Top 6 Reasons to Consider Plastic Surgery

The Top Six Reasons People Get Plastic Surgery

Decades ago, there was indeed a “stigma” against plastic surgery. As recently as a few decades ago, only the rich and famous would consider cosmetic surgery procedures. And even then, these celebrities kept any “work” they had done a well-kept secret.

Now, thanks in large part to social media, many celebrities as well as everyday people are very open about undergoing cosmetic surgery. Khloe Kardashian openly discusses her nose job, Dolly Parton is proud as can be of her breast augmentation, and beautiful Jane Fonda has had facial skin tightening plastic surgery. Iggy Azalea has also had breast implants as well as rhinoplasty surgery, and Cardi B often discusses her butt enhancement.

There are also many other reasons that plastic surgery is more popular than ever. Advancements in cosmetic technologies have made surgical recovery times faster and downtime after plastic surgery much shorter.  Additionally, now that so many people are able to work from home, they don’t have to worry about taking time off from work while they wait for bruises and swelling to subside. And, new plastic surgery procedures are not only safer, but they also deliver more “natural” looking results than in decades past.

Have you been considering plastic surgery? In this article renowned, board-certified Birmingham, MI plastic surgeon Dr. Ali shares six spectacular things plastic surgery can do for you!

#1. Plastic Surgery for Fat Removal

Want to slim down and get rid of those stubborn inches that won’t respond to diet and exercise? Or do you desire a more drastic change in your appearance by eliminating an oversized gut, saddlebags or ‘man breasts’? Minimally invasive liposuction can help with fat removal and body contouring.

Liposuction literally sucks fat cells out of unwanted areas. And, because the body cannot make new fat cells, once the unwanted fat cells are removed, they will never return in that area.

#2. Plastic Surgery for Anti-Aging

The signs of aging are typically the most noticeable on one’s face, which is why many plastic surgery treatments focus on reversing the signs of facial aging. Sagging skin, jowls, facial lines and wrinkles are all a ‘normal’ part of getting older. But anti-aging plastic surgery treatments help to lift sagging skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate jowls, and open up drooping eyelids.

Facelift and mini-facelift surgery, neck lift surgery, blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and other plastic surgery procedures can turn back the clock for a dramatically younger appearance.

#3. Plastic Surgery to Change Facial Features

When one looks at movie stars and other  A -listers it’s easy to believe they were born beautiful! But that is often not the case. Carefully comparing celebrities younger photos with their appearance today reveals that many of them have had rhinoplasty (nose jobs),  jawline contouring or implants, rhinoplasty, cat-eye surgery and more!

Most people have facial or body features that they wish they could change, in order to feel more beautiful and confident in their own skin. Thanks to technological advancements in plastic surgery, everyday women and men can now get the same celebrity plastic surgery results as the rich and famous at AMAE in Birmingham, MI. Renowned Birmingham, MI plastic surgeon Dr. Ali can change the shape of your nose, lift your eyes, tighten your skin, contour your jawline and adjust other facial features to make you look like a more beautiful version of you!

#4. Plastic Surgery to Improve Body Proportions

Some people are born with the genetics that give them “ideal”, attractive body proportions. Beauty ideals vary from generation to generation and culture to culture. But, for women, a small waist, larger breasts, and a lifted, round buttocks is considered the paradigm of female beauty. For men, a toned, muscular chest descending into a “V” at the waist and hips is the general goal.

Not everyone strives to reach these beauty standards. But for many women and men, feeling too far removed from these criteria can take a toll on confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to modern plastic surgery techniques, women and men can achieve the proportions that will make them feel good about their bodies.

Instead of feeling unhappy about your body every time you look in the mirror, plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, butt lifts, and even male breast reduction can give you the body proportions that will help you feel good about yourself.

#5. Plastic Surgery to Tighten Skin

Loose skin on the face can make a person look decades older than they feel. And sagging skin on the breast, belly, arms, or buttocks can make a woman or man feel unattractive or even embarrassed – especially at the beach, in the locker room, and during ‘intimate’ moments.

Many new, minimally invasive, non-surgical ski tightening treatments are available at AMAE Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI. These procedures include revolutionary Profound and Morpheus8 Radiofrequency skin tightening, as well as the C02RE fractional laser.

However, for the most dramatic skin tightening benefits – especially on skin that is extremely lax and distended – surgical skin tightening is the gold standard. Plastic skin tightening procedures include facelifts, tummy tucks, breast lifts, brachioplasty (arm lifts) and butt lifts. These procedures don’t just tighten the existing skin but involve surgically removing excess skin and suturing the remaining skin back together, so it is toned, tight and smooth.

#6. Revision & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Another important type of plastic surgery is revision and reconstruction surgery. This type of cosmetic surgery can repair damage caused by medical procedures and/or ‘fix’ old or improperly performed cosmetic procedures. Replacing old or improperly placed breast implants is an example of revision plastic surgery.  While repairing damage from breast cancer surgery or a ‘botched’ C-section are types of reconstruction surgery.

Not all plastic surgeons have the skill and experience to perform revision or reconstruction surgery. However, Dr. Ali in Birmingham, MI is renowned for his exceptional abilities in revising improperly performed surgeries as well as reconstructing parts of the human body that need repair.

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The plastic surgery possibilities are almost endless in the hands of a skilled and trained, board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ali in Birmingham, MI.

Whether you would like to remove fat, change your body proportions, tighten skin, or look younger or more attractive, plastic surgery can help you.

Schedule a consultation at AMAE Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI today, and learn more about the many plastic surgery procedures Dr. Ali offers to help you love the way you look and feel confident in your own skin.

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