible to begin with but I had big tip, no refinement to tip, and asymmetry. He addressed each problem area with the utmost clarity. He will do his very best work for you! Very patient and understanding surgeon. You won’t go wrong picking Dr. Ali!! I also had liposuction of inner and outer thighs plus flanks. I am already skinny girl but problems areas for me. I am only 5 days out so I am still swollen but minimal bruising and very small puncture holes. I can already tell I will love results in couple weeks. So swelling is still pretty significant but I know it will go down a lot more. Already love it, my nose is now symmetric and doesn’t veer of to the side anymore.



5 stars is nothing compared to what Dr. Ali deserves! 100 stars if I could! It’s very hard to find a doctor these days that actually wants to listen to what you want and address all of your concerns. He makes you feel very safe and comfortable. I had a rhinoplasty and I am extremely happy I had chosen him. The staff is wonderful. Debbie, Kim and Jeannie are the sweetest women I’ve met! Honestly I would highly recommend this doctor!


Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI

My breasts are healthy and beautiful.


Where to even begin? Dr. Ali and his staff were compassionate and understanding from the moment I stepped foot in their office. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and petrified of having surgery. This staff held my hand the entire time. Not only were they concerned about making sure I was healthy physically, but they went above and beyond to make sure I was OK emotionally too. They became family to me. My scarring is minimal, my breasts are healthy and beautifully ‘saved’, and I never felt alone.

Joani M.
Breast Reconstruction

Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI

My breasts are perfect!

PATIENT TESTIMONIAL: Breast Augmentation

I’ve always had a small chest and have always wanted bigger breasts. After 3 kids, I couldn’t even fit into an A cup. After many years of contemplating, I did it, I had a Breast Augmentation and have no regrets! My experience with surgery and healing has been amazing. I didn’t really experience any pain, it was more discomfort more than anything. More importantly – my breasts are perfect! I feel & look great! Thanks Dr. Ali!

Elise G. 
Breast Augmentation

PATIENT TESTIMONIAL: Breast Augmentation

I’ve always had a small chest and was self conscious about it. I avoided buying low cut tops, and I envied woman that could fill out a bra and have cleavage. Spoiler alert: I bought bras that were too big for me just to give me shape. My cousin recommended I go see Dr. Ali after having a breast reduction done by him, several years back. She was very happy. I set up a consultation and after meeting Dr. Ali and his staff I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Ali answered all of my questions. I could tell his goal was to make me happy and create a look that was natural for my body. I had the surgery three weeks ago, and each day I am happier and happier with my results! I look natural, I get compliments from all of my friends, and I feel more confident than ever! Dr. Ali is down to earth, caring, kind, smart, and knowledgeable. He is the BEST in Metro Detroit, hands down!

Breast Augmentation

Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI

I would highly recommend Dr. Ali!


Dr. Ali is AMAZING! I couldnt have chose a better doctor. He did a juveaderm injection on my upper lip and smile lines, as well as liposuction on my back and hips and an abdominalplasty. He is one of those rare doctors that actually take the time and listen to you. He goes out of his way to make sure your comfortable and informed. His office staff is amazing, especially Rehanna! I am now 2 weeks post op and the procedure was wayy better than I thought it would be pain wise. My swelling is starting to subside and I love my new body. I would highly recommend Dr. Ali!

Abdominalplasty & Liposuction
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI

Best decision I ever made!


After losing almost 130 pounds, my arms were very saggy and batwing like. I could not have exercised enough to take care of this, and buying smaller clothes was still difficult having to account for the extra bulk of my arm skin. So, I went to see Dr. Ali! Best decision I ever made!

The pain is short lived compared to the results. There were times during the healing process that I thought maybe I made a mistake because of the pain. But once the swelling goes down and the incision sites start to fade, and I could see the results, I have been extremely happy that I made the decision to have it done! Love wearing sleeveless tops now!

Dee G.
Arm Lift

Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI

Happy with how my jeans fit!


I had numerous consultations before I chose Dr. Ali. I set a consultation with him based on all the wonderful reviews he had online. For the consultation, he took his time going over all my areas of concerns and understanding exactly what I wanted done. He took careful measurements and explained to me how the procedure would go, what to expect, etc. He answered all of my questions and concerns fully and I felt very comfortable the entire time. 

I decided to get lipo on my thighs after having my first child. After the baby, I had been running a couple miles every day and continuing my healthy diet. Although I gained less than 5 lbs from the pregnancy, I was frustrated with fat I could not get rid of on my legs and with the changes from the pregnancy, it was enough to have me check into liposuction. Currently, it has been almost 2 months since my lipo procedure. My thighs have slimed down and keep a very even shape. The small incisions healed very quickly. I am already happy with how my jeans fit. I am now able to resume my running again and I am excited to see the full results in 4 months 🙂

I plan on going back to Dr. Ali in the future for breast lift/augmentation.

Thigh Liposuction