What to Expect After Breast Revision Surgery

What to Expect After Breast Revision Surgery

There are many reasons a woman may desire – or require – breast implant revision surgery. The underlying reason or cause of the revision will determine the exact revision procedure that her surgeon will use, as well as what to expect during recovery

In this two part article we explain the general steps that are typically involved in breast revision surgery and recovery. However, the best way to understand exactly what breast revision surgery would be like in your situation is to schedule an appointment with an experienced and caring board certified breast revision specialist like Dr. Ali.

Recovery after Breast Implant Revision Surgery

The final results of breast implant revision surgery will be initially obscured by swelling. Get more information about breast implant revision results.

Following breast implant revision surgery, gauze dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions. In many cases the patient will also be required to wear special compression garment or a support bra for a prescribed length of time.

Some patients will also require the insertion of a small, thin tube temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood or fluid after surgery.

Patients will be given specific instructions by their surgeon regarding caring for their surgical site(s) following surgery. Pain medications, as well as antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection, will also be prescribed.

Seeing Results after Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Because of the post-surgical swelling, it can take up to six weeks to see the results of breast revision surgery.  After six weeks the swelling should subside, at which time the breasts to feel softer and more natural and appear close to their final size.

Healing time is different for every person – and some revisions are more complicated or “invasive” than others. So it can sometimes take longer for the breasts to soften-up, and for normal sensation to return.

Scars will fade in much the same way they did after the initial breast implant surgery. This will depend upon each patient’s hereditary predisposition to scarring, as well as the location of the scars.

A caring and experienced breast revisions surgeon like Dr. Ali will discuss realistic expectations regarding recovery, healing and scarring in your unique situation.

Following your breast revision surgeon’s instructions is key to avoiding complications and the long term success of your surgery. Breast massage may be recommended in some cases to help prevent capsular contracture. In all cases, it is important that the implants and the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion or motion during the recovery period.

Most patients are able to resume normal, non-strenuous activities of daily living within a week – and can typically return to work in two weeks or less. Your breast revision surgeon will let you know what is best for your unique situation.

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