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What to Do While You’re Recovering from Plastic Surgery

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Plastic surgery can yield amazing results, especially when performed by an award-winning plastic surgeon like Michigan’s Dr. Ali. Whether you’re undergoing breast augmentation, liposuction, face contouring, or any other surgery, your body will still need to heal after the procedure. So what can you do while recovering? How can you get the best possible results?

“First and foremost, you’ll need to follow your surgeon’s recovery plan,” advises Dr. Ali. “Before the surgery, you will have consulted with your doctor to discuss the entire process from start to finish. You should receive a plan for the aftercare of your procedure. It’s in your best interest to follow it for optimal results.”

Additionally, be sure to disclose any and all medications you’re taking, as some (even natural remedies and supplements) can have adverse side effects before, during or after the surgery.

Your aftercare plan will likely include information on what to expect, helpful options to control pain and swelling, how long the recovery period will be and when to consult your physician.

To care for swelling, you can ice and elevate the affected area, in addition to using over-the-counter or prescribed medication. After some procedures, like breast surgery or liposuction, tubes may be inserted initially to help drain excess fluid. Be sure to follow your doctor’s directions.

Allowing your body to heal is also crucial. “Many times, patients try to be too active too soon after a surgery,” notes Dr. Ali. “Be sure to give your body time to rest and recover, so the healing process can go as smoothly and quickly as possible.” If you try to go back to routine work or exercise too quickly, you are putting yourself at risk for more swelling, bleeding, and breakdown of incisions.

How to Make the Best of Your Downtime

If you’re normally an active person, resting for weeks or months might sound more like torture than productivity. While you know your body needs time to repair itself, you might find yourself going stir-crazy while you wait. What can you do in the meantime to keep busy and productive? Consider these tips:

  • Cook healthy meals for yourself. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can ensure you get the vitamins and minerals necessary for healing. Try creating new and different meals. You can find many easy recipes online or through cooking apps.
  • Catch up on some reading. Whether you prefer newspapers, magazines, non-fiction or novels, there are plenty of ways to get reading. With e-readers and associated apps, you can enjoy your favorite writing on everything from your phone to your tablet or computer. You could visit your local library to get books (or movies) for free. Most libraries now offer free e-books as well.
  • Enjoy your favorite visual or audio media. Services like Netflix, Sling, Amazon Prime, and Hulu allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies any time, virtually anywhere. You can also employ these services to listen to your favorite music. As with e-reading apps, you can watch or listen on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or TV. It’s the perfect way to make the healing process go faster.
  • Get in touch with friends and family. A busy lifestyle may mean less time for communication with loved ones. You finally have a few moments to talk to those you care about the most. Why not call a family member and see how she’s been? Why not email a friend and get back in touch? Taking it easy physically can give you time to maintain your social circles in a new way.
  • Try to relish the downtime. You’ve probably heard that deep breathing and quiet time can be beneficial, but maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to really try it out. Now is the perfect time to make the most of your recovery.

Dr. Ali advises, “Taking care of yourself immediately after plastic surgery will really pay out dividends in the future. Use this time to heal properly, and your outcome will be truly wonderful.”

To learn more about various plastic surgery procedures, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ali today!

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Cosmetic botox injection in the female face.

Cosmetic Treatments for Under Eye Bags

Bloomfield Hills, MI – When you look in the mirror, are you dismayed by heavy bags that make your eyes look droopy, and your face seem older than it actually is? Discover the power of a blepharoplasty and what it can do for your appearance.

“An eyelid surgery is a wonderful option for patients who have loose or sagging skin around their eyes, or who have fatty deposits that result in puffiness,” says Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Ali. “The eyes are the window to the face, and droopy eyelids can make you look older than you are, and in some cases can even impair your vision. But there’s no need to look worn and tired when you aren’t, and a blepharoplasty is the answer.”

Blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids, or both areas, to give a more refreshed and rested look.

In an upper eyelid procedure, Dr. Ali will work to create an incision along the natural crease of the eyelid to conceal any minor scarring. Fatty deposits will then be removed or reposition, muscles will be tighten and excess skin will be removed.

For a lower eyelid procedure, the incision will be made just below the lower lash line. Then, Dr. Ali will remove excess skin, and remove and reposition fatty deposits. However, if Dr. Ali does not need to remove any excess skin, he can use a technique known as transconjuctival blepharoplasty. This incision will be made inside the lower eyelid.

“Following the procedure, there is only slight pain, and the level of swelling and bruising varies from patient to patient,” says Dr. Ali. “Most swelling and bruising will be gone in five to 10 days, however slight discoloration may last a bit longer. Patients will be advised to sleep with their head elevated and to apply cold compresses to alleviate swelling.”

To achieve the best results, it is important to closely follow all after care instructions provided by Dr. Ali and his staff. If you experience pain or irritation, use pain medication, cold compresses and ointment. Your eyes may feel dry after the procedure, so be sure to ask Dr. Ali how to best relieve them.

Until you have completely healed, it is important to practice good sun protection and wear darkly tinted sunglass when going outside.

Because in most cases, blepharoplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure, it is usually not covered by insurance. However, if you are having the procedure to eliminate skin that covers the eyelashes, impeding your vision, it is possible insurance may cover it. Dr. Ali’s staff will be happy to work with you to determine what role insurance may play, and to help you create a payment plan that will work in your budget.

If you’re tired of sagging, droopy eyelids that make you seem tired, angry or older than you are, a blepharoplasty may be right for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali today.

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