Vaginal Rejuvenation Videos

Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Videos

Geneveve™ vaginal rejuvenation is a state-of-the-art medical treatment that uses radio-frequency laser to stimulate collagen production in the vagina. Since collagen is responsible for skin and tissue strength and elasticity, this treatment helps restore vaginal tightness, improve blood flow to the vagina and increase lubrication. The results can be life-changing.

Not only do patients report that sex is no longer painful, they also notice an improvement in sexual stimulation during intercourse. As an added benefit, Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation also treats stress incontinence – resulting in a reduction or elimination of bladder leaks.

The following videos provide an explanation of the Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation process, show how the treatment works, and provide testimonials from actual patients.

Take a moment to watch the following Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation videos, and then call our Birmingham, MI medical office to see if Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments are right for you!

The Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Testimonials

Birmingham Area Vaginal Rejuvenation Doctor

Dr. Ali has helped hundreds of women in the Birmingham area stop bladder leaks & improve sexual intimacy with just a single 30 minute Geneveve vaginal rejuvenation treatment!

It is an affordable, painless, procedure performed in our Birmingham, MI medical office. There is no downtime, and you will begin to notice vaginal improvement within just a few weeks.

Call us for a discreet, confidential vaginal rejuvenation consultation and see if Geneveve is right for you!

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