Juvéderm Volux – The New Filler for Defined Jawlines

Firm & Define Your Chin & Jaw with Juvéderm Volux

A defined jawline helps make a man or woman look youthful and attractive – with young, tight that doesn’t sag or droop. Conversely, sagging skin in the jaw, neck or chin can add years to a person’s appearance.  For this reason, the lower face and jaw is one of the most commonly requested areas for aesthetic treatment at AMAE Med Spa and Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI.

For decades, the only way to tighten sagging jowls was with a surgical facelift or neck lift. More recently, state-of-the-art nonsurgical laser and radiofrequency skin tightening treatments have entered the market – achieving jaw defining results without the downtime of surgery.

But this month there is more exciting news. Juvéderm, the number one facial filler manufacturer in the world, has announced a new dermal filler specifically for jawlines.  New Volux is a highly effective jaw filler that can immediately help achieve a more defined jawline with a just few injections – with no surgery, no downtime and no waiting months for results.

Volux – the newest product in the Juvéderm Vycross family of hyaluronic dermal fillers – recently won New Treatment of the Year at the Global MyFaceMyBody Awards. It will be available for use in Med Spas later in 2021.

In this article the facial filler experts at AMAE Med Spa and Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI explain everything you need to know about the new Juvéderm Volux jaw filler that we will be offering as soon as it becomes available later this year.

Juvéderm Volux for a Defined, Sculpted Jawline

Over the past 10 years, dermal fillers have made drastic improvements in their formulations and their versatility. Once used merely for filling fine lines and wrinkles, the new generation of facial fillers can now be used to actually restore the foundation of the face. The effects of jaw fillers can be seen all over social media, and in photos of some of world’s the top influencers and favorite celebrities.

Jaw fillers are thick consistency dermal gel injections that used not just to “fill” but to shape and contour. In the hands of a skilled medical injector, Volux jaw filler is actually a fast and relatively simple procedure, that yields immediate results – which are just some of the factors behind its popularity.

In addition to increasing definition, jaw fillers can decrease the appearance of sagging skin, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But Juvéderm Volux takes this a step further, because it was specifically designed for use on the chin and jawline.

Some people are born with “weak chins” or receding jawlines. But, as a person ages, they also lose both subcutaneous fat (padding under the skin) as well as loss of bone and muscle mass. And, to complicate matters even further, skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag with age. But Juvéderm Volux offers an effective and long-lasting solution to these problems.

How Juvéderm Volux Fills & Defines Jawlines

Let’s get scientific for a moment. Juvéderm Volux is an injected dermal implant created specifically for the jaw and chin. It’s comprised of a unique, concentrated hyaluronic acid formula in the form of a thick homogenized gel. Once injected, Volux will “set” and replicate the appearance of bone in both look and feel.

Juvéderm Volux Jaw Filler for Men

A strong, square jawline has always been part of the masculine ideal. And Volux is now a great choice for men seeking a stronger, more pronounced chin.

In the past few years, men have become more aware of the benefits which can come from cosmetic enhancements. The ease, affordability and immediate results of minimally invasive Juvéderm Volux jaw filler injections, make it an attractive alternative for men looking to achieve that striking and strong jawline.

Juvéderm Volux Jaw Filler for Women

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie have made sculpted, angular features – including a defined jawline – a defining characteristics of female beauty and attractiveness in current popular culture.

So, women may also find Volux jaw fillers appealing to replenish what genetics, age, and gravity have taken away from them.

Juvéderm Volux and Other Treatments

Underneath the chin sits a pad of fat cells – called submental fat. Volux can be combined  with other aesthetic treatments – such as Liposuction, CoolScultping or Kybella – to reduce or remove unwanted fat cells. These procedures can be used to remove a “double chin” and then Juvéderm Volux can be used to strengthen and define the appearance of  jaw.

Juvéderm Volux Jaw Fillers | Birmingham, MI

Regardless of age or gender, if you are in the greater Birmingham, MI area and want to look younger, improve the proportions of your face, or simply give better definition to your jawline, new Juvéderm Volux jawline filler may be your best solution for your appearance goals.

For a younger, better looking you, schedule a personal consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali at AMAE Med Spa in Birmingham, MI to see if Juvéderm Volux, or another state-of-the-art facial filler is best for your unique anti-aging and beauty needs.

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