Trend Alert: Performing Fewer Nips and Tucks, More Non-Invasive Procedures

We know what you’re thinking based on the title of this blog: the number of cosmetic procedures is declining. But, that’s not the case! The industry is busier than ever – we are just performing fewer “nips and tucks” than we have in the past. Why? Patients and doctors alike are migrating toward non-invasive procedures that utilize lasers, ultrasounds, and filler injections. Various technologies and innovations over the past several years have made achieving various cosmetic results faster and simpler.

The benefits of non-Invasive procedures include:

  • Shorter procedure time

  • Shorter recovery times

  • Less expensive

  • Results

But, it’s important that expectations of non-invasive procedures remain realistic. Just because they are “non-invasive” does not mean they are free of risks or side effects; these are still medical procedures. And, minor procedures don’t often yield major results. Many are not as long-lasting and dramatic as the results of surgical procedures.

Let us look at non-invasive liquid face lift procedures, for example: while with most products, results can be seen immediately, they are not permanent like a surgical facelift. A liquid face lift will only improve the look of aging for six months to a year, depending on the product(s) used. Liquid face lifts require touch-up procedures over time to maintain the patient’s desired appearance. Patients seeking more permanent results which will change the elements of their face or their body may instead consider a surgical procedure.

It is for these reasons that choosing a board certified plastic surgeon is extremely important, whether you’re having a surgical procedure or a non-invasive procedure. Because the number of patients desiring non-surgical procedures has increased, the number of professionals performing these procedures has also increased. Not all are board certified or properly trained in cosmetic procedures – only a licensed and skilled plastic surgeon can tell you what the best options are for achieving your desired results. And, ensure that your procedure is a safe one!

If you are interested in a non-surgical or surgical cosmetic procedure, contact us at Amae Plastic Surgery Center.


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