Plastic Surgery for Pets: A New Trend?

I recently read an article on plastic surgery for pets, but it’s not what you think. Owners aren’t trying to give Fido or Mimi a cosmetic makeover. Rather, these surgeries are correcting defects that are compromising the pet’s quality of life, in many cases their ability to breathe or see properly.

This got me to thinking how frequently I work with patients who are seeking out plastic surgery to restore or improve their quality of life. Plastic surgery is not necessarily cosmetic; often it is reconstructive or being done to address a “defect” that is having adverse effects on their life. Breast reduction, breast reconstruction, cleft palate repair, brow lift, nose surgery, to name a few, are procedures that are often done for health, not cosmetic, reasons.

If you struggle with some aspect of your physique that could be corrected, don’t hesitate to speak to a plastic surgeon. You may find that plastic or reconstructive surgery is the answer.

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