Breast Revision Surgery: Breast Implants Size Change FAQs

Breast Revision Surgery: Breast Implants Size Change

The vast majority of women are highly satisfied with the size of their breast implants. However, some women may wish to have their implants exchanged for larger or smaller ones. Reasons for a change in implant size may be purely cosmetic – or may be for medical reasons.

The process of changing the size of breast implants is called breast revision surgery. When performed by performed by a skilled, caring and experienced surgeon, breast revision surgery can correct the “wrong size” so that the patient is satisfied and comfortable with the size of their breast implants.

How Many Women Get Breast Revisions for Implant Size Change?

Statistics indicate that only about 12 percent of women with breast implants decide to change the size of their implants at some point.

Younger women are typically more likely to want to increase their breast implant size. While women who are in their 40s or 50s are generally more likely to want to reduce the size of their implants.

Why do Women Get Breast Implant Size Change Surgery?

Some women may have been conservative about choosing their initial breast implant size out of concern about going “too big”. Then find that they actually like being bigger and would like to go up in size to achieve a more curvy and voluptuous look.

Other women may have had limited natural breast tissue and had go with smaller implants than they wanted. Then, once the breast tissue has stretched for a year or two, the woman can safely exchange their implants for larger ones.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, breast implants that are too large can cause pain and misalignment in the neck and back, as well as significant stretching and sagging of the skin around the breasts. For women with these problems, reducing the size of their implants may be necessary.

Additionally, some women find that their oversized breasts cause too much negative attention and/or make it hard to find clothes that fit properly.  Breasts that are too large can also interfere with certain activities such as running.

Finally, as some women mature into roles as mothers or professionals in their career they no longer desire the look of large breasts.

How do Women End Up with the “Wrong” Size Breasts?

In our Detroit area medical office we spend a great deal of time with every woman helping her choose the best size breast implant for her frame, her proportions and her lifestyle. Unfortunately, not all breast surgeons do this – and women may find that they are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breast implants.

In some cases, women may also give in to pressure from partners or friends to choose a bigger size than is optimal for their body – ultimately resulting in a less than desirable outcome.

But in many other cases, women were initially satisfied dissatisfied with their implant size after surgery, but as they aged, their preferences change.

Is Breast Revision Surgery More Complicated than the First Implant Surgery?

In some cases, breast revision surgery to change implant size is more complicated than the first surgery. This is because the surgeon is now operating where there are previous incisions, scar tissue, and stretched skin and muscles, from the initial surgery.

For this reason it is important to choose a plastic surgeon who has more advanced, specialized skills and experience than typical breast augmentation surgeons.  It is very important for patients to select a breast revision specialist for their surgery, like Dr. Ali.

Keep in mind that during the initial breasts augmentation surgery, the skin was stretched and the breast pockets were created to specifically conform to the initial implants.  So breast revision surgery to “go smaller” may require additional procedures such as a breast lift or skin tightening, to make the pocket smaller and the skin not sag. And surgery to “go bigger” will involve additional stretching to increase the pocket size.

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