Is Plastic Surgery a Good Graduation Gift?

Rochester Hills, MI – Graduation marks a time of great accomplishment, and students who flip their tassels are about to embark on a life-changing journey filled with not only self-discovery but also reinvention. In previous years, parents proud of their progeny graduating high school gifted their sons or daughters a car, if they could afford it. Now, more parents are giving their children plastic surgery as a gift, and Detroit’s own Dr. M. Azhar Ali has definitely noticed the trend in his Detroit area plastic surgery practice.

Plastic Surgery for Grads on the Rise

Dr. Ali said, “Plastic surgery as a gift after graduation makes sense. This is a time when the student is going off to college and wants to make the very best first impression. The months following high school graduation and before college begins is also an optimum time to heal following surgery.”

The increase in procedures for younger patients isn’t exclusive to Detroit. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, millennials (those aged 19-34) accounted for nearly 18% of all cosmetic procedures performed last year.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men & Women

One might suspect that primarily women would represent the upsurge in plastic surgery procedures for recent high school grads, but that would be incorrect. While most younger patients are female, and breast implants are one of the most common procedures requested by young women as graduation presents, a growing number of men are also asking for plastic surgery gift certificates.

In fact, cosmetic procedures for men have seen an increase of 100% over the last five years, with liposuction, nose jobs, ear shaping, and gynecomastia surgery being the most preferred.

Dr. Ali said, “Many of my younger female patients spent their entire high school years feeling ashamed of their smaller busts. Breast augmentation gives them a surge of confidence that can serve them in all areas of life. But both men and women are opting for facial procedures like facelifts, eyelid reshaping, and rhinoplasty to give them an edge in college, and in the business world beyond college.”

Dr. Ali has noticed that other procedures are also experiencing a boost in popularity with recent grads, such as laser treatments to treat acne scars, and the new fat-freezing technique known as CoolSculpting.

With college looming, many grads fear they won’t fit in. Still, others want an edge when they head into corporate world with fresh degrees under their arms. Will this trend of plastic surgery as graduation gifts continue to rise?

“I expect to see more procedures performed on grads in the coming years. As technology makes plastic surgery safer and more effective, there is no better time to give your college grad a significant boost of self-esteem, and to start them on the next phase of their life on the right foot.

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