Preparing for Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Preparing for Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery

In our previous article we discussed the profound emotional effects of undergoing Breast Reconstruction Surgery after a mastectomy. Once you and your surgeon have made the decision that you are ready for breast reconstruction, it’s time to get the ball rolling and prepare.

Select an Experienced Board Certified Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

The best Breast Reconstruction Surgeons use the best technologies – but also are “artists” who can sculpt a beautiful new bust line. Make sure your surgeon has performed hundreds of breast reconstructions with amazing results. Look at their before and after photos.

In addition to be highly experienced they should be caring and compassionate – patiently answering all of your questions and involving you in selecting the options that are best for you.

Choose Your Type of Breast Reconstruction

Natural looking and feeling breasts can be reconstructed using either breast implants or your own tissue, or a combination of both.

Breast reconstruction with implants is a procedure where silicone or saline implants are inserted underneath the skin or muscle below where the breast tissue was. Fat grafting involves removing fat from the thighs, abdomen and buttocks and using it to build volume and shape in the breast.

Both techniques have their Pros and Cons. A caring and compassionate breast reconstruction surgeon can help you determine which is right for you.

Breast Expander for Breast Reconstruction Implants

If you chose to have breast implants you will typically need to undergo a surgery beforehand in which a tissue expander is placed under the skin or muscles of the breast. This gradually stretches the remaining tissue to create room for the implant.

Sterile salt water is then injected into the tissue expander on a weekly basis, gradually stretching the skin and muscle until it has reached the right size.

When to Have Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The optimal timing of your Breast Reconstruction Surgery will based on a variety of factors including your post cancer treatments. Some women have at the same time as the operation to remove the breast(s). Others may wait for several after a mastectomy, and some women even wait years.

If you have started any chemotherapy or radiation treatments, breast reconstruction is typically postponed until after you complete those treatments. Your surgeon will help you determine the right timing for you.

Getting Ready for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Your breast reconstruction surgeon will give you clear instructions on how to prepare for your day of surgery.

Hopefully you had already quit smoking before your mastectomy. If you have not, now is the time to quite because smoking can increase the risk of blood clots and delay healing, as well as cause more noticeable scars. If you can’t quit smoking a few weeks or months before your breast reconstruction surgery, ask your doctor for help.

Make sure your surgeon knows of every vitamin, medicine, and dietary or herbal supplement you are taking. You may need to quit taking some or all of this for a period of time before your surgery.

You will also be given instructions on eating and drinking prior to surgery.

Top Troy, MI Area Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Ali is a Troy, Mi area caring and compassionate board certified plastic surgeon who has helped countless women reclaim their bodies after cancer with breast reconstruction surgery. He will offer you a consultation to answer your questions and offer you understanding advice about your breast reconstruction surgery options.

If you are battling – or have battled – breast cancer, you are not alone. We are here to help you determine what you want to do, so you can move forward with your best life.

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