Plastic Surgeon Birmingham MI

Dr. Ali exceeded my expectations!


I did the tummy tuck in 2 phases, liposuction in Jan then the tuck on June 11th. I took 2 weeks off work and have been back to work for the last 2 weeks as a home care nurse. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for any procedure. Dr Ali exceeded my expectations.

His bedside manner is excellent, he is honest, his office is really nice, the staff are great and the procedure is done at a local hospital. The pain isn’t bad day 1 and 2 bc he uses a local in the surgical area. Day 3 was tough but nothing I couldn’t control with pain meds. I did have a drain for 2 weeks even though he usually doesn’t use them. I’m glad I did though to help with the swelling.

I picked this doctor after seeing what he had done for my friend. Not to mention she is an anesthesiologist and won’t go to anyone but him. She is in her 50s with a body of a 25 year old thanks to him. Plus when you talk to him you can tell he is a perfectionist about his work. The first thing he told me is that he doesn’t like when you can look at someone and you can tell they had a tuck from their scar and big bellybutton. My scar is very thin and low and my bellybutton is better than my old one. I’m so happy with my decision. Even when I was running 25 miles a week my stomach wasn’t this flat and toned!

Tummy Tuck