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8 Plastic Surgery Procedures That Can Make Your Face Look Years Younger

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Are you watching the years pass by every time you look in the mirror? Do fine lines and wrinkles have you looking way past your used by date? Maybe it’s time for a new, younger looking you in the new year.

Dr. Ali offers eight facial plastic surgery procedures at Amae Plastic Surgery Center that can help you look as young as you feel.

From your forehead and neck to your ears and nose, Dr. Ali can transform your appearance to one that is more aesthetically pleasing to every eye.

Here are the eight surgeries Dr. Ali recommends if you don’t quite like one or more aspects of your facial appearance.

Brow Lift

Droopy eyebrows and deep forehead lines can easily be corrected with a brow lift. During the treatment, Dr. Ali will remove some of the muscle and tissue, then raise your eyebrows. This has the effect of smoothing the forehead while minimizing frown lines.

In the past, this procedure involved a large incision across the scalp. Thanks to more advanced techniques in modern plastic surgery, Dr. Ali will only need to make two tiny incisions behind the hair line. These scars are completely invisible once healed.

In some cases, this procedure is performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

Are your eyelids beginning to bulge or wrinkle? Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can correct excess skin and fat, which contributes to the effect known as bags under the eyes.

During treatment, Dr. Ali will tighten your eyelid skin while preserving and redistributing the fat around your eyes to achieve a more natural appearance.


Age can wreak havoc on our faces. We develop cheek folds, saggy cheeks (jowls), and a wrinkled neck. To erase years from your face, Dr. Ali recommends a facelift.

A facelift involves the removal of excess tissue and the tightening of your facial skin. In some cases, your face can be repositioned without external scarring. Most patients who receive facelifts are between 40 and 60 years of age, however even those in their 70s and 80s have experienced excellent results.


Age affects the face negatively, but our necks get it the worst. A wrinkled neck is hardly attractive. To achieve a smoother, more defined neck area, Dr. Ali suggests a necklift.
During a necklift procedure, excess fatty deposits will be removed and the skin stretched to create a smoother, more defined neck area.

In many cases a necklift will be performed in conjunction with a facelift. The procedure takes around 2.5 hours and you’ll be home the same day.

Facial Reconstruction

For the correction of large, unsightly scars or facial wounds, Dr. Ali recommends scar revision or skin grafting.

Skin revision involves the meticulous practice of changing the direction of the scar so that it blends with your normal skin crease.

Skin grafting is one of the most common reconstructive procedures. The treatment can cover large wounds, which would otherwise take months to heal.

Dr. Ali will harvest skin from another area of your body (called the donor site) and will then apply that tissue to the wound (recipient site). The newly applied tissue will reestablish blood supply by stimulating the growth of fine blood vessels also known as capillaries. The process takes about a week to complete and can help you heal much quicker with a focus on aesthetics.

Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty also referred to as a “nose job” can alter the size, shape, and, in some cases, the function of your nose. In other words, not only can Dr. Ali make you happier with your nose, but he can correct breathing problems caused by a deviated septum or by providing support to certain areas of your nose.

Dr. Ali will either make incisions inside of the nose (called “closed rhinoplasty”) or across the columella, the strip of tissue separating the nostrils (called “open rhinoplasty”). The nose will then be built up to achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing form and, in some cases, improve your breathing.

Cheek Implants

With more aesthetic facial contours, you can look like a whole new person. Dr. Ali uses facial implants to provide your face with a more harmonious balance. Cheek implants are safe, effective, and can help you finally feel great about the way you look.

Ear Surgery

Deformed ears can detract from your appearance. Otoplasty or ear surgery can make your ears appear more symmetrical and balanced, leading to improved aesthetics without affecting your hearing one bit.

It’s a new year. Don’t you think it’s also time for a new, younger looking you? Contact Dr. Ali today at Amae Plastic Surgery Center and ask about one or more of the above procedures to turn back the clock in the new year.

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Top Cosmetic Surgery procedures

Make 2016 Your Most Confident Yet

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Are you sick of looking in the mirror and not loving the reflection that
stares back? Do you wish you could shave a few years off your tired face, or lose the extra weight that just doesn’t seem to go away? Make one of your New Year’s resolutions to love your reflection again with a visit to your Michigan cosmetic surgeon.

“One of the things I love most about my job is the ability to transform my patient’s lives,” says Dr. Ali. “Through both surgical procedures and minimally invasive procedures like Botox, I can help people gain back confidence they may have lost. There is no better time than the New Year to create a new outlook on life. Plastic surgery may be your answer.”

If you’ve tried diet and exercise and just can’t seem to lose those few extra pounds, a liposuction procedure may be able to help. Liposuction is one of the procedures Dr. Ali performs most often.

As we age, fatty deposits begin to appear in the lower abdomen, hips and outer thighs. We’ve all heard the terms muffin top and saddle bags, and many times, these areas just don’t respond to even the healthiest diet and exercise routines. But liposuction can help.

Do you feel young, but your face tells a different story? The New Year may be the ideal time to
undergo a mini-facelift or blepharoplasty procedure.

“Many patients come to me because they don’t like the reflection they see starting back in the
mirror,” says Dr. Ali. “They still feel young and energetic, but their face tells a different story. As we age, our eyes and jowls can become droopy, aging us in the process.”

A successful blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can treat the following:

  • Excess fatty deposits that make the eyelids appear puffy
  • Undereye bags
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Excess wrinkles and fine lines
  • Loose, sagging skin

Some patients may opt for a more complete rejuvenation of the face, choosing a facelift
procedure. If you have sagging in the middle of your face, deep creases along your nose, fat
deposits that have fallen or disappeared, loss of skin tone, or loose skin and extra fatty deposits, a facelift might be ideal for you.

“Our face is what we use to greet the world,” says Dr. Ali. “When we begin to use the youthful look that gave us our beautiful facial contours, we can begin to feel self-conscious. The majority of facelifts I perform are on patients between the ages of 40 and 60, and they have beautiful results.”

Dr. Ali also offers what is known as a “liquid facelift.” As we age, our face can begin to lose its fullness. This loss of fat and skin laxity results in cheek folds and jowls. Facial fillers can be used to correct this problem, giving patients a fuller, more youthful-looking face.

A liquid facelift is an ideal procedure for patients who want to reduce the appearance of jowls and cheek folds, but will not correct drooping eyelids or very heavy jowls.

Botox and other injectables are a great way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without undergoing a major surgery. Once injected into the muscle, these injectables can temporarily improve the look of crow’s feet, frown lines, and other wrinkles in the face.

Repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years can result in fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes and between the brows. Botox targets these muscles to reduce their activity, thereby smoothing out the skin. You’ll see the results in 24-48 hours and the results will last several months.

Dr. Ali and his trained staff provide a host of treatments in their Bloomfield Hills office. From minimally invasive treatments such as microdermabrasion, skin peels and Rejuvapen, to surgical procedures such as facelifts, breast augmentation and tummy tucks, there is a procedure for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Make 2016 your most confident year yet and schedule a consultation
with Dr. Ali today.

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Cosmetic botox injection in the female face.

Cosmetic Treatments for Under Eye Bags

Bloomfield Hills, MI – When you look in the mirror, are you dismayed by heavy bags that make your eyes look droopy, and your face seem older than it actually is? Discover the power of a blepharoplasty and what it can do for your appearance.

“An eyelid surgery is a wonderful option for patients who have loose or sagging skin around their eyes, or who have fatty deposits that result in puffiness,” says Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Ali. “The eyes are the window to the face, and droopy eyelids can make you look older than you are, and in some cases can even impair your vision. But there’s no need to look worn and tired when you aren’t, and a blepharoplasty is the answer.”

Blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids, or both areas, to give a more refreshed and rested look.

In an upper eyelid procedure, Dr. Ali will work to create an incision along the natural crease of the eyelid to conceal any minor scarring. Fatty deposits will then be removed or reposition, muscles will be tighten and excess skin will be removed.

For a lower eyelid procedure, the incision will be made just below the lower lash line. Then, Dr. Ali will remove excess skin, and remove and reposition fatty deposits. However, if Dr. Ali does not need to remove any excess skin, he can use a technique known as transconjuctival blepharoplasty. This incision will be made inside the lower eyelid.

“Following the procedure, there is only slight pain, and the level of swelling and bruising varies from patient to patient,” says Dr. Ali. “Most swelling and bruising will be gone in five to 10 days, however slight discoloration may last a bit longer. Patients will be advised to sleep with their head elevated and to apply cold compresses to alleviate swelling.”

To achieve the best results, it is important to closely follow all after care instructions provided by Dr. Ali and his staff. If you experience pain or irritation, use pain medication, cold compresses and ointment. Your eyes may feel dry after the procedure, so be sure to ask Dr. Ali how to best relieve them.

Until you have completely healed, it is important to practice good sun protection and wear darkly tinted sunglass when going outside.

Because in most cases, blepharoplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure, it is usually not covered by insurance. However, if you are having the procedure to eliminate skin that covers the eyelashes, impeding your vision, it is possible insurance may cover it. Dr. Ali’s staff will be happy to work with you to determine what role insurance may play, and to help you create a payment plan that will work in your budget.

If you’re tired of sagging, droopy eyelids that make you seem tired, angry or older than you are, a blepharoplasty may be right for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali today.

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