Can “Bat Ears” Be Corrected With Surgery?

Rewind back to your elementary school days… do you recall anyone being called “bat ears” or being poked fun at because of their prominent ears? Prominent ears, or “ears that stick out” are one of the most common types of ear deformities. Although they don’t pose a threat to one’s health, they directly affect many people’s appearance and self-esteem throughout their entire life – not just in their younger years.

There is a surgical solution to “bat ears” and it’s called otoplasty. An otoplasty procedure can improve the shape, position and/or proportion of the ear and can be performed on people of all ages by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Because this operation has no harmful effects on hearing, and discomfort is minimal, the procedure is relatively popular among those that are unhappy with their ears. This procedure also results in minimal scarring because incisions are made on the back side of the ear.

Once a small incision is made, cartilage is thinned or cut so that the ear can be placed in the desired position. Immediately following the procedure, a bulky type dressing is wrapped around the head, covering both ears for protection. This also helps to minimize swelling and discomfort. Patients are usually required to wear a headband or bandana for a few weeks following the procedure as their ears heal.

It’s important to note that perfect symmetry is not a reasonable expectation. Both ears are never 100% alike, even on people with proportional-looking ears.

If you are considering an otoplasty procedure, we encourage you to contact Amae Plastic Surgery Center and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ali. Just call (855) 335-7200.


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