Top Detroit Plastic Surgeon Dispels Nose Jobs Myths

Top Detroit Plastic Surgeon Dispels Myths About Nose Jobs

Many of us look in the mirror and wish we could tweak our features. And while you can make your teeth straighter with braces, or your eyelashes longer with mascara, changing the appearance of your nose takes a little bit more work.

The good news is that modern rhinoplasty techniques have replaced the old ideas of a “nose job” that you probably still have – and changing the shape of your nose is much easier and far less painful than most people think.

As one of the the Detroit area’s top rhinoplasty surgeons, Dr. Ali put together a list of  5 common “myths” about today’s more advanced (and much more comfortable!) “nose jobs.”

Nose Job Myth #1. Everyone Will Know You Had Plastic Surgery
FACT: A Good Nose Job is Subtle & Natural

Early nose jobs left people with noses that were unnatural looking and clearly surgically altered. Today’s rhinoplasty techniques are more subtle, refined and artistic – leaving patients with a more attractive version of their existing nose, that is balanced, proportionate to their other facial features, appropriate for their bone structure, and that doesn’t erase their ethnic heritage.

Old rhinoplasty techniques involved removing nasal cartilage. This often lead to an unnatural look, and sometimes structural collapse and even deformities. Modern board certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Ali, sculpt and reposition the existing cartilage without removing it – ensuring a nose that is both natural looking and structurally sound.

In other words, today’s nose jobs create a more beautiful nose without changing who “you” are. In most cases, people will comment on how great you look – but not even realize that you’ve had your nose done!

Nose Job Myth #2. Most Celebrities Are Born Beautiful
FACT: Many Celebrities Have Had Nose Jobs – Even Though They Deny It!

Models’ and actors’ faces are their bread and butter – but very few of them were born with movie-star facial features. And because these celebrities want us to believe that they were “born beautiful” very few publicly talk about their nose jobs.

But if you look at before and after photos of the world’s biggest stars you will see that many of their noses are straighter, smaller or more refined than when they began their careers. Jennifer Anniston, Tyra Banks, Cameron Diaz, Kaley Cuoco, Jillian Michaels and JLO are all celebrities who ADMIT to having had nose job surgery.

And, if you look at Before & After Photos, Britney Spears, Scarlet Johansen, Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, Katie Holms, Penelope Cruz, Kylie Jenner, Natalie Portman, and even The Queen Be, Beyoncé appear to have had nose jobs!

The list of celebrity nose jobs is almost endless. But because they are done by skilled plastic surgeons, they simply create a more beautiful version of the nose that looks completely natural – and is not a glaringly “noticeable” nose job.

Nose Job Myth #3. You’ll Look Like You’ve Been in a Prize Fight
FACT: Modern Surgery Techniques Make Recovery Easy

In the early days of rhinoplasty, less sophisticated medical techniques lead to horrifying pictures of nose job patients – immobilized in hospital beds, head wrapped in bandages, eyes swollen shut, and big black eyes. And TV programs and movies still sometimes perpetuate this erroneous stereotype for comedic effect.

The truth is, you will leave our medical facility after your nose job on the same day with only a small nasal cast – usually a lightweight aluminum bridge – to stabilize and protect your nose during the initial recovery phase.

There will be some slight bruising and swelling around the nose – but the majority of our patients do not develop “black eyes” at all. And while everyone heals differently, you will certainly be “presentable” enough to go out in public the very same or next day.

Nose Job Myth #4. Your Nose Will Be Packed Full of Gauze after Rhinoplasty
FACT: Splints Replace Packing in Modern Nose Job Surgery

Some people avoid considering a nose job, because they erroneously fear that their nasal cavities will be pack with miles of gauze, making it uncomfortable to breath. Again, this is a misconception!

In modern rhinoplasty soft silicone splints are typically used to stabilize the internal structures of the nose during the first week of recovery. These splints actually help facilitate open airways and better breathing while you heal.

Nose Job Myth #5. Rhinoplasty Is Very Painful
FACT: Nose Jobs Can be Almost Painless

Recovery from any medical procedure is a very personal experience and can differ greatly from person to person. But a nose job is among the least painful surgeries – because it primarily only involves manipulation of the cartilage and does not impact muscles, bones or deeper tissue. Additionally, advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques mean much smaller incisions and much less discomfort – both during and after rhinoplasty surgery.

Use of long-term anesthetic during your nose job procedure means you will not feel a thing. And medication prescribed afterwards will fully manage any pain or discomfort after the surgery.

Depending upon how extensive the procedure, some patients even report experiencing little or no pain following surgery. And all of our patients unanimously agree that any short term discomfort was well worth having a beautiful nose on their face for the rest of their lives.

Top Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Surgeon | Detroit Area

If you are hesitant about considering a nose job, your concerns are likely based on myths and misconceptions about rhinoplasty that arose from procedures performed back in the 1950s. Today’s rhinoplasties are very routine, yielding exceptional outcomes with very little downtime or discomfort. And the results last a lifetime.

So there’s no reason to wait to get the nose you’ve always! If you live in the Detroit area, call all top rated, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali for a consultation today.

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